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Double Trouble: Criminal Minds Script

Updated on September 7, 2013

my first attempt at writing a script.

i wrote 2 scripts for the tv show Criminal Minds, this is my first, as well as being my first attempt at writing scripts or screenplays. shortly after i finished i learned CBS does not accept scripts from outside sources. and then CBS changed things around with the main characters...making these 2 scripts useless for anything but simply reading for the fun of it.


INT.Quantico Headquarters. the bullpen. Early morning

J.J. enters the Bullpen area, holding a folder in her hand, heading towards Hotch's office, she glances up and takes in the rest of the team in one full sweep.

(J.J.) Hey everyone, we have a case to go over as soon as I get Hotch.

J.J. continues on towards Hotch's office as the team makes their way towards the conference room, where the round table awaits them. J.J. knocks on an already open door, and enters Hotch's office.

(J.J.)Hey Hotch, we are being asked to go to LA to help catch a serial killer. So far they have four dead bodies, all male. All belonging to a branch of the military. Specifically, it appears to be the members of one branch of a special forces unit. Naturally they want to keep this as quiet as possible.

Hotch gives J.J. one of those looks that says "I hate politics and red tape"

(Hotch)That doesn't sound like the local police that are asking for help. So the army actually asked us in on this one?

(J.J.)Them or the C.I.A. And I can't imagine it being the C.I.A.

int. quantico. Conference Room. early morning

J.J. walks around the round table handing out case file folders. She then pins up pictures of four mens bodies. the COD is clean and simple.

(Morgan)I can't see any mystery to their death. It all seems straightforward to me. Whoever killed them, it was someone they knew and trusted.

Prentiss gives Morgan a confused look.

(Prentiss)What makes you say that? Anyone could have snuck up on them from behind and slashed their throats.

(Morgan)Not these guys Emily, these guys are Special Forces, nobody sneaks up on them. Nobody. No, they had to let someone they trusted stand close to them, even walk behind them. They never knew what was coming.

(Hotch)So your saying he is one of their own.

(Morgan)If Reid isn't a genius, then I am wrong.

(Hotch)Alright then, we have a plane to catch, let's go.

Int. cockpit of jet. early afternoon

"You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you." Eric Hoffer

The jet has been flying for several hours now and is approaching the Rockies. The clouds have become so thick and the turbulence so rough, the pilot has come to a decision.

(Pilot)Jeff, I am going to take us down under the cloud bank, this turbulence is gonna shake this jet to pieces, and I hate flying blind, even if the instruments can see where they are going.

(Co-pilot)you're the boss Dave. I gotta admit I hate going around playing the milkshake myself.

As the jet clears the thick cloud bank, the pilots have only enough time to register that they have descended into a thick flock of migrating cranes before the birds begin hitting the jet. One of the birds comes crashing through the window, hitting the pilot, killing him instantly. Several birds go through the engines shutting them down. The jet begins a sharp descent with no way to stop it. A second bird had crashed through the window almost on the tail of the first bird, but the co-pilot had dove for the floor with the first birds impact, thus saving his life. So many birds continued to come crashing into the cockpit that to get up and try to steer the jet would have been the death of him instantly. By the time the jet was low enough to be under the flock, and he was able to get to the controls, they were just above the mountains, and there was not enough time to attempt to control its landing. Jeff did however attempt to send out a mayday, but was unsure if anyone heard it, and there was only time for one sending before they hit. He had just enough time to brace behind the seats. Meanwhile in the back, Hotch and the rest are going over the case files when the first birds hit. At first they think it is just a really bad spot of turbulence. But then the jet quickly begins to lose altitude. Sensing that something has gone wrong, Hotch tells the others to buckle in quickly and prepare for a possible crash landing.

int. FBI jet. early afternoon

In the cockpit, the co-pilot pries himself out from under the cockpit debris. All in all, he is lucky to escape with some cuts and bruises and bump on his head the size of an egg. In the back, the seat belts held, but unfortunately some of the seats did not. Rossi has a broken arm, Reid has a sprained ankle, Prentiss has injured her shoulder, J.J. has a mild concussion and Hotch and Morgan manage to get by with some major cuts and bruises. They all have some cuts and bruises. Back in the cockpit, the co-pilot attempts to exit the cockpit, but discovers the door is jammed. He shouts through the door hoping someone besides himself made it through the crash alive.

(Jeff)Hey!Is anyone out there? Are you guys ok? Can anyone hear me?

Hotch and Morgan have helped the others into more comfortable resting positions and have just finished when they hear shouting coming from the cockpit. Hotch and Morgan go quickly to the door.

(Hotch)We hear you. We are ok. Are you?

(Jeff)I am. David didn't make it though. I can't get this door open. I think it is jammed.

