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Does Pinkie Pie Posses Some Chaos Magic?

Updated on April 12, 2020

There is something about Pinkie Pie

Some time ago I was watching an episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, particularly the episode "The One Where Pinkie Knows" in which Pinkie Pie knows cadence and shining armor are going to have a baby and was tasked with keeping it a secret so that they may surprise Twilight Sparkle with good news.

As the episode drew to close, Pinkie Pie so relived that she no longer has to keep a secret of this nature fell apart, literally only to be seen putting her self together in the next scene, at that point I asked myself. does Pinkie Pie have chaos magic?

What is Chaos Magic?

chaos magic is a rare thing even in Equestira often used by Discord, this powerful form of magic primarily focuses on manipulating time and space going as far being in two places at once, defying gravity and creating alternate worlds on the spot, he could probably turn the whole planet into a ice cream cone with just the snap of the fingers if he wanted.

There are very few who can use this magic even the powerful alicorns such as Twilight and Cadence don't have this ability, going farther. When Lord Tirek actually absorbed Discord"s magic, he didn't or perhaps couldn't use it in it's original form and instead converted it into his own form of magic. So then who can use it? Well there are two.

Two Chaos users

Discord spirit of chaos and disharmony, the purveyor of pandemonium, lord of lawlessness, earl of turmoil, bringer of bedlam
Discord spirit of chaos and disharmony, the purveyor of pandemonium, lord of lawlessness, earl of turmoil, bringer of bedlam
Cosmos. She is madly in love with Discord
Cosmos. She is madly in love with Discord

Starting with the top photo, Discord is our most active and obvious user, being the spirit of chaos he might just be the inventor of chaos magic he has preformed all of things and is often seen doing seemingly cartoonish things like talking to as many as 3 to 4 other Discords, swimming in a friends tea and popping of limbs such as pulling of Twilights horn only for to become a bouquet of flowers, of course he does this without ever actually hurting anyone.

cosmos on the other hand I am afraid I don't know much about I can't find much info nor have I read her story ark in the IDW comic series. Based on the cover art above I would say she might be similar to Discord but while his use is just for fun and mischief Cosmos might use it for terrorizing. But I don't know please let me know in the commit section about what she is really like.

Wait just who is Pinkie Pie?

Hi there My name is Pinkie Pie want to be super duper best friends?
Hi there My name is Pinkie Pie want to be super duper best friends?

Pinkie Pie is the Super Duper Party Pony of Ponyville although her paying job is a baker at the Sugar Cube Corner, she might get paid for plaining party but I think she just does that for fun. Pinkie loves to sing and dance and has often expressed that more then anything she wants to make people happy and that all you need to thank her is a smile.

To say that Pinkie is a fun loving character would be a grave understatement but how could she be accused of using something like chaos magic? Well I do have plenty of examples for you and possibly some evidence to back it up.

The Theory and Evidence

All of the photos above occurred during varies episodes, Pinkie Pie has fitted into impossible space, inflated and stretched limbs, defied gravity and even broke the fourth wall several times indicating that she is fully aware that she is in a cartoon. I am fully aware that it is a cartoon and all of the characters in the show have done some cartoony behavior but Pinkie Pie is a bit excessive and has been the only to do any of these things.

Lauren Faust stated that Pinkie Pie was to be the only one to do outlandish cartoon things but that's not an in universe explanation, and even the other characters acknowledge that Pinkie Pie is capable of things that no one else can so what could it be?

It as been stated that some ponies have a unique magic of there own Fluttershy"s stare for example can paralyze animals and she is the only one who can do it, not even Twilight Sparkle can do preform "The Stare". My theory is that Pinkie has a unique ability beside her "Pinkie Sense" which is chaos magic it would explain why she is able to all of the things she does and everything she does oddly enough have been things that Discord has done. Actually thinking about that Pinkie Sense chaos magic would fit into it, Discord could sense a disturbance in the magical force which is why Princess Celestia needed him to find Lord Tirek even she couldn't do that, but Perhaps Pinkie Pie can tap into this allowing her to be able to detect various chaotic things that are about to transpire.

But Pinkie Pie is Not Discord

Pinkie Pie doesn't have the skills that Discord posses in fact she seems to be tapping into it without trying and other than songs (which almost have a scenery and actions outside of the main universe in most cases) she can't make copies of her self without help from some outside forces like the mirror pond as seen in "To Many Pinkies". However it should be noted that these actions (like the Photos) have been preformed by her human counter part as well and she does seem to bear knowledge of things that no one else does at least until Twilight pulls out a book on it.

If Pinkie Pie does have chaos magic it is nothing like Discord but to say she doesn't but what do you guys think leave me a comment in the section below and we can talk about it until next i hope you all have a super happy day.


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