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Donald Trump the Scoundrel VS Arnold Schwarzenegger the Hero

Updated on June 9, 2017

One thing about Donald Trump is that he understands the consumer perception regarding celebrity credibility. The Apprentice, a US TV series, catapulted Trump to celebrity-status and likeability. The reality show became the activity that became a part of the individual social construction of reality. Undoubtedly one of the executive producers of the show, Mark Burnett, had a huge stake in the show shared with Donald Trump since it was conceived by the two individuals.

Everyone was happy when Arnold Schwarzenegger became the new star of The Apprentice. Donald Trump and the NBC executives were happy with Arnold as Arnold kept to himself that Donald retained the screen credit of executive producer. Arnold didn’t mind because as the Republican Governor of California, he still received royalties from his films. However for Trump, the story takes a different route that opened up royalties to replenish his war-chest in perpetuity.

Things started to go south before the show finally aired with Schwarzenegger as head. Corporate advertisers weren’t lining up as expected as Trump was no longer the star of the show. Many corporate advertisers felt that their brand should not be associated with the show since now Trump was the new President.

Mind you, many advertising agencies involved major attributes of celebrity expertise to induce the public to react favorably to the advertised product. Even with these factors, many celebrities simply did not possess the expertise or knowledge of the product itself, it was simply an endorsement where royalties determined their paycheck.

The Terminator simply tugged along with the show and managed to persuade the NBC executives to erase Trump’s influence from the show. Arnold even stated convivially, “I would want Trump as a guest speaker, I don’t know if he has time or not.”

The effervescent Kelly Conway, counselor to the President, quipped, “The President would do the show on his spare time.” Trump was indeed happy that a collegiality of billionaires were scheduled to appear on the show including Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Warren Buffett who happens to love chocolate and Hillary Clinton.

The Apprentice was a global franchise and Arnold attributed the demise of the show to Donald Trump. Arnold indicated, “Trump’s involvement definitely left a bad taste.” The viewers were driven away along with the sponsors. The first episode produced a disastrous 43% decline in ratings among viewers aged 18-48. This allowed Trump to extricate himself from the show and to redeem his persona as a “winner to the American people.”

When Mark Burnett introduced Donald Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast, Mark decided to pay homage to his experience of the American Dream and his shared vision of prosperity between himself and Mr. Trump. However, this shared vision of prosperity belonged solely to themselves rather than understanding the notion that it should belong to everyone. Mark Burnett set the stage for Trump to demonize the American Dream between winners and losers.

Trump boldly stood at the altar and only listened to himself by fracturing the trust and confidence of the American Dream. Trump never mentioned the growing vitality of universal education that embraced the American Dream in pursuing and defining the role of American contribution to our world.

Trump asked to pray for Arnold at the National Prayer Breakfast event. He turned and looked at Mark, smugly looked at the audience, and stated, “They hired a big, big movie star, the ratings went down the tube, Mark will never go against Trump again.” Mark sat and said nothing, he knew that it was a lie and that Arnold left the show on his own accord. Since Mark and Trump were business partners, Trump’s $7 million royalty check never arrived on his lap. Most of the money went to Arnold and the production crew, barely a nimble went to the executives due to the lack of competitive advertisers.

Trump continued, "Arnold isn't voluntarily leaving the apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me, sad end to a great show."

Arnold fired back, "You should talk about hiring a new joke writer and fact-checker." Only Mark Burnett knows who's really lying, but then again Mr. Burnett would not go against Trump again, he made it clear and the signal was legitimized by Trump.

Mark Burnett achieved little poetic sensibility in achieving the American Dream. Arnold, as Governor of California, often mocked his symbolic masculine persona and chose to follow a different political equation focusing on protecting the environment and our children. As a Republican he gained the trust of the voters in times of fear and insecurity with toughness and credibility by delegitimizing popular culture.

In 2007 Arnold Schwarzenegger won the European Campaigner of the Year Award for his work solving global environment problems. As an environmental visionary hero, he broadened the political understanding in the fields of energy and environmental science on a global scale. Arnold embedded hegemonic environmental policies in the geopolitical world by shifting masculinity in the corporate consciousness of climate change. He pioneered the goals in the protection of the global environment and immortalized American greatness by not lying to the American public.

Schwarzenegger stated, “I say the debate is over, we know the science, we see the threat, and know the time for action is now.” To drive this point home, Arnold went back into history to rediscover America’s heritage and ancestors that inspired him to believe in himself even without the privilege of being born in America.

The rapid rise of new immigrant communities in America signified a dispersion of employment. Immigrants climbed the occupational ladder and were able to escape poverty with labor, craftsmanship, machinery, and manufacturing. This enabled immigrants and their children to contribute to any war effort that threatened America’s soil and international law and order.

What did Steve Bannon and Donald Trump give to Americans? Bannon stated, “I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the State, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

Behind the Iron Wall, Vladimir Lenin, the philosopher king, stated, “There are no morals in politics. There’s only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he’s a scoundrel.”

Trump the scoundrel has a chilling effect in our geopolitical world. When an American President lies and continues to forget his lies, the world listens tentatively as many countries call his bluff. Arnold Schwarzenegger stated, “It’s only a hiccup.” Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only a superhero of the environment; he has become a global leader to a new generation not even born.

Arnold’s words may sound like this: Americans should speak about their ancestors, since it is right and proper in the honor of recalling what they did. In this land called America, there has always been the same generation to generation that allowed a new generation to emerge to be part of who they are. The American soldier has courage and virtue, and they handed them a free country.


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