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Don't Kill It (2017) Review. Would You Like Cheese On That?

Updated on January 3, 2018
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Cult classics can come in many forms. Massive flops can become hits and movies can gain status points for the right and the wrong reasons.


What's It About?

Set in Southern Mississippi, Jebediah (Dolph Lundgren) saunters in to offer his services after tracking a feisty demon when he releases that his earlier successful attempt at capturing it gets thwarted by its release.

As the demon unleashes its violence on the small town, Jebediah calls into the police station and wrangles some help from FBI agent Evelyn who's called in to investigate the ferocious spate of murders that have befallen the area.

Trailer - Don't Kill It

My Thoughts On Don't Kill It

I went into this film with an open heart, having heard the chatter in my circles of people who love to watch horror. The opening scene introduces the demon and how he operates. I became filled with excitement with the idea behind this film. The Demon is pretty much a wave of hate, turning any one person alive into a killing machine.

These first scenes were action packed and not without some shock kills. I was even intrigued with the story line because this thing takes immediate effect by inhabiting the next host after the killing of the person that is currently enjoying its company.

Sometimes these types of movies feature a virus like in Viral (2016) where it changes people that come into close contact with an infected person. Sometimes a virus or disease gets passed on through sexual contact like in It Follows (2014) or Contracted (2013). This demon and his power is different and the carnage that ensued was immediate. Everyone within scenes seemed to either have a gun or be in the kitchen where there is an arsenal of unusual weapons to use and the scene is in hyper-drive.

Shortly after this blood spattered filled massacre the characters in the movie started talking. I know that the budget was low in this movie but the writers have been around the block a few times. The dialogue really dragged this down. Down further than the low-grade special effects.

I acknowledge that being classed as a horror comedy,my comments might be a little harsh. I'm sure the script is intentional. Perhaps I just don't like movies like this. I can't appreciate the banter when it's stilted, nonsensical and doesn't add to the story. The fact it's on purpose doesn't change my opinion on it. Plenty of movies are in this area of horror and comedy and keep up a semblance of enjoyment.

I can get past special effects not being fancy, especially as some of the carnage was stellar. They must have used a tonne of blood making this film too, but, between Dolph Lundgren's (who played Jebediah) wooden speaking voice and the words they gave Kristina Klebe (who played FBI Agent Evelyn) I groaned at times at the narration and almost turned it off.

I am a stayer though. I will often sit until the end of movies even when I hate their guts because I am hoping for a redemption. I have never learned from my mistakes in this regard and will probably never learn.

I admire the directors ability to have executed some of the larger group chaos scenes, especially quarter of the way through in the church. It was a pretty decent set up and picked up the pace from the aforementioned commentary. However it also made the film peak early and from there it was mainly talking and tracking and you know how I feel about the talking.

Another thing that irked me was Jeb carrying a big gun that fired a net. I racked my brain to think of something else they could have used but alas, unless they were going to lure it to a state of the art lab like in The Entity (1982) and freeze it inside a giant glass cage I guess a giant net fired at a crazed demon will have to do.

I did enjoy the story overall. The concept was solid and the plan on how to kill it was fun but I can only hope that if they decide to do a sequel, and there is talk of one, that they write some decent lines for the cast to say that underpins the flow of the movie instead of taking away from it.

I give Don't Kill It, 2 machine-gun wielding demons out of 5.

Here I am, with my big net, gonna catch me a psychopathic demon. Lucky the rest of my outfit is cool.
Here I am, with my big net, gonna catch me a psychopathic demon. Lucky the rest of my outfit is cool. | Source

Quick Film Info

Released: This was in theatres in March 2017 and premiered in August 2016 in Germany.

Country of Origin: USA.

Budget: $1 million partially funded by crowd funding to the tune of $15,000.

Genre: Horror/Comedy.

Director: Mike Mendez.

Writers: Dan Berk and Robert Olsen have worked together before and co-wrote the screenplay.

Fun Facts: The movie took 17 days to finish.

Good old Dolph manages to get a bit of action in this film with a sex scene early on and some lip action from FBI Agent Evelyn, he is doing alright. Plus..his muscles...hello!
Good old Dolph manages to get a bit of action in this film with a sex scene early on and some lip action from FBI Agent Evelyn, he is doing alright. Plus..his muscles...hello! | Source

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