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Review: "Up From the Ashes" Hard Rock featuring the vocals of Don Dokken

Updated on January 28, 2018

The album cover for Up From the Ashes

Track Listing for the album Up From the Ashes

  1. Crash ‘N’ Burn
  2. 1,000 Miles Away
  3. When Some Nights
  4. Forever
  5. Living a Lie
  6. When Love Finds a Fool
  7. Give it Up
  8. Mirror Mirror
  9. Stay
  10. Down in Flames
  11. The Hunger

Why The Album Up From The Ashes Is A Significant Release

Don Dokken, vocalist of American hard rock Dokken released the solo album "Up From the Ashes" in 1990. With this, he explores a different side of himself while staying with the style that made Dokken famous. For the album, he plays the guitar as well. He recruited an international lineup of musicians. Joining him on guitar is John Norum (Norway), Peter Baltes (bass guitar) who is from Germany, and Mikkey Dee (drums) who is from Sweden. Billy White is the 3rd guitarist on this album. By this time, Don Dokken had established himself as an elite hard rock vocalist and had been a part of albums such as Back for the Attack and Under Lock and Key.

Up From The Ashes: Songs 1-6 How Are They?

Many of the songs on the album deal with love and relationships. So many albums have covered this topic that it is almost like a cliché. The opening fast song Crash ‘N’ Burn is a song about how the mainstream media and strangers try to convince us that they have all the answers. They want you to believe that driving a fast car or having your dream home is going to make you happy. But the reality is that the more material things that we possess, the more that we want and it becomes a never ending cycle that is difficult to escape from. 1,000 Miles Away is the first of several love songs on this album. It is about a person that sad because his love relationship did not work out. He is 1,000 miles away from his former lover and he is in tears. He wonders if it is too late to bring her back into his life. Forever is a song that starts out with some melodic acoustic guitar and the electric guitar riffing comes in. Sometimes, love is one of those feelings that can be blind as the person you thought you could trust ends up running away from you leaving you vulnerable to getting hurt. This theme goes into the next song Living a Lie. This song is about being in a dysfunctional relationship that is based on playing with the other person’s feelings and not being honest about what you want. These kinds of relationships will go nowhere and they must be terminated as soon as possible. Don Dokken does an excellent job with the vocals on this one! When Love Finds a Fool is a slower but melodic song about someone who was foolish to get involved in a relationship with someone that he is now aware was not the right match for him.

When Some Nights: A Catchy Song That May Be Overlooked

When Some Nights has a catchy riff and you can hear the bass line. Through hard times and everything, you know that you can make it through with the one you love. If you are lonely during some nights, like the song suggests, just give your lover a call. You lose nothing by giving your lover a call during a lonely night, right?

The song called Living A Lie

Up From The Ashes: The Rest Of The Review And Concluding Thoughts

After the average blues style song Mirror Mirror, we are treated to one of the best love songs in any genre of music called Stay. He cannot believe that his relationship is over and she has left him. He tries to convince her to stay because he is really still missing her badly. His love is waiting for her. The part where Don sings “darling, stay” is one of the best vocal parts in the song. The guitar solo is pretty good as well. Next comes the really catchy song Down in Flames and once again, the song is about someone that has been badly mistreated in a relationship. Overall, Up From the Ashes is a solid hard rock style album by one of the best American born singers, the great Don Dokken! Recommended for fans of White Lion and Europe.

The Song Called "Down In Flames"

The Amazing Song Called Stay


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