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Drake needs a break after "Best I Ever Had"

Updated on August 15, 2012
This is where I found the lyrics to review.
This is where I found the lyrics to review. | Source

Song: Best I Ever Had

Is anyone else wondering where Drake came from? Well I certainly am. It seems like he came out of nowhere and now is basically everywhere. I know, I’m just as mad as everyone else. I guess I don’t see what his talents are, but I’m more of a voice-with-piano-only guy, a la Adele. The computer aided voices in songs get annoying very quickly. Is that even considered music…?

Anyways, I did a bit of digging and will quickly sum up Drake’s rise to stardom. He broke into the entertainment business by staring on the television show Degrassi: The Next Generation (did anyone watch this show?). But he got noticed for several mix tapes he released, which began to generate hype for his career as a rapper. In 2009, he signed a recording contract with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment and rose to fame with the single “So Far Gone,” which led to his smash hit “Best I Ever Had.” With that success, he released his first studio album, Thank Me Later, and it debuted at number one. The rest seems to be playing out in front of our eyes.

With that being said, let’s take a look at his big hit “Best I Ever Had” and see what’s really going on in the song.

It begins with Drake singing that girls think his songs are about them, but this one is not to get confused, this one is for you. So his other ones are about the other girls?

The chorus then comes with the traditional love lines that we’ve all heard in thousands of songs. He’s saying she’s his everything and all he’s ever wanted. They could be great together and live happily forever yada yada yada. You get the picture. One can safely assume that the ‘best I ever had’ title and point of the song is referring to the physical things he did with this woman, as he also sings lines such as, “she make me beg for it till she give it up.”

The next verse begins with him singing about her roommate and to call him when she’s not there. He wants her to put the key under the mat, and he’ll come over and hit her spots she never knew where there. Later in the verse, the song leaves the physical/sexual realm and he begins to talk about how he likes her patience, and how she looks without makeup, and how she doesn’t pay attention to the rumors that are out there.

The final verse reverts back to the physical/sexual nature that has been the central theme of the song. Is it just me or is everything he said in the previous verse an attempt to keep sleeping with this girl? I’m only saying what everyone is thinking… So, the final verse begins with Drake talking about what a badass he is and how people do things for him/want autographs from him. Then he sings about what he can do to her certain female parts and then the chorus kicks in with the ‘best I ever had’ line repeated a million times. We get the point, dude. You had a good time.

This is where the song ends, thank the lord. Drake, you don’t have to preach your love a million times. One or two lines in a song are all you need. Repeating it makes you sound kind of desperate, which contradicts the verse where you hype yourself up as a badass.


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      6 years ago

      Drake is trash only thing he does well is sing and not even that effectively


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