(Hotch)Stand back, we'll try to wedge it open with something.

Hotch and Morgan search the jet and find little to do the job

(Morgan)Sir, if you will get as far away from the door, I will try to kick it in.

Jeff moves as far away from the door as possible then calls out;

(Jeff)All right, I'm safe.

Morgan balances himself, rears back on one leg and lets his right leg loose like a jackhammer on the door. The door shutters but does not open. Morgans tries three more times, finally slamming the door open with a resounding crash on the last effort.

(Morgan)There you go, my man. I was thinking we needed to try plan B, when she finally gave out.

(Jeff)Well, it's good to know you had a plan B in case this didn't work out. Thanks for getting me out. I could have gone out the window, but I didn't relish that idea.

(Morgan)"short laugh" Did I say I had a plan B? I only meant we would have to go to "A" plan B. And yeah, I can see why you wouldn't want to go out by way of the window.

(Hotch)My name is Aaron Hotchner, This is Derek Morgan, David Rossi, Jennifer Jereau, Emily Prentiss, and Spencer Reid.

(Jeff)Hi, I am Jeff Walker. The pilot was Captain David Jensen. We have been your pilots for the last two years.

(Hotch)It's a pleasure to meet you. Can you tell us what happened?

(Jeff)We came down under the cloud bank and right into a thick flock of cranes. Several of the cranes crashed into the cockpit. The first one in killed David. I was able to dive to the floor before anymore came in. by the time we got under the cranes we were to low to try to steer the jet. I did try to send out a mayday, but I don't know if anyone received it. We aren't getting any radio signals right now.

(Hotch)So, do you think we should stay with the plane?

(Jeff)No sir. Right now, I think that might be a dangerous thing to do. As you can see there are to many sparks falling. You can probably also smell the fuel leaking. It may or may not be leaking enough for a spark to catch the fuel, but if it is then this whole thing will go up like a bomb. We don't want to be near it when that happens.

(Hotch)Good point. All right, everyone. Lets' get the case files together, our personal stuff, the first aid kit, the black box, and anything else we think might be useful that we can carry and get out of here. Morgan. Jeff, you and myself will take turns carrying Davids' body. If this plane goes, we don't want the body lost with it.

Jeff gets the jet door open while Hotch and Morgan work on getting Davids body ready to go and gathering the first aid kit and the black box. J.J. gathers the case files and each of the team gathers their own personal overnight bags. As they leave the jet burdened as they are, they still can't help the feeling they are forgetting something important. J.J. tells them it must be that feeling she gets every time she leaves home, and she is sure she has forgotten something important. Hotch hopes that is all it is. A few feet from the jet Reid spies a handy looking piece of wood that he picks up and uses for a walking stick to help with balance and to ease his injured ankle. They are well out of sight of the jet and have been walking downhill for a good twenty minutes when Hotch decides they have gone far enough. Here they hoist the pilots body as high into a tree as they can get it to protect it from animals, (it is their plan to send someone back to retrieve it once they get back to civilization.) they wrap Rossi's arm using wood for splints, they wrap Reid's ankle and they use a couple of Prentiss' neck scarves as slings, one for her shoulder and one for Rossi's arm. All they can do for J.J. at the moment is watch her carefully. She assures them that for the moment all she has is a headache. She doesn't tell them about the occasional bouts of blurry vision. She doesn't want them to worry and there is nothing that can be done for it anyway. Once they are rested and again ready, they continue downhill.

ext. early afternoon. about a mile from the crash site

The Hunter sees the jet heading for the mountain. He sees it isn't going to land very far from where he is now. He experiences a surge of excitement and begins to make his way towards where he last sees the jet. He has high hopes and anticipation...not that he might find someone alive that he might, rather that he might find some alive that he might experience the greatest thrill he hunt a human being!

int. Quaico. Late afternoon

An agent makes his way to the Directors door and knocks.


(Agent)Director, Ma'am, we have a problem...

ext. mountain side. late afternoon

About an hours walk from where the team leaves the body of the pilot, Reid suddenly stumbles and falls, striking his head on a rock and losing consciousness. The team is by his side immediately, Hotch examining his foot to see that he did not break it. They are greatly concerned to see Reid's foot covered in blood, but Hotch tells them the blood doesn't seem to be coming from Reid. Curious now, Rossi looks to see what it is that caused Reid to stumble. What he finds when he brushes away the dead leaves disturbs them all. Reid had stepped into the gutted cavity of a recently murdered human male. So recently in fact, that the blood was still pooled in the cavity. The man, looking to be in his late twenties to early thirties, had been shot in each kneecap. His clothing and over-all body condition had the look of someone who had been running in these woods for their very lives. Morgan takes off his jacket and hands it to J.J.

