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Dream Movie Partnerships

Updated on July 16, 2012

For many years we have been graced with so many great movie partnerships. Some have been funny, and others have been just awesome. In honor of The Expendables 2 coming out soon, I felt I would give my top 4 of dream partnerships in movies. I know who does top 4’s? Well I do. I don’t conform to uniformed behaviour. And largely because there would be way over 1000 words so I won’t keep you too long. This is a top 4. What? It’ll catch on just you wait and see.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would see Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren and Jet Li all in one movie! But it is a reality, and I for one am thankful of some ridiculous fun to be honest. I have compiled a small list of superior talents that I really wish could have met at some stage. Many on this list are past their prime, and others are no longer with us. But for the purpose of fantasy, this list is intended for the actors to be in their prime going up against their perfect partner in my view.

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4. Steve Carell and Eddie Murphy

Now, Eddie in his prime was the supreme cream of the crop. Nobody could out F bomb this mother, and he knew it. His fast talking cocky attitude made him infamous and I for one couldn’t imagine a world without Beverley Hills Cop and Trading Places. Although I think we can all agree we could have done without Norbit, Pluto Nash and Daddy Day Care. But, if you forget about those stinkers, then this is a relevant choice.

His movie counterpart in this instance is the dry, quick witted and always funny Steve Carell. Some people may not like him, but I see some great skill about this man that no amount of lessons can teach. He has a level of timing that I think is perfect for Eddie. Imagine the scene. A buddy comedy, maybe Eddie is a cop that the force don’t like and keep sending him to prank calls and treat him like garbage. But he thinks in his head that he is awesome. Carell is partnered with Eddie. He didn’t even want to be in the force but was intimidated into it by his grandma. This movie idea could be a great pairing as long as Eddie gave it a lot of attention. I think both stars could bring a lot to the roles, and I would definitely go and see it!

3. Steven Seagal and Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is easily a legend and the king of martial arts movies. He put a lot of effort in his craft, and this showed. He inspired many martial artists and has been the poster boy of greatness from the 1960’s He is in the likes of John Lennon, Muhammed Ali and Robert DeNiro and is quite possibly the most diverse and well rounded individual from that era. He actually was a martial artist, and unlike Jean Claude Van Damme, could actually fight. Now I’m not saying that Van Damme is a sissy, or am I? Yeah whatever. He is. But the main thing is that Lee was an artist like Van Damme. They both perfected the style of kicking someone in the face really hard and never touching them. Now that’s skill. I tried that once with a kid in school when I was 8. I gota say, it’s MUCH harder than it looks. That kid now walks around with an Owen Wilson nose.

But Lee’s counterpart, is the great Steven Seagal. I feel that due to Seagal’s dominating stature, genuine martial arts ability and strength, he would be a great foe for Lee. I mean, remember the face off between Lee and Norris in Way of the Dragon? Imagine a fight between Seagal and Lee. It would be game over for one of them that’s for sure.

2 . Richard Pryor and Zach Galifianakis

The mere mention of these 2 in the same sentence makes me really excited at the prospect. Now I am aware that this could never happen due to Pryer no longer with us sadly. But I feel that it can put so many legendary scenes with these 2 comedy geniuses together in my mind. The fact that Pryer has played both the idiot and wise cracking character, he can stretch and go with the flow with the improve style of Zach. Both could go the distance and would give a superb performance. I honestly don’t think there should be a main point in the movie. I would honestly watch them trapped in an apartment in Paris for 2 hours. That could be some excellent times had all round, but unfortunately this could never happen. Sad face.

Zach is a very funny talent and is yet to peak in my view. He stills needs to mature into his role, and after watching interviews with him I have found an endearing quality in him that seems genuine. He knows he’s not funny in the conventional way and has a silly name, looks like a hobo and should be out of his depth. But that is the main likes I have with him. He isn’t scared to push the boundaries of what is funny and by god neither did Pryer. The outrageous styles could complement each other so well, and it would be an awesome special feature to watch their bloopers on the gag reel.

And Number 1. Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino

Now I know that these 2 guys have been in 3 movies together. But first of all, Godfather part 2 was in separate eras and they never came into contact with each other. They shared one scene together in Heat, and were in a movie that really didn’t need to be made, or at least with 50 Cent in Righteous Kill. These were all moments and nothing in their prime. Imagine the dream movie of Pacino, fresh off of Dog Day Afternoon, and DeNiro fresh off Taxi Driver. They’re brothers, involved in organised crime. Harvey Keitel is their boss, and directed by Martin Scorsese this couldn’t fail. This would be way before the other gangster movies they have been in so this would be one of their first.

It’s a shame we didn’t get a chance to see these two giants together in their prime. But there was a rumour going around that there would be that dream come true moment. Pesci, DeNiro Pacino, Scorsese all in one movie named The Irishman. This apparently is now only starring Pesci. I wonder what happened to that project? Keep an eye on it.

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