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Doobie Bvndit : Upcoming Artist

Updated on December 14, 2017

Eric Williams, popularly known as Doobie Bvndit, is an upcoming artist from Greenfield; a neighborhood located in Columbus, Ohio.

Doobie Bvndit is a nickname which originated from the abbreviation of his name, and I believe the proper pronunciation is [Doo-bee Bandit].

He has been rapping since a young age. He was inspired early on by the once famous Ohio rap group, Bone Thugs in Harmony. The group, which was popularly known as Bone Thugs, had several hit songs in the 1990s.

At age 22, what Doobie lacks in age and experience, he makes up for it with originality. His rap seems to have a unique style almost all of it's own. Along with creativity and hard work - Doobie is proving to be an artist that won't easily be forgotten.

Early Career

Doobie spent much of his early career collaborating with other artist. He continues to be featured on many recent albums by fellow performers including Smileyface and Jelly Roll.

About five years ago, while collaborating in the studio, he caught the attention of a local DJ. Arguably, this was a pivotal moment which helped jump start Doobie's career. It undoubtedly helped boost his popularity within the genre.

DJ Hylyte is also a local of Columbus, Ohio. When he stumbled upon Doobie in the studio, it's safe to say he was impressed as it didn't seem to take long for the two to begin working together. In an interview with the Crash Out Crew, Doobie describes his connection with DJ Hylyte as a "dream come true".

Doobie has been very busy during the past couple years, and it shows. Doobie spends a lot of time working; recording new song, performing on tour, as well as filming some of his wildly unique music videos.

In the interview mentioned above, Doobie credits much of his success as a byproduct of his business relationship with DJ Hylyte. Doobie describes it as one with open communication. He also expresses the fact that they work constantly.

Doobie released Doobie 2 Treed 2 in 2017. The mix tape is arguably his most popular yet, and includes 10 original tracks.

Doobie is also spending the majority of his time on road. I first stumbled upon Doobie in Knoxville, Tn as an opening act for Jelly Roll during the Addiction Kills tour, in 2017. I was immediately intrigued by his sound, and the more I dug through his music, I became a fan of Doobie Bvndit.

Jelly Roll and Doobie have collaborated on multiple songs together. They have been well received by fans, and Doobie is quickly gaining popularity.

doobie bvndit
doobie bvndit

Doobie has a unique style, and a great amount of talent as a rap artist. His rhymes are smooth, his lines are clever, and his beats are nothing short of amazing. However, I can't help but label it is rather experimental. I mean this in the best way, almost as if Jack White had touched rap music.

I plan on paying a lot more attention to this artist as he continues to reach new heights in his career. Recently, Doobie has released several new music videos on YouTube. It appears as he is off tour and working hard in the studio cutting new tracks. Go check it out!

It shows that Doobie is doing what he loves, and it comes naturally to him.

In my opinion, Doobie Bvndit has just got the ball rolling and it's not going to slow down anytime soon.


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    • ooXo-m3 profile image

      Akeyla 3 weeks ago from Durant

      Just coming by giving you more praise on your article. #do

    • profile image

      Kimberly Wilkerson 7 weeks ago

      When is Doobie's birthday does anyone know?

    • ml33 profile image

      Emily Lantry 3 months ago from Tennessee

      thanks for the comment! I'll be sure to update the article. :)

    • profile image

      osumike 3 months ago

      Eric is 22 and is my Cousin

    • ml33 profile image

      Emily Lantry 3 months ago from Tennessee

      I haven't been able to find an exact age, but I believe he's about 20. As soon as I figure it out, I will let y'all know. :)

    • profile image

      angalise 4 months ago

      what's his age?

    • profile image

      Megan 4 months ago

      What's his age