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Dream what you want to be

Updated on August 13, 2012

This article was inspired by folks like Duke Smith, Nnenna Igwe, Onyinye Okeke, Adaobi Ezilo, Obiajulu Sam Ikechukwu, Lindorn Nesley and above all by you for being a special part of this group therefore as Mobis Films and Studio Ventures´s annual workshop and as the director of the company and administrator of this group, i wish to share this article with you and hope that you will benefit from it.

Today, i wish to share something special with you because so many of us has what it takes to roll the ball but lack of support and encouragement keeps our zeal in the dark and at it´s lowest point but by reading this article today, i hope that your zeal if it is hidding, will find its way out. What i want to share with you today is based on personal experience and it is nothing rather than film making…

…Film making is nothing new to us, some of us has the desire to become film makers and this article will help you if you have such ambition. These days, film making dosen´t require thousands and millions of dollars any more although all depends on the kind of film you want to make, the kind of story you want to tell but as a new film maker, a beginner with less or no capital, you have to begin with a low budget film, a short film to suit your porket; always remember, ”Cut your suit according to your size”.

The first and most important part of film making is IDEA. An idea is the kind of story you wish to tell, romance, horror,scientific,documentary ect. Once you have an idea then you are good to go. Before i go on, I want to use this opportunity to give credit to a certain group of people whom i ran into, they thought me so much about film making and i personally classified them ELITES. This group is the profesional crew of 48HOURS FILMS. Bravo guys!

Folk, you have an idea and imagination boiling up in your head like a nutshell, don´t worry because you will bring it to life if you follow my guidelines. What you need at this point are two things your pen and paper, with them begin to write down your imagination that is if the story you want to tell is fiction, in some cases you will want to tell a true life event but whatever be the case, you will always need your pen and paper, therefore begin to write down your story. Now you have your story written, it is time to create dialogues ie SCREENPLAY otherwise known as SCREENWRITING. How do you this? Very simply if you truely believe that you have what it takes to be a film maker.

Film making is nothing but CRAFT. A craft greater than witchcraft, an art of it´s own which is simply based on a creative mind. Now imagine you and me sitting in a bar enjoying our glasses of beer or say ice on the rock as we talk about corrupt government officials, what will we be talking? What did you say and what did i say? Then as we are talking, a candidate for the post of Mayor walks into the bar, you sees him or her then draws my attention towards him or her, what did you say and how did i respond? These are typical examples of how you create dialogues and actions in a screeplay. Now you have written your screenplay and the next step is to bring your story to life therefore one basic equipment is required.

A camera and you do not own one and have no money to purchase one, don´t worry, although there are lots of cheap cameras out there. However you can still borrow one so talk to someone who has one, discuss your film with the person and make him or her your first parthner, by lending you his or her camera or even shotting the film for you, the person gets a share once your film is sold (If you have a camera of your own then you do not need a second party).Now you have a Camera and subsequently a camera handler, the next step is to assemble actors, talk to your friends and family members about your film, select people who will not weaste your time and as you did to the camera handler, you also do to them,(Make a deal) now you have the two most important things so the next step is to bring your screenplay(Script) to life, select locations that are freely and easily accesible.

Shoot minimal footages,angles and takes but good enough to compare which serves best. Now that you have finished shooting your screenplay, the next step is to edit your shots, if you do not know what it takes to edit a film, get someone to do that for you and as usual, propose a deal. Your shots are finally edited and you have your story in a DVD, it is your first film and the next step is to tell the world about it so you will need a distributor, believe me, there are so many distributors out there looking for a creative mind like you so your chances of getting your film into a good hand is high, also you can get your film into the hands of your frinds and their friends, family members and as usual,make a deal, set a selling prize for example, $3 per DVD, “Sell one, take a dollar and keep $2 for me”. With this you will not even know when thousands of copies are sold and you see yourself and your entire crew/cast lauging.

Important Tips.

Do not mind the make or size of the Camera but always go for digital Cameras

Do not mind the editing software, you will upgrade as time goes on

Always provide food and drinks for your cast and crew during filming.No Alcohol!

Be creative and direct your actors based on your idea

Do not ever backoff to critics

Whatever your story is, just tell it

Items you might also need:



Marker board

From my own experience which began with writing stories to the point of motion picture talking the whole of me, i wish you success in your film making carrer, believe me, you can be what you want to be, i began my carrer with the first camera below and vowed to be what i want to be thus the birth of Mobis Films and Studio Ventures... i own the second camera below therefore...

...dream big and just be what you want to be


I have so far produced two films in less than one year and working on three films which i intend to release this year 2012.
I have so far produced two films in less than one year and working on three films which i intend to release this year 2012.


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