(Morgan)Here, J.J. Put this under Reid's head. Hotch, whoever did this, you know they are still here. This is to recent.

(Hotch)I know. We need to get Reid awake and on his feet as soon as we can. I would like to get us off this mountain without running into trouble if at all possible. We aren't exactly in any position to deal with a killer, though we will if we have to.

int. quantico. very early evening

Garcia's phone rings.

(Garcia)Oh Capitan, My Capitan, Your wish is my command!



(Strauss)This is the Director!

(Garcia)Oh! Yes! The Director! Of course! I'm sorry Sir. I mean Ma'am. What can I do for you?

(Strauss)Garcia, Hotch's team never made it to Los Angeles. I need you to find out where it was last located at.



(Garcia)Yes Sir. I mean Ma'am. I'll let you know as soon as I get anything.

ext. mountain side early evening

Reid comes to and the team fills him in. He is a bit freaked out at having stepped into a human, and a bit foggy headed at first, but his head eventually clears up and he comes to terms with the situation. They all realize that the dead body is recent enough to mean that the killer is most likely still on the mountain and most probably still in the area. As soon as Reid is able, they begin moving again. However, they don't get far when the co-pilot, who is bringing up the rear, sees a red dot appear on the back of J.J.'s head. As a military man, he knows instantly what it means, and with a shout of "Get down!" he leaps forward, shoving J.J. down. Sadly, it is the last thing he ever does. The bullet meant for J.J. strikes him in the back of his head, killing him instantly. At the co-pilots shout, the rest of the team immediately drops to the ground and scatters for any available cover.

The Hunter has finally caught up with his targets. He chooses his first target carefully. a small weak looking female walking towards the rear of the group. He takes careful aim and fires. But suddenly, the male walking just behind her shouts and shoves her down, taking the bullet meant for her. This makes the Hunter furious. while it is true that it was a successful kill, it was not his intended target. And nothing makes him angrier than things not going according to his well laid out plans. A second later, he gets a second, even nastier surprise, when bullets fill the air around him, forcing him to the ground. As soon as the shooting ceases, he melts into the surrounding forest to reconsider how best to take this group out.

int. quantico. evening

Garcia calls the Director.

(Strauss)Strauss here.

(Garcia)Director Ma'am, this is Garcia. I found the last known location of the jet. It's was over the Rockies. It's beacon just disappeared there Ma'am. FAA can find no trace of it now.

(Strauss)Garcia. I want you to find out who the local search and rescue are in that area, and have them organize a search for our team. Keep me posted.

(Garcia)Yes Ma'am.

ext. mountain side. evening

As soon as they have sufficient cover, the team returns fire, not really sure where to aim, but giving themselves some cover fire. It seems to work, for when they stop, all is quiet. Morgan sneaks away in a large circle and returns, giving an all clear. They check the co-pilot, but he is dead. They hoist his body up into a tree for safe keeping. They realize now that they can't just try to get off the mountain. The killer is actively hunting them, and so they must actively hunt him.

(Hotch)It seems we are the targets now. Well, we won't be the easy targets he is used to, I can promise you that.

(Morgan)J.J. How are you doing? Your head hasn't gotten worse has it?

(J.J.)No. I feel terrible about Jeff, though.

(Hotch)We all do. What Jeff did, he never thought twice about. He was a good man, one I am proud to have known. But right now we need to concentrate on getting off this mountain alive. To do that we need to work on a profile.

(Rossi)Well, to start with, it looks like his victims are either chosen randomly or are like us, just happened to be in his neck of the woods.

(Morgan)He likes to terrorize them by stalking them until they are to exhausted to run anymore, then shoot their knees out to make sure they can't run or fight back. Then he guts them while they are still alive.

(Prentiss)This guys is really messed up. What can he possibly get from such an act?

(Rossi)Some people get a thrill from doing sick things like that. This guy took the natural hunting order of man vs animal and turned it into an unnatural hunt of man against man. It isn't the first time this has happened, but I must admit I haven't seen it to this extreme before, where the victim was gutted alive.

(Reid)It's obvious he doesn't have a problem changing his methods to suit his needs. He was willing to take J.J. out with a bullet to the head. That isn't the way the other victim was taken out.

(Hotch)You're right. Of course, we are assuming the same person is after us that killed that man.

(J.J.)Great. That's all we need. Crash on a mountain with not one, but two killers.

(Hotch)So that we stay alive, we will assume there are two killers. But let's focus on the one that is following us right now.

(Prentiss)What are we going to do about him?

(Hotch)(speaking just a little louder than before)We need to get off this mountain, so I am going to split us into teams. That way, at least one team should make it down. That team can send help back for the others. Prentiss will go with me. J.J., you will go with Rossi. Morgan, I want you to go with Reid, he will need your strength.

