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Don't think Twice Review:

Updated on September 2, 2016
The poster perfectly shows what he movie is all about (you'll just have to watch it).
The poster perfectly shows what he movie is all about (you'll just have to watch it).

Don't think twice shows the struggles of show business. It showcases the talents of comedic Keegan-Michael Key and fairly new director/writer Mike Birbiglia. Improv type shows have been around for years and have provided great talent. Though what happens to those who don't make it? What happens when a person in the group succeeds past his friends? Don't think twice dives into this world of six improv friends whose sole goal is to get onto the parody version of SNL called "Weekend Live". It's a SNL style show that provides auditions to improv artists around the country. Only two have been picked for auditions. They now have to choose between their friends and the dream job they've always wanted.

A tight-knit group of improv artists have been on a smaller stage show in a broken down theater. They are given an evicted notice because their show isn't providing enough money and butts in the seats as the owner wants. The movie is a span of a couple of weeks, showing the downfall of the show and the separation of the friend group. Each character gets enough screen-time to show each character’s development from being friends to breaking up for good. The movie does a great job of characterizing show business as the art of moving on. Don't think twice biggest success is turning a somewhat cliché story into an emotional adventure/observation of life.

Throughout the film, writer/director Mike Birbiglia gives us a glimpse of growing up. The film feels like high school in a good amount of parts. The art of improv is supposed to be a conceive unit and there isn’t supposed to be a spotlight on any induvial. The group succeeds or the group fails together. However, when Keegan's character and his girlfriend's character get an audition for Weekend Live, parts of the group start to resent one another. Mike Birbiglia also stars as Miles, an improv artist that has been with this show for years. He has taught many artists who've been on the show and left him behind. He feels the pressure of being in his mid-thirties with no shot at making it to the big-time. That scares him and he starts to resent those who have a shot.

This is definitely the case when Keegan's character gets the part on the show and starts to leave his friends behind. The emotional impact of the film is within this dynamic of a fellow friend making a name for himself, while having to release that he must leave his friends to do so. This splitting of the group represents life after high school and how relationships will dramatically change after the first day of college. It perfectly shows how these characters have to move on with their lives and the emotional heartbreak of this departure.

Where the movie falters in the where the movie succeeds as well. This somewhat well-known story of people succeeding over their friends and leaving them behind, has been shown in a lot of movies. However, what this movie does well is combining awkward/emotional troupes with the most charming comedic parts. This smashup is extremely effective and anyone can relate to a large majority of the film. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that allows the audience to connect to and find themselves within the film.

Overall, Don’t think twice might not be a big spectacle that most blockbuster dramedies are. The film never tries to do that or be anything but a charming/dramatic look on the heartbreaking spotlight and how it changes people for the best/worst. Everything works in the film and this results in the best picture of the year.



Director/writer Mike Birbiglia stars in the film as well. Very talented as he does amazing in everything he's involved in the film.
Director/writer Mike Birbiglia stars in the film as well. Very talented as he does amazing in everything he's involved in the film.

Have you ever had to leave your friends behind?

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    • Bmaster4616 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Rochester Hills

      Thanks man

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Good review. I'm excited to see this one


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