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Donovan and Rebecca - Audition and Predictions For America's Got Talent 7

Updated on May 23, 2012

Donovan and Rebecca are a unique dancing duo who also happened to be married. They have made it to the Las Vegas round of the 7th season of America's Got Talent. Donovan and Rebecca's audition was shown on the 2nd episode of the New York City auditions, which aired on Tuesday, May 22, 2012.


This group has a decent chance of going one or two rounds of public voting. First, they are just more unique than most of the other acts, including the dancing acts. Donovan and Rebecca do an acrobalance and aerial act. The one acrobalance act I have seen was actually pretty popular with the public and went out close to the Top 10. Its name was Paradizo Dance. This was the first time I had seen acrobalance, and I don't think Paradizo even used that name at the time.

So while this act won't seem as unique as Paradizo, it still should be new enough to most people to get "uniqueness votes." Of course, with all the aerial and similar acts in the competition, there is no absolute guarantee that Donovan and Rebecca will be chosen by the judges for the Top 48. But I predict they have a very good chance of getting selected since they were featured as one of the best acts from their NYC audition episode.

Having said that, I predict that the act cannot sustain through four of five rounds to make the finale or win. This kind of act always loses steam. To compete against the singers that win this show, you need something that is unique and talented and captures those qualities for every performance. While it is possible for a dance act to make the finale and possibly even win, it is going to take more than an acrobalance gimmick and some aerials to do it.


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