(Hotch)(lowering his voice again) Prentiss and I will go off towards the right at a slight angle. Rossi, you and J.J. go off towards the left at a slight angle. We will both go a bit faster than Morgan and Reid. When we are well out of sight and hearing we will make a large circle back, attempting to come in behind this man. If I mark him right, he will target Morgan and Reid and begin to stalk them. If we get this right we can trap him between us. Any Questions? Good. Good luck everyone. Let's go.

The Hunter listens as the group makes their vain plans to escape him. He waits to see in which direction the teams on the outsides go in, then he turns his attention completely on the center team. The Hunter doesn't try over hard to hide his presence. Half the targeted team is nearly done for and is already showing signs of giving up, knowing he is there will only increase that mans fear and decrease his strength, thereby increasing his, the Hunters, pleasure of the hunt. Finally the lame one stumbles and falls. The stronger one is attempting to get him back up, sometimes gently, sometimes not. This is his chance, and he takes careful aim, not at the one on the ground, but at the stronger one. however, just as his finger begins to squeeze the trigger, he hears a shout behind him..."FBI. Drop your weapon, Now." The Hunter doesn't know what stuns him into freezing more, that once again his shot has been interfered with by these people or that of all the people who could have dropped in on his had to be the FBI!But it is also that last thought that galvanizes him back into action. He spins around, firing at the voice, only to discover not just one person, but the entire rest of the team spread out and covering him with their weapons, and now they are opening fire on him. There is but one option open to him and he takes it, he runs, dodging bullets and trees alike, thanking his lucky stars for the years on this mountain hunting. He doesn't stop running until he can no longer hear the footsteps crashing behind him.

Morgan and Reid, who couldn't return fire without risking hitting the other members of their team, immediately drop to the ground. But Morgan can't stand the thought of the man getting away, and when he sees him bolting through the trees, he jumps up and takes off after him. However, he doesn't get very far when he fails to duck in time to avoid a branch that has flipped back from the passage of the Hunter. It hits him in the chest, throwing him backwards off his feet and knocking the breath out of him. By the time he gets back to his feet, he knows it is useless to try to go after the unsub alone.

int. quantico. evening

Garcia receives a phone call.

(Garcia)Garcia here.

(Man)Hello, This is Sheriff Cokerson, of the " " Sheriff's Department. I just wanted to let you know I will be personally heading up the search for your missing team. We are still gathering our people in, as well as our dogs and equipment, and we have the coordinates you sent us. We will head out to the site at daylight and as soon as we can get organized from there, we will begin the search. Should be no later than noon.

(Garcia)Thank you Sir. I'll let the Director know right away. Good luck Sir.

ext. mountain side. evening. sun not quite set

Morgan returns to the team and is dismayed and angry to learn that J.J. has taken a hit to her right upper arm. Angry because he couldn't catch the man. Thankfully the bullet missed her bone. Prentiss has cleaned and wrapped it and the team is ready to move. They head down the mountain as the sun begins to set. The sun is nearly gone when Reid spots a crack in the wall of the cliff they are following. Morgan investigates and discovers a cave. Hotch decides they will hole up in there for the night, blocking the entrance with brush. Sometime during the night/early morning hours, during Reid's watch, he hears a noise, a click, click, click noise. He awakens Hotch. Reid tells Hotch that it reminds him of the sound a lighter makes. Just as Hotch is about to investigate, they are stopped in their tracks by a thump and a bloodcurdling scream. The scream brings the rest of the team crashing out of their sleep with their hearts in their throats. They whisper amongst themselves, trying to understand, trying to reassure, trying to comfort. Finally, Hotch quietly breaks into their whispers.

(Hotch)Listen up. Whatever is out there, I don't think it is interested in coming in here, otherwise it would be trying to get in now. I think we should try to relax and get some more rest or we will be easy targets for the unsub tomorrow.

He gets some mumbled statements that may or may not have been agreements from the rest of the team, but they did lay back down. And they did try to relax. There were no more noises from outside, and so, despite their fears, they were surprised when Hotch gently shakes each of them awake, to discover they had actually fallen back to sleep. Once the team is alert and ready, Hotch leads the team towards the brush barrier. Here, he gently and slowly begins to pull it away, one piece at a time. He scans the area that opens up to his view as the brush is removed, but sees nothing. When all of the brush is cleared away, Hotch slowly and carefully steps out from the entrance, telling the others to wait for his all clear. In order to see the entire area, he must step away from the fallen boulders at the base of the cliff wall. As soon as he does this, he is shocked by what he sees. Not ten feet away, lay the body of the unsub...The unsub's killer is also there, laying beside him. She is a large, beautiful lioness, and she catches Hotch's eyes and holds them. For some unknown reason, Hotch does not feel any fear. He puts his gun away, and speaks quietly to the rest of the team.

