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Dr. Dre Workout Routine

Updated on December 27, 2012

He even looks huge with a long sleeve shirt

Dre's ripped!
Dre's ripped!

Dr. Dre Workout - Get Lean and Shredded

Lately everyone has been trying get info about the Dr. Dre workout! He's obviously been working hard the past few years to achieve this visually stunning body.Today I have a few tips on how to get just as ripped as the king of rap, Dr. Dre.

Read below for secrets and tips on how to get a visually appealing body like Dr. Dre! I'll be sure to add more info to this page as I find it.

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A Quick Bio On Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre, real name is Andre Young, is an extremely successful musical entertainer, hip hop star, and business man.

Dr. Dre first became famous in the early part of the 1990s when he was in rap group called N.W.A. Later N.W.A ended and Dre began a rap and producer career. He blew up even more after going solo and won many grammies as a producer and rapper.

Dre has run the hip hop community for many years, but up until a little bit ago he didn't care much about health and fitness. When Dr. Dre decided he wanted to become more fit and gain some muscle he talked to Stan Mcquay, celebrity personal trainer. Mcquay got him started on a new workout routine and diet that transformed Dre's body. This workout helped him drop 50 pounds!

In the I Need A Doctor music video is when everyone first notices Dre's new body. It's really cool to see his intense workouts.

What's a workout you can do to get as muscular as Dr. Dre?

It's best to do a mostly upper-body workout (with just a few lower-body exercises) that really pushes your body to the limit. Do about 10-15 reps of about 5-7 exercise one after the other and you should feel the burn. If you can do a few sets of this a few days a week, you'll be well on your way to Dr. Dre's Body

Sample Exercises

- Pushups

- Pull Ups

- Squats

- Jumping Jacks

- Deadlifts

- Barbell Curls

- Close-grip Pushups

- Mountain Climbers


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      buggs 5 years ago

      Give me a few months I will be the next men fitness