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Dr. Alfreda Love-Love Won't Let Me Wait!

Updated on April 28, 2015
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Introducing Radio Turn Up---Education &, Health&Human Performance Consultant , Radio Host, Entertainment writer and Stage Show Creator-Love.

Dr. Alfreda Love

Inspired by her family’s prayers and God’s favor, Dr. Alfreda Love aspires to inspire. Love (36 years old) had big dreams of becoming a veterinarian as a young child. Time progressed over the years and Alfreda changed her mind and aspired to become a great teacher of materials that her teachers sent home for home work. “I can remember lining my dolls up in a row and getting my text books and covering material. I always managed to have dolls (imagination) that paid close attention, those who participated and those who were quiet and shy, like I use to be in school.” Years past and rather than lining up dolls in the bedroom, she began teaching lessons to her family members and friends by way of the scripture.” I would listen attentively to the pastor and share the information that I learned. With wisdom and age, I discovered that the quiet voice that I managed to remain close lipped on would be the gift that God has given me to use all around the states and on the Love Ministry and Talk Show."

Child of God, daughter, sister, friend, stage play director/writer, leader, former army service, community advocate radio host, national speaker, writer and promoter, Love have commenced on the journey of improving current conditions that cannot wait. In 1997, Dr. Love attended and graduated from Baylor University with a BS in Education (English) and Kinesiology. Upon graduating from Baylor University in 2002, Dr. Love went on to pursue a Master’s Degree (Education Leadership)at Prairie View A and M University, with some special emphasis on planning and instruction at Texas A and M. University. Since Love would not wait a year or two years to go back to school, 2005 proved to be the year that Dr. Love would work toward obtaining her PhD (Education Leadership), which she did.

Dr. Love has taught many subjects on various levels and coached several sports. Fast forward to 2015, Dr. Love has been the founder of the Love Ministry and Talk Show which features, artist, writers, teachers, community leaders and educators. With the motivation to empower other people, Dr. Love has committed her devotion to the community to enhance it and also will launch a youth initiative to prevent our youth from becoming a statistical number. Alfreda Love is currently working on a project series entitled, “Statistical Number,” which illustrates the number of youth dying in the streets. Dr. Love has been featured in magazines and aspires to work in entertainment and education. Alfreda Love has published numerous articles and 2 books. Currently, Dr. Love is an administrator in Bellmead, Texas and host of her radio show ( Alfreda Love has received numerous awards and she credit God, her mother, father, family and community!

Dr. Alfreda Love

The Love Lift Jesus Ministry-aka Alfreda Love Ministry and Talk Show

Founder-Dr. Alfreda Love/Cohost-Evelyn Green

Purpose-Highlight gifts

Interivew-gospel artist, artist, promoters, writers, actress, actors, community leaders, ministers and more.

If you would like to be a guest on this national ministry/

Speaking agency with A. Love and E. Green

Love Ministry and Talk

Plays & Entertainment

As an award winning playwright, Dr. Love has had the opportunity to travel to California and other states to showcase her characters in the places. While writing for the paper, online or just for fun, Dr. Love revives and make words come alive.

Friday's Kinfolk-By: Dr. Alfreda Love and edits with Barbara Hudson

Emotional Healing Speaking Practice

Energetic Love

I am a strong believer in the fact that your emotions must be exercised before one can have healthy emotions. AEL


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