(Hotch)Guys, I want you to come out here, but walk quietly and slowly, and whatever you do...don't touch your guns!

As each team member clears the boulders at the base of the cliff, they see first the body of the unsub, then the lioness. An instant later the lioness makes full eye contact with each of them in turn, almost as if she is trying to impress something important upon them. She then slowly stands up and walks away without so much as a glance back. The team isn't sure just what took place. They decide the lioness must have killed the unsub because she sensed in him a deep wrongness. At the same time, she did not offer hurt to them because they did not offer hurt to her. But there did remain unanswered questions. Like why did she stick around? Like what was it she seemed to be trying to tell them? They each had their own thoughts on the matter, and their own feelings about it. Most likely it was a mystery that would never be solved...or maybe it was something each one could answer only for themselves.

The Hunter is tired, and he is tired of things going wrong. He finally makes it back to the scene of his last failure. As he carefully examines the area to find out which direction the group went in, and if they went as one or in separate pairs again, he discovers a small spattering of blood. this is unexpected and goes a long way to soothing his wounded ego. Feeling better, he heads off in the direction the team has taken, catching up in time to witness them barricading the cave entrance. He decides this group needs to be eradicated. He tells himself many reasons why, but he can't admit the real reason, that they are more than he can handle, that he is afraid of them. So he waits til they should be deep asleep, then he creeps up to the cave entrance and stuffs a pile of dead grass under the driest portion of brush. He takes out his lightER and lights it to the grass. Except the lighter won't light. He is beginning to think this group of people must be charmed or something. He frantically tries to get the lighter to light. Suddenly he is overwhelmed by a feeling, a sensation he is not used to...that of being watched, of being hunted. The feeling of fear, of pure terror begins to flood his body. Now his attempts to light the lighter aren't directed at the pile of grass...they are directed up in the direction he feels the presence coming from. And the lighter obligingly lights. And how he wishes it had not. He barely has a moment to fully appreciate the feeling of being hunted, of the irony of his position, when the glowing eyes leap towards him. His last words are nothing more than a bloodcurdling scream in protest.

ext. base of mountain. early morning

Sheriff Cokerson is getting the search party organized. The medic tent is preparing for the worst they can imagine.

(Sheriff Cokerson)All right folks, listen up. I want each team separated by half mile distances. We have only ten dogs and twenty teams, so every other team takes a dog. It is ten thirty now, Let's be ready to go by noon.

ext. mountain side. morning

With little discussion amongst themselves about what they just witnessed, somehow, it doesn't seem right to talk about it, the team heads down the mountain without looking back. About ten minutes later, they finally run into a rocky little creek. They all take their time washing their faces and drinking their fills. Finally, feeling refreshed in more ways than one, they continue on their way. They finally make it down near the base of the mountain, around 12:20, running into a team of searchers with a dog. The search team radios the base camp to let them know the missing have been found. They are brought down to the base camp and turned over to the medics, where they are treated and it is recommended that they go to the local hospital for more in depth tests and treatments. Hotch tries his cell phone and gets through. The Director is not in her office, so he calls Garcia.

(Garcia)Garcia here.

(Hotch)Garcia, this is...

(Garcia)HOTCH!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!


(Garcia)Hotch? Hotch? What happened? Where did you go? Did I imagine it and it really isn't you after all?

(Hotch)(said with a smile) No, it's me, you just broke my eardrum, that's all.

(Garcia)Sir...Hotch, Sir. I'm sorry, it's just that...

(Hotch)I know Penelope. It's Ok. Everyone is Ok. But I need to speak with the Director. Can you patch me through to her?

(Garcia)Yes Sir. Thank you, Sir. It's good to have you safely back, all of you.

(Hotch)It's good to be back, and thank you Garcia.

Garcia patches Hotch through to Director Strauss

(Dir. Strauss)This is FBI Director Strauss, How can I help you?

(Hotch)Director, This is Hotch. Can you give me an update on the situation in LA?

(Dir. Strauss)Hotch? There are so many questions, but they will have to wait for your report. Just one for now...Did everyone make it out alive?

(Hotch)We lost our pilot in the initial crash and the co-pilot took a bullet meant for J.J.

(Dir. Strauss)A bullet? Were you shot down?

(Hotch)No. The jet went down due to unavoidable, natural causes. It is all in the black box, which we have. But once down we became targets of an UnSub who took his pleasure hunting humans who found themselves on his mountain.

(Dir. Strauss)And what has become of this UnSub?

(Hotch)A mountain lioness took him out.

(Dir. Strauss)How very fitting indeed. As for LA, there has been a fifth victim found. The LAPD is becoming very frustrated.

