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Does Taylor Swift Belong to You?

Updated on August 28, 2012

Taylor Swift has cemented herself as a pop star with her catchy songs and creative lyrics. Although she’s been labeled the female Bob Dylan i.e. great song writer not so great song singer, she isn’t atrociously awful. Her live performances have taken some heat but people like her and she’s a relatable girl. I’m yet to form an opinion on her. My mindset is general indifference, although I do agree that she is not the best vocalist. Let’s check out her song “You Belong With Me.”

She begins by setting the mood that she’s listening to a guy who is on the phone with his girlfriend and things aren’t going well because his girlfriend doesn’t get his humor. Swift says she gets his humor and his girlfriend will never know him like she does. But that the girlfriend wears short skirts where as Swift wears t-shirts and dreams about the day he will wake up and find that what he’s looking for has been here the whole time. Swift set out to say that it’s not what’s on the outside that matters but what’s beneath the surface, which is a common ideology that many have tried to implement unfortunately we live in an extremely superficial world. It is what it is.

Next comes the chorus where she sings wondering why he can’t see that she’s the one and he belongs with her. This is more commonly referred to as wishful thinking, which is not to say that it’s wrong. We’ve all been there.

The next verse picks right back up with Swift and the guy walking the streets laughing, and her thinking this is easy and how it ought to be. He’s got a smile that she hasn’t seen in a while because his girlfriend has brought him down. He says he’s fine but she knows him better and she wonders what he’s doing with a girl like that.

Then the chorus comes in again and the final short verse follows with Swift remembering the guy driving to Swift’s house in the middle of the night because she’s the one who can make him laugh when he’s about to cry. She knows his favorite songs and he tells her his dreams. She thinks she knows where he belongs and she thinks it’s with her. Then the chorus repeats and the song comes to an end.

From the song we can gather that Swift is either drawing from personal experience or something that’s at least been on her mind for quite some time. Both guys and girls think about this kind of thing, which would explain why her songs are so popular. We’re always curious about other’s relationships and everyone thinks they know what’s best for the other person, but truthfully they don’t. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have hope though.


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