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Mozart Opera - Don Juan or Don Giovanni?

Updated on April 9, 2011

Mozart - Don Giovanni

Here I am reaching my 80th hub with this article, I guess I wanted it to be special like a lot of my other big number hubs but don't ask me why I chose this subject. All I can say is I was lounging in the sitting room with my housemate watching a TV show which about was historical legends, in this case they were horror figures such as Dracula & Dr Frankenstein but I wanted something a little less morbid so I thought of the ladies man 'Don Juan'!

As usual I have included a selection of interesting images to accompany the text, I wanted to steer clear of commercial representation of the Legend such as Jeremy Leven's version including Johnny Depp as a psychiatric patient who believes himself to be Don Juan DeMarco in modern times.

Nowadays peoples first impression of a Don Juan performance is that of a charming womanizer who instantly captivates the hearts of every female he meets, this evolving of the legend was helped in part by Jim Jarmusch's 2005 film 'Broken Flowers'.  However, I am going to concentrate on the original myth and people's favorite version of the story 'Mozart - Don Giovanni', although it is 'The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest ' 14th century Spanish play which is credited with being the origin of the tale.

Above Photo courtesy of

Opera Review

I would say that the above image is more representative of the original Don Giovanni which he is called in Mozart's play, I have seen the Mozart Losey version of Don Giovanni which I would recommend watching on DVD. The original grand opera was of course very dramatic and intense especially since Don Giovanni was a rouge who would seduce and steal other mens wives, often engaging in sword fights in order to claim his prize.

Above Photo courtesy of

Opera Theatre

Don Giovanni photographs were hard to come by the internet when you search for non-copyrighted ones like I do, although I am glad I found the ones I did because illustrate perfectly the type of character I associate with the myths. The image above shows a quite boisterous 'Don Juan' figure who is not particularly handsome and waving a jug of wine around in an idiot fashion.

According to legend Don Giovanni was even known to have raped women and one girl he seduces, her father is killed for interfering. The story climaxes when our Don Juan(Spanish for Womanizer) stumbles upon a statue of the girl's father whilst walking through the local cemetery, the statue invites him for a meal so they can talk things through. Later on when Don Giovanni arrives for Dinner, the ghost extends his arm to shake hands and pulls our lead character to the depths of hell!

Above Photo courtesy of

Metropolitan Opera

Here is another poster I found which portrays a dark Don Giovanni personality, now this one doesn't look necessarily like a obnoxious man such as the one above, he could just be the male player which every modern man wishes he was! No offense ladies but every guy wants to compete for female attention these days and none are saints.

Above Photo courtesy of

Opera Singers

Typical Opera singers would be reenacting scenes like the one above which is ideally suited due to the fact that Don Giovanni is romancing a woman by singing to her below her bed chamber window.

Above Photo courtesy of

National Opera

Here I have included a more genuine poster for a Mozart 'Don Juan' play, it is in fact from Germany which means the opera would have been more authentic coming from Mozart's home country.

Above Photo courtesy of

Mozart - Don Giovanni Opera

I have included this painting basically for historical reference and it also shows the awe Mozart's audience must have felt when listening to him astound them with this great performance.

Above Photo courtesy of

Opera Tickets

I have included this photograph of some Metropolitan Opera tickets for Don Giovanni, notice the Modern and Quality Graphic Design which is enjoyable to all those who like to see culture within their cities. I am quite sure one of my regular readers 'Will Say Plenty' will appreciate this review having once been a teacher and I hope it has brought to light some educational events you can attend when you fancy a change during recreational time!

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