(Hotch)We will be on our way as soon as we fill Sheriff Cokerson in on the details of what happened on the mountain. Please have Garcia send any information she can dig up on the latest victims ahead for us. We still have the case files we brought with us.

(Dir. Strauss)Hotch, are you sure continuing on this case is the wisest thing to do, after what the team has just been through? Do you think they are ready to get back in the field so soon? The LA field office can always help with the case, even though they aren't profilers.

(Hotch)I will ask them, and if, as I suspect they will, they are in agreement with me, then we will be on the next flight to LA.

Hotch goes to the rest of the team and tells them of the conversation he just had with Strauss. Without hesitation, they all are adamant that they need to go to LA and get these murders solved. Hotch knew that would be their answer, but he can't help the feeling of pride he feels for his team. He calls Strauss back and gives her the teams answer. He also lets her know that not one of them hesitated in giving it. She tells him that she is pleased with their decision. And that she is pleased they are all safe. She leaves him with directions to keep her posted...and stay out of planes that crash. Hotch is somewhat unsure if she is joking or serious. Before leaving, the team fills Sheriff Cokerson in on the events since their crash, giving the locations to the best of their knowledge of the bodies of the pilot, co-pilot and unknown victim. They also suggest they do a search for more victims. And then they let him know how to find the unsub himself. Hotch asks the sheriff if he would please send a copy of the results to Quantico.

ext. la. afternoon.

The team arrives in LA via the local FBI field office jet. They go directly to the LAPD, where Captain Hawkins receives them with relief, both that they are alive and safe, and that they have finally arrived to help him solve a very frustrating case.

(Cptn Hawkins)Thank God you got here safely. Your Director called me and told me what happened to you. As much as I want, the truth is, I need you to help me on this case, are you sure you guys are up to it?

(Hotch)We appreciate your concern, Captain. But we are fine, and our priority right now is your killer. If you will show us where we can set up, we will get started on that problem right now.

(Cptn Hawkins)Thank you, all of you. If you will just follow me. Your tech woman sent me this information to give to you...And here you go. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to let me know.

(Hotch)Thank you Captain. We will, of course keep you informed, and let you know when we are ready to give our profile.

Reid begins by posting the pictures of each of the victims up on the board, and all the information available next to each. He and J.J. then work on possible connections between the victims. Morgan and Prentiss play operator and call family members to try and learn more about the men from their families. Oddly enough, they are unable to reach a single family member. Rossi and Morgan head out to Topanga State Park, to where the murders took place. There isn't much to examine. The men came out here to meet someone they knew and trusted. This someone got behind them and slit their throat. End of story. Or end of one story anyway. But they took the opportunity to study the area while they were out there. Then they returned to the city and looked up the woman who found the first body and interviewed her.

(Hotch)Hello Ma'am, my name is SSA Hotchner, and this is SSA Rossi. We're with the FBI, and we would like to ask you a few questions concerning the man you found in the park.

(Woman)Well hello yourself, Handsome. You simply must call me Stacey...Really now, I insist. Now come on in this instant and have some of my famous sun tea!

Rossi and Hotch give each other a look that says what have we just gotten ourselves into?

(Hotch)After you Rossi.

(Rossi)Now Hotch, you know the boss always goes first.

(Hotch)(sighs)After you Ma'am.

After a time consuming interview heavy on the flirting on Stacey's side, but yielding nothing new for Hotch and Rossi, they finally extricate themselves from her clutches and take themselves off to the next interview, thanking their lucky stars he is a man.

(Hotch)Hello Sir, my name is SSA Hotchner and this is SSA Rossi. We are with the FBI, and we would like to ask you a few questions concerning the body you found in the park.

(Man)My, my. You boys just get better looking all the time. Mmmm Mmmm. Yes well, that was a nasty business. what can I tell you about it?

Hotch and Rossi exchange a look, not believing this is happening to them.

(Rossi)Yes, well, when you found the body, did you happen to see anyone else nearby?

(Man)No, dear, not a soul in sight. That is usually just the way I like to take my early morning walks you know. Just not when I'm going to stumble on a dead man. Course, what I really like is a cozy walk on the beach with that special someone, if you catch my meaning...

(Hotch)Yes, well, thank you for your time. I am sure that perfect lady will come along someday if you keep your eyes open for her. If we think of anything else we will call you. Have a good day.

Before the man could say anything more Hotch and Rossi walked away.

(Rossi)(chuckling softly) That was mean Hotch.

int. LAPD. early evening

Reid and J.J. find that the only thing these men have in common is the unit they were in. An ODB special forces unit that served in Iraq. They had just recently been returned to the US and to LA for a specialized and classified training seminar put on by the C.I.A. When Prentiss, Morgan, Hotch and Rossi have returned, they discuss what they have found.

