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Don't Breathe Review: A Story of Two Evils

Updated on January 6, 2017

This is by far the best new movie I’ve seen in 2016. Don’t Breathe brings the psychotic drama of Criminal Minds to the big screen, ramps it up, and throws you in the middle of it.

Alex and The Blind Man.
Alex and The Blind Man. | Source


A group of three young adults plan to rob the house of an old blind man. It’s not exactly easy for them to even enter this highly secured, rubbish house. One life-threatening irony is that once inside they end up getting more than what they bargain, and they then struggle to get out of the house alive. It’s an adventurous story that keeps you alert and interested.

The blind guy here is the pure, innocent soul, and the kids are the selfish heathens, right? If you walk into this movie thinking that, you might find yourself in conflict. That's because the characters aren't so one-dimensional, and I'll explain them further.

The Blind Man

The Blind Man (Stephen Lang) is the first person who needs addressing. That’s actually his character name. There’s a newscast about him in the movie, but rather or not it states his real name escapes me. He’s a veteran who lost his eyesight fighting in war. He’s old. He had a daughter who died through vehicular manslaughter. A settlement was given to him for her death. That’s how he got the $300,000 the thieves are after; he stows it in cash inside his home. Now he lives alone in a torn down house in an abandoned industrial-looking neighborhood. As far as I can tell he was a single parent, though there is a woman with his daughter in a home video. You feel sorry for him, don’t you?

That feeling can be saved. He appears innocent, but things aren’t what they seem. You slowly learn more about the victim that makes you really go against him. He’s actually a sick and twisted person. There’s no redemption for him either, just the snowball effect against his character.

At some point you have to question why he needs to harm and kill the home invaders. It’s understandable to want to get even somehow, but who actually has the mentality to go through with it all? It makes for a good movie. Although it doesn’t necessarily make a competent person one would want to hang around.

Rocky. | Source

The Robbers

Then you have the three robbers, Alex(Dylan Minnette), Rocky (Jane Levy), and Money (Daniel Zovatto). Yes, again, these are their given character names. The credits say so. Rocky has a low-life for a mother, so low that she accuses her own daughter of being a prostitute and laughs about it with her low-life boyfriend. She also has a kid sister with whom she wants to runaway. Alex is a good guy, actually the most stable member of the group. He just does bad things. You watch as he succumbs to peer pressure. He’s also deep in the friend zone, so you kind of feel sorry for him just for that. On the other hand, there's Money. He just may be a selfish heathen. You can continue to think badly of him. He’s the reason people feel uncomfortable in their own homes after being burglarized. The fact that he’s stealing someone's possessions isn’t bad enough for him. He has to leave damage behind. The best deed he does is when challenged by The Blind Man he acts as if he’s the only one in the house, buying Alex and Rocky some time to escape.

My Final 2 Cents

I didn’t mind if The Blind Man died or not. Though I wanted the robbers to get away alive and not with the cops escorting them. I didn’t care about the money. Eventually my movie companion didn’t either. She did want The Blind Man to stay alive, since it was his house that was invaded. We both just wished Alex and Rocky could come to an agreement on their top priority -- running for their lives or snatching the money.

Don’t Breathe is the story of two evils. And that's what makes it so good. Both sides are wrong. And both sides have been wronged. Someone or some people are going to die.

Who are you rooting for?

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Movie Clip

Money was right.

© 2017 Valecia A Briars


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