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Dr. Who Script Leaks - What To Know Without Spoiling It

Updated on July 8, 2014


Reaction to this was definitely split between two camps: those who wanted nothing more than their hands on a copy, and those who would be willing to kill if someone spoiled anything at all.

But what about those stuck in the middle who enjoy the show and don’t care either way whether or not something is spoiled for them? Wouldn’t it be best to at least have a little bit of knowledge under your belt before the series starts, or rather, something of a refresher of what to look out for in case you can’t remember why the Doctor is doing what he is doing?

Here are a few key things to remember for this series, and while it does give some suggestions as to what will be in those first five episodes, I can promise it doesn’t spoil anything major that you haven’t already seen in the latest trailer.

Day of the Doctor

Seriously, go and watch it again! If you haven’t done so in preparation of the new season, then definitely make a point of it. One of the episodes leaked focuses a lot on one of the locations used in the special and makes everything you learn about the Doctor in this episode even more spectacular.

Anything Cybermen

This wasn’t part of the script leak, but promotional photos already show that they’ll be back in the latter half of this series (probably in the finale). The Cybermen history is one often overlooked. There are some fantastic old episodes like The Tomb of the Cybermen (find out more about it here) that show just how they’ve always been an adversary to fear.

The Weeping Angels Are (hopefully) Back

The reason people now don’t trust statues at all could be back again to scare small children senseless. It could easily be argued that they are the best ‘modern’ for the Doctor has had and while the majority of people will say Blink is their finest hour, The Time of the Angels is just as good. Rumours are rife the angels will be back in this series (something the scripts couldn’t confirm) but it gives me a chance to highlight this video from John Smith that should definitely not be watched in a dark room.


Hearing that oh so familiar voice in the latest teaser trailer put a smile on my face. Davros hasn’t been seen since Journey’s End in 2008, when he stubbornly refused help from the Doctor, so I’m sure they will be more than happy to see each other again while having a chat over the phone.

Robin Hood

Spoiler discussions on certain sites are agreeing that the episode featuring Robin Hood will be more in line with Robin Hood: Men In Tights than what you would have seen in that latest Russell Crowe incarnation. The Doctor has never met Robin of Loxley before, but if you happen to be a fan of both, do a quick YouTube search for ‘Dr Who Robin Hood’ and you’ll be surprised just how many mash up videos already exist. It seems as though Merlin fans will be quick to pounce on this episode.


Now these are just a few heads up without verging in to spoiler territory. If you really do want to learn what happens for the first half of this upcoming series, the r/Gallifrey subreddit is probably your best place to read discussions on the topic and have any questions answered.

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