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Donald Trump Didn't Throw A Mother And Crying Baby Out Of A Rally

Updated on August 7, 2016
Donald Trump
Donald Trump | Source

Trump Didn't Do It

Last week, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, addressed the media in regards to him supposedly kicking a mother and her crying baby from a rally. It seemed that some of the media was having a field day and reporting that Trump threw out the pair from a rally. However, after Trump addressed the issue, it actually looks like he didn't kick anybody out.

As you can imagine, Donald Trump wasn't too pleased when a few media outlets started circulating stories about how he tossed a crying baby out of his rally. He insisted everyone was having a great time, but the media still decided to spin the incident into something it wasn't. In Trump's words, the media was lying.

His opponent and Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, also took noticed and she decided to publish a video. The video did not paint Trump in a flattering light. In case you're wondering what the video was, take a look at it to the right.

There Was A Witness

In fact, one reporter actually witness the incident and said the lady had already left. The reporter backed up Trump's claims that he didn't boot the mother from the rally. It appears that Trump noticed the mother getting up and leaving, and that's when he decided to say he changed his mind and she could take the baby and leave.

There you have it. Right from a reporter's mouth.

The Mother Also Spoke About The Incident

The mother also said something. She came flat out and said Trump was joking and this was obvious. Not only that, but the mother and the child actually came back to their seats. She simply did the considerate thing and left until the baby calmed down. Also, she said there were cops standing outside of the auditorium, and she mentioned how they were very kind to her.


What Do We Think

We think some media outlets will do anything to make Donald Trump look bad or cruel. If he says even one thing that can be misconstrued as being negative, then some in the media will run with it. We think that is exactly what happened here.

Look, we're not saying we're fans of Trump, but it's clear here that Trump was kidding and he meant no harm.

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