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Don't eat the yellow snow

Updated on February 6, 2010

 We just moved back to Indiana from Arkansas.Where we lived for about three years. If it snowed it was maybe 1 to 2 inches and melted the next day. Still this set off panic and mayhem. Last night here in Indiana 9 inches dumped on us. Salt the roads and go on. In Arkansas the area where we lived had a ban on salt on the roads. It could hurt the cars. The roads became ice rinks and stayed that way all day. Getting to what I was going to talk about, Wacker turned 1 in June of last year. He had not seen much snow. Basset hound legs are only eight inches so you can imagine what he looked like in this snow. A head and tail thrashing around in cotton. He loves it and did not want to come in. As I stood and watched him frolic I noticed he would stop and pee and look back at the yellow snow and grin at me. After I swear eight times he walked over to me and looked out on the yellow spotted canvas he had created and smiled at me and nodded his head toward his work. He was proud and so was I. I had an artist in the family. Abstract at best it reminded me of crop circles in England. It dawned on me the revelation of all time. Bassets are from England. If several Bassets got together in a sort of conga line they could converge into a field without being noticed because of their size. They could go unnoticed.While walking in circles they could design all sorts of patterns get back out unseen and sit and watch to see how the humans reacted. This is why when we watch the news at night if anything is featured about mysterious crop circles he turn to me and smirks and sort of chuckles. I figured out the inside joke and can chuckled with him. It just makes us closer. 


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