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Dr Prakash Baba Amte-The Real Hero - Movie Review

Updated on July 28, 2015
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Virendra Dafane lives in Pune, India. Feel free to write to him about your views about his articals on virendra.dafane at gmail.

Dr. Prakash Baba Amte is the sort of rare classic film that spans the decades that uses the recognizable cast and yet follows a human value from beginning to end. Dr. Prakash Baba Amte is a biopic on the life of Dr. Prakash Amte, who is an acclaimed social worker. It involves the story of challenges they went through when they make toughest decision to spend life for the upliftment of tribals. ( Aadivasi).

Real story of the film begins with a flashback where Prakash Amte is giving an interview and unfolding the events of his life. At the beginning of the film, Interesting incident that USA embassy denies the VISA to Dr. Amte as his monthly earnings was 1500/Rs. Later on, mighty USA embassy personnel apologize for their mistake to Dr, Prakash Amte as they realize that he is a prestigious award winner and great social worker.

Actual flashback started when Dr. Amte met Mandakini at medical college. Apart from one single scene where he gifts her chocolate and description that he loses himself to her appearance and so-called " aura". The feelings/construction of love happens in most innocent and honest but convincing manner with fewer dialoges.

Story moves ahead where he gains trust, and his open-air hospital becomes most reliable place for Adivasis.The challenges due lack of instruments and which results in failure of human life has been portrayed in a gripping fashion.

Story tellign happens at multiple levels where part of cinema takes u his tribal struggle and portion of the story is covered with this selfless love of this couple. The most amazing expression of love when he asks her, why u married a mad like me and what did I gave u? She answers " Fulfillment of life." This is probably most simple love scene I have ever seen and yet having a significant impact.

Nana Patekar does wonder and makes the character so completely his own that there is a genuine feeling that the spirit of Dr. Prakash Amte is on the scene. Nana made the act convincing without being loud or histrionic. He is almost always quiet, observant, and soft-spoken on the screen. Moreover, yet his performance comes across with such might that we realize afterward, that the sheer moral force of Dr.Amte must have been behind the words. Role of Manadaknini by Sonali Kulkarni is wonderfully played as she looks pretty and talks like sweet marthi girl supporting her husband's cause. Supporting cast is approparite and excellent job done in selecting adivasis.

Apart from all its other qualities, what makes this movie special is that it was obviously made by people who believed in it. Director definately has done incredible job here with a small budget.

Even after seeing the film, I suspect how many Indians realizes that this man deserves respect, and this planet needs to a note of such people.

The law of filmmaking says that the audience should never be made consciously aware of the structure, which should be undisclosed within dramatic events. Same happens here as screenplay is flashback mode, and it reveals the story to us. The most realistic screenplay where no Bollywood type humor or any songs. Writer has been remarkably honest to his characters where they stand taller with the usual language and no heroism. Simple Marathi but a catchy one which can hold you in chairs for 2 hours. Humor could have been improved a better without losing the active character-build.

Here, two songs and they are inspiring and it made the job of chorographer trouble-free. Film happens in the middle of the jungle and small budget film and has appropriate sets. I would loved Sanjay Bansali make this movie; we will huge detailing happening, and it would be treated to everyone. Forgive me for my love towards Sanjay Leela Bansali.


What is the greatest learning of this movie is significance of purpose. Do you have a central purpose in your life? Are you courageous enough to stand for it? Find your purpose and stand for it and make your life meaningful and content and experience the fulfillment.

To See- Not See

Everyone can see this movie, take kids or anyone. Most realistic movie.

I rate it as 4 out of 5.


4 stars for Dr. Prakash Baba Amte Movie


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