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Documentary CLINTON CASH (2016) Points To Deep Clinton Corruption

Updated on June 9, 2017


Documentary suggests more Clinton problems.
Documentary suggests more Clinton problems. | Source

Documentary filmmakers, Stephen K. Bannon and Peter Schweitzer authorized the free-viewing download of their explosive exposé CLINTON CASH (2016).

The film, largely overshadowed by the avalanche of political events slamming Democratic front-running nominee Hillary Clinton, was strategically released in 2016 to coincide with the Democratic National Convention's (DNC) candidate nomination in Philadelphia, PA.

As mainstream media is left-wing prominent PR extension of the Democrat Party, the documentary received little national media coverage.

Social media giant, FaceBook, blocks any reference to, and will not permit any coverage of the documentary, citing in its publishing pop-up warnings that any reference to breibart is "unauthorized."

CLINTON CASH exposes what appears as a series of financial mismanagement schemes perpetrated by the Clinton political machine. The documentary is available for viewing on, a free-press exposé site.

Running an hour, the film is available via direct viewing at:


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