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Don.t You Think, Or Don.t You

Updated on October 26, 2014
The gulf close to where we live
The gulf close to where we live

Don’t you think, or don’t you. This is a question I ask other motorists several times a day as I drive the streets and roads in the state of Florida. This is my new home the Tampa, Clearwater St. Pete area. I am from Indiana the Indianapolis area and I am used to drivers flying along Interstate 465 around Indy at least going 85 in the 55 while smoking dope or fixing their hair and make-up. You throw in the driver reading what appears to be some sort of report or legal document talking on the cell phone while using a laptop and you have the normal driver. Yes, these things are normal and happen every day. Down here where U-turns are legal and turn signals use is optional I find myself not only driving defensively but driving scared. Drivers careen across three lanes only to go back two cross again and make a U-turn without the use of a turn signal. These are people who live here. Then in October thru March you have the Snowbirds who migrate south from Canada and beyond. Now I am aware that traffic laws vary state to state country to country, but couldn’t they at least obey our laws. I love the water the weather and the sound of the surf and I am lucky enough to live almost next to two of them. I am not asking for much, just think before you do something stupid. Like Ron White says, “ You Can’t Fix Stupid” but maybe you could repair it a little bit. At least while you are driving


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    • profile image

      Christine 3 years ago

      I frequently feel the need for an LED reader board sign that I can say things aloud and it will print it out for other drivers' edification.