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Drama Buffs - 49 Days (Korean)

Updated on August 9, 2011

49 Days / Pure Love

Ji-Hyun (Nam Gyu-Ri) was a cheerful lady and was dearly loved by her parents and friends. She was engaged to her fiancée, Kang Min-Ho (Bae Su-Bin) but her parents wanted to go on with the wedding earlier despite of the recent engagement. Ji-Hyun made all the necessary preparations incuding bestfriend Shin In-Jung's (Seo Ji-Hye) gown which she tried on before leaving the store.

On the same day, Song Lee-Kyung (Lee Yo-Won) went down from the bus holding a rose while walking along the roadside until she reached a spot. She then crossed the street attempting to kill herself but a man saved her when she was about to get crushed by an incoming bus. Meanwhile, Ji-Hyun was driving on the same highway when she didn't see the truck that has stopped ahead of her. She tried to hit the break but her car swerved and she was thrown out of the car. When she woke up, she saw herself inside the car full of blood. She searched for somebody who can see her. Only the man on a motorcyle who was on the roadside noticed her but also disappeared. He was the Scheduler (Jeong Il-Woo), as he claimed. He was in-charge of those people who died and take their soul to their final destination.

Ji-Hyun went with the ambulance to follow her body as they tried saving her. At the hospital, she saw the Scheduler and the Scheduler told her that it was not her time to die. As he explained her case, he gave Ji-Hyun an option. If she can produce three genuine tears excluding family members within 49 days, she will wake up from being comatose and live again. She had thought of her fiancée and two bestfriends and that would be easy.

But Ji-Hyun could only do this by borrowing a person's body. She comes inside the body of Lee-Kyung in the morning and comes out before Lee-Kyung could wake up to work during the night in a convenient store. Ji-Hyun applied herself to work at Han Kang's (Jo Hyeon-Jae)restaurant to be able to earn money until she ends her time. She waited and followed her fiancée and friends to find tears from them but nothing came out. Time was almost up. She was waiting in vain for teardrops. Would she give up now? Or there are still people who loves her?


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Lee Yo-Won as Song Lee-KyungJo Hyun-Jae as Han KangHan Kang & Song Lee-KyungBae Soo-Bin as Kang Min-HoKang Min-Ho & Shin Ji-HyunJung Il-Woo as the Scheduler / Song Yi-SooNam Gyu-Ri as Shin Ji-HyunSong Lee-Kyung & Kang Min-HoShin Ji-Hyun & Han Kang
Lee Yo-Won as Song Lee-Kyung
Lee Yo-Won as Song Lee-Kyung | Source
Jo Hyun-Jae as Han Kang
Jo Hyun-Jae as Han Kang | Source
Han Kang & Song Lee-Kyung
Han Kang & Song Lee-Kyung | Source
Bae Soo-Bin as Kang Min-Ho
Bae Soo-Bin as Kang Min-Ho | Source
Kang Min-Ho & Shin Ji-Hyun
Kang Min-Ho & Shin Ji-Hyun | Source
Jung Il-Woo as the Scheduler / Song Yi-Soo
Jung Il-Woo as the Scheduler / Song Yi-Soo | Source
Nam Gyu-Ri as Shin Ji-Hyun
Nam Gyu-Ri as Shin Ji-Hyun | Source
Song Lee-Kyung & Kang Min-Ho
Song Lee-Kyung & Kang Min-Ho | Source
Shin Ji-Hyun & Han Kang
Shin Ji-Hyun & Han Kang | Source

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