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Does Andrew Garfield Have what it takes to be the new spiderman ? (Review)

Updated on November 21, 2010

with Martin Sheen Joining the cast of Spiderman Reboot, I'm Starting to Wondering about the Expected Destiny of the film with Mark Webb Directing such a franchise for the first time..and with Andrew Garfield on the Lead taking over Toby Maguire's Favorite role and risking his whole career that hasn't really started yet. and putting spiderman fans on the line .
I can't Deny that it has some smart to cast Andrew Garfiled..he's young..he's smart..he's kind of a new handsome face and he tottally can play the nerd guy..which make him in the same positions that created toby maguire in the first place..but Will he deliver the kind of performance that help that? does he have the needed charisma for such a popular role ?

all i'm saying is that we didn't c the kid much but in The Imaginarium of Doctor Pernassus and The Social Network ...and he was very calm in both films..really coming with a first time on cam performance..didn't show a special moments or any solid performing at any level.

in Social Network Jessie Eseinberg didn't really leave much of a space for Andrew to shine..Can We Take this as a sign that Andrew Loses win it comes to Acting Matches ?

Spiderman is a super hero that fights his battles behind a mask..that's right, but Peter Parker is not. he's a kid with a heart..full of emotions and drama..will Garfield know how to be the new peter parker? that's all i'm's no doubt he'll be in compare with Toby Maguire for the role..and if he didn't really show something genuis in the first set photos or trailers or gossip leaks he's not gonna get it


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