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Dre Beats

Updated on May 6, 2013

Doctor Dre's Beats

Have you ever been to Wal-mart or Radioshack and saw those big headphones for like 200 dollars?

Yeah those are called Dre beats, and are made by a man named "Doctor Dre."

Most people already know what these headphones are and assume that they are a complete rip-off made for people who don't value money.

Well, that is not really true at all, but somewhat is.

The price of these "beats" is extremely high however and should be lowered dramatically.

Dre beats are really loud headphones and very clear too.

That is perhaps why people buy them because of their loud vibration like noise and feeling.

They often show commercials of these headphones which makes most people want them to either show off or keep for fun.

They come is a variety of colors, but most charge extra.

There are many Dre beats, but we are focusing on the 3 main headphones of Doctor Dre.

Solo Beats

Solos are also known as monster beats, and both are the same thing. Solo are the smallest and cheapest of the 3 headphones. They typically range from about $150-$200 but can be cheaper if bought online Ebay, Amazon etc. They are loud and good, but since they are the smallest they just don't deliver the same thing the other 2 do. Solos are defiantly the cheapest Dre headphones, and are good for people who need basic headphones that are good quality for a nice price. If you ever purchase solos make sure they are 100% authentic as for all of the Dre beats there are a bunch of fake beats out there so beware of fake or real.

Studio Beats

The 2nd in the Dre headphone series are the studio beats. These are over the ear headphone so they block out all the outside noise and when you play music all you hear is music and good rhythm. These are the ones that start moving your entire body when cranked up all the way. Be sure not to go to loud or it may give you hearing problems or other complications. Studios usually are $300 which is a very high price in my opinion just for some headphones. If you really want to rock or are just a hardcore fan of expensive headphones then this is good for you, Otherwise there mostly the same as solos and if they are a good price you can pick them up.

Pro Beats

Pro beats are harder to find then the previous 2 and are the last in the Dre series of headphones.

Pro beats are huge and just like studios they cover up the ear.

They are soft and have a nice cushion coating all around them.

These headphones are really strong and what most singers use during the making of a song or something.

They are not much different than studios other than the design and volume.

Pros are $400 and lowest is probably $350 I doubt you can find ones cheaper.

Pro beats are extremely clear and the most expense too.

Beats come in many different colors, but they are usually more expensive than regulars.
Beats come in many different colors, but they are usually more expensive than regulars.


All the 3 types of Dre beats come white black, or red. These are the 3 main colors for the headphones that they usually sell. If you want blue, green, or even flame design then you will have to pay some extra money. Colors or designs usually cost extra depending on where you buy them. Most are usually like $40 more than regular colors simply because of the fact that it is a special color.

Most of the time you can just find these colored ones online, and pay a few extra bucks for them. If you get them from stores they will charge retail and that is a very high price. Anyways it all comes down to what you would prefer or if you would even want headphones. If you want expensive and high quality headphones then Dre beats are good for you if you think the are to much then it's your choice.


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    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      These are interesting-looking headphones. The different colors of the dre beats look nice. These headphones do appear to be rather expensive. Actually, I much prefer earphones to headphones but people can just choose what they want based on their preferences.