(Reid)These men all belong to an ODB Special Forces Unit that served in Iraq. They were recently sent back to the US, specifically, to LA, for some specialized, and classified training put out by the C.I.A. For some reason they are being targeted and picked off, one by one.

(Hotch)As Morgan pointed out earlier, the killer has to be one of them, to get close enough to kill them. Rossi and I, um hm, interviewed the the two people who found the first and last bodies, needless to say, we didn't learn anything new.

(Prentiss)First and last bodies? What about the three bodies in between? And do I detect a note of embarrassment in there? What could possibly happen to embarrass the mighty Hotch?

(Hotch)while investigating the scene of the "first" body, the LAPD discovered the bodies of the other three men. It is actually victim number two who seems to have been murdered first. And if you don't mind, let's save the personal questions until the case is solved.

(Prentiss)No problem. So, we know the guy is probably Special Forces. Do you think he is from the same unit as the guys he is killing?

(Rossi)That's a hard one to answer. On the one hand, you would think he would have to be, for the others to know him enough to trust him. Then again, he could be from a branch under their authority.

(Hotch)Ok, we need to clear out all police presence from the park. Make it look like we have got all the information we can there, which is true enough. J.J., I want you to let the media know we are focusing our search elsewhere. Meanwhile, Rossi and I will head over to that top secret seminar and try and get someone to talk.

int. seminar building. early evening

When Hotch and Rossi arrive at the seminar, they discover everyone in a state of upset. It seems another man has disappeared. Hotch and Rossi insist on seeing the mans room. There they find a message, that had been left, but had fallen to the floor. It explains where he was going and who he was planning on meeting. Hotch calls Morgan and tells him to bring Prentiss and meet Rossi and himself at the Rivas Canyon Park Trail head. When they arrive, they see no one. They begin to work their way up the trail quietly. Soon, they can hear voices. They are arguing. Then the team can see both men, one is standing still while the other is pacing, walking in circles around the other. Finally the argument ceases, about the time the pacing man is behind the still man. Then the pacer raises a knife while his other arm raises to grab the standing man. Rossi and the rest shout simultaneously.

(Rossi)FBI!Drop your weapon!

(Hotch)FBI! Drop your weapon!

(Morgan)FBI! Don't move or I'll drop you where you stand!

(Prentiss)FBI! drop your weapon!

The man does as he is told. he freezes and drops the knife. The intended victim leaps forward and spins around, landing in a crouch, amazed at the sight of four armed people pointing weapons at him and the man who moments ago he thought had been his friend. As they are leaving the trail head, Prentiss comments on their harmonizing...

(Prentiss)Leave it to Morgan to be the odd ball.

(Morgan)Well, how was I to know everyone else was going according to some script!

(Prentiss)(chuckling)Oooh, but you sounded so tough!

(Morgan)(mollified and teasing back)That's cause I am tough, thank you.

(Prentiss)I know you are, Morgan, and I am glad you are on my side.


In the interrogation room, Morgan is not getting very far with David. For every question asked, he gets name, rank and serial number. Hotch, watching from the observation room, notices the facial tic and blank stare. When Morgan comes out, Hotch tells him they need to talk. before they get to their room though, they run into their prisoners intended victim. He tells them that David was one of two men to survive a failed mission. He asks Hotch if it is possible if this man could be attacking them because he holds them responsible for the failure of that mission.

(Hotch)It is a possibility. You mentioned two survivors. Who was the second man?

(Soldier)His Captain, Mark Turner.

(Rossi)Well, then I guess our next move will be to bring him in and see what he can tell us about David.

(Soldier)That might not be so easy, Sir. You see, the failed mission and loss of his unit was blamed on him, and he was dishonorably discharged. He hasn't been heard from since.

(Hotch)Thank you Soldier, you have been very helpful. Now we need to work on what we have.

Hotch and Rossi join the others in the room assigned to them. They share the information they have just been told. Morgan gets Garcia on the phone.

(Garcia)Is this by chance my lost love returned to the land of the living?

(Morgan)That it is, my precious, that it is, and your voice is like water to a man dying of thirst.

(Garcia)Oooh! For that, my love, ask away, anything at all, and I will seek to the ends of the earth for the answer for you.

(Morgan)(chuckling)You may just have to do that Baby Girl. I need you to find one Mark Turner, recently dishonorably discharged from the military, Special Forces. He was Captain of an A-Team.

(Garcia)checking...well, if the ends of the earth is LA, then I didn't have to go very far after all.

(Hotch)You mean he is here in LA?

(Garcia)Yup, he has been living there since...

(Morgan)Garcia, what is it?

(Garcia)He has been living in LA since just before the date of the first murder, Sir.

(Hotch)I think we better have that address, Garcia.

(Garcia)Here it is, Sir. #147 Wesley Ave.

Hotch, Rossi, Morgan and Prentiss head to the address with members of LA's finest for backup. Mark is home and Hotch asks if they might come in, as they have some questions concerning a man that used to serve under him. Mark is very polite and cooperative and invites them in, offering them refreshments. Neither Hotch nor any of the rest accept Marks offer of a seat, saying they would rather stand if he didn't mind, it seems it is all they ever do back at the office is sit. (lame excuse, but an excuse nonetheless). Rossi lets Hotch do most of the talking, while he takes in as much information as he can by observing. And the one very important piece of information he is observing is that Mark is inordinately preoccupied with his watch. Rossi has been nonchalantly moving around the room, picking up pictures, putting them back, occasionally asking a question about Marks time in the service or his family, but it is only a facade, he needed to get a good look at the odd but minute bulges he saw under Marks light jacket. Now he understands the deal with the watch. An icy finger of dread races through him as he also understands that this man has a bomb strapped to him that he fully intends to use, and his team mates have no idea. He has to do something and do it fast. He approaches Mark and holds out his hand, actually cutting Hotch off mid question.

(Rossi)Well, Mark, it truly has been a pleasure to meet with you. Unfortunately, we have a bad guy to catch, so we really need to get going.

Without thinking about it, Mark reaches out with his right hand (not the one wearing the watch) to accept the handshake. Before he could realize what is going on, Rossi grabs Mark's hand and whips it down and up again, spinning Mark around, pinning his hand up between his shoulder blades.


(Hotch)Dave, what's going on?

Morgan jumped a step back, pulling his gun in one smooth move, aiming it at Mark.

(Rossi)He's got a bomb wired to his chest, Hotch, no way for me to warn you.

(Hotch)Morgan, get the LA guys in here will you, tell them we need the Bomb squad.

int. LApd. interrogation room. late night

At first Mark refuses to say anything except name, rank, and serial number. But then Rossi convinces him that the truth should be told. And the only way that can happen is if he, Mark, tells them what happened. so Mark does.

(Mark)We get orders to go in, get information on the enemy. Nothing new, or so I thought at the time. But as soon as we land, I know better. The enemy is everywhere. It isn't long before we are surrounded and pinned down. I call for extraction. Before they come all but two of my men and myself are gone.

Here, he hesitates. Rossi can tell he is struggling with whether or not to tell or not to tell something.

(Rossi)Hiding something now isn't going to help or hinder anyone, we just need to know what happened.

(Mark)My second, David, became hyper-reactive, and when our sole remaining man jumped out behind his boulder in an attempt to join us, David mistook him for an enemy, and fired on him, killing him. David couldn't deal with it. I told him I would take the blame for it. Jeez, How could I know I would be taking the blame for the entire mission. He was gone. In the head, I mean. I had to drag him with me when the chopper came. I was cast out. I made sure he was to eventually. even by his family. then I looked him up and took him in. It didn't take much to convince him that I was the only one who cared about him, the only one who would protect him. I brainwashed him, or did an experiment in mind control. If he is ever going to be anything like normal he will need deconditioning. By the time I was finished with him, he would kill anyone I told him to, because if I told him to that meant they were enemies of the United States of America and he was doing his duty. you really can't hold these deaths against him. I take full blame for them.

And so Mark did take the blame for the murders. And David was sent to an undisclosed military hospital to be deconditioned.

Ext. FBI jet. late night

"Evil, when we are in it's power, is not felt as evil, but as a necessity, or even as a duty". Simone Well

Every one is getting much deserved shuteye, except Hotch and Prentiss, who joins him.

(Hotch)How come you aren't asleep?

(Prentiss)I have ever been cursed with a curious nature.

(Hotch)(groans)Let me guess, you want to know what could possibly embarrass the mighty Hotch?

(Prentiss)(grinning)It did cross my mind.

(Hotch)Right! Let's just say it's a new experience for me when a man flirts with me.

(Prentiss)Oh! Hotch! no wonder. No, I won't make it worse for you by laughing.

(Hotch)Thank you. I am glad you understand.

(Prentiss)I do, I really do. Please don't let it bother you. Try to get some rest.

(Hotch) I will if you will.

sadly i see this doesn't keep the original format when i copy and paste from my folder to here.

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  • tlmcgaa70 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from south dakota, usa

    thank you...i must admit it would have been interesting to see such a script acted out on tv...but it will never be, so it sits here hoping for the occasional reader like you to stumble upon it. thank you for taking the time to read it, it could not have been easy, due to its length. also, thank you for taking the time to comment on it. have a great day.

  • Elizabeth Damron profile image

    Elizabeth Damron 

    4 years ago

    This was really good. It's a shame CBS wouldn't take it. Thanks for sharing!


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