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Updated on March 5, 2010

Introduction to Becoming a Musician! And what will you need to do it all.

Hi! My name is David William Reid and I have been playing guitar for about 26 almost 27 years now. Do you want to learn more about making music and direct recorded stereo music videos? Then you will want to follow this blog! Because there is allot more I will post them just this!

I have a few You Tube channels that I do covers, originals, and lesson videos. Right now at this very moment I have over 700 subscribers and growing daily. Many people ask me questions about everything! I am always happy to help people out to solve their problems or help them become better musicians. Playing guitar is not only one part of being a real musician. I find allot of people do not know where to start.

There are many questions you need to ask yourself when you want to be a musician. Here are a few to start with.

1. Is this for fun or would you like to take it further and become pro. Maybe someday even make it BIG and be signed with a contract.

2. What kind of a musician do you want to be. Well of course I am a guitarist and this it what this blog mostly contains. But I do know most of the entire ins and outs of all of it! Anyways do you want to be a Rock Star, Pop Star, or maybe even country?

3. What equipment will you need to reach that goal? Because if you only want to make videos at home then you do not need a full stage setup. You need a practice amp. As you should start with as a beginner anyways. Why would you want to spend thousands of dollars if you are not even sure you will continue to play the instrument. But if you are like me and you love music with you're every breathe that you take? Then you will want it all! But first you must know what you will need to do it.

I am going to post a few links and videos to my sites and music so you can see and hear what I do. Below are my two You Tube channels DreidMusicalX and DreidMusicalX2.

Please subscribe if you like my music. You never know? I do many styles of music from:
Rock, Pop, Neoclassical based, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Metal, Shred, Indies, and Experimental. I mix allot of these styles together.


DreidMusicalX - Cover of Metallica - Ronnie

DreidMusicalX2 - David William Reid - The New Beginning

Are you ready to get started?

This is not only about me but about what it takes and more so what you will need to start yourself to become a musician. And what you need to do it with. I am going to help you find he right amplifier you need and guitar to start playing. Also I will tell you along the way what brand I think are the best out there and will they suit you're purpose for what you are looking for? I will even teach you how to make videos in time. So stay with me if you are willing to learn what I know from experience over the years.

So lets start with the guitar you want to play.

What guitar should YOU buy?

There are so many guitars out there to choose from. I am starting with the guitar first because maybe you do not even need a amplifier right now. If you want to become a acoustic player then you only need a acoustic guitar. Unless you want to record it and make videos like I do. Then you will need to know about how to record the acoustic guitar. That I will get into later in the recording details. Lets take things one step at a time because nothing can be done over night or in a single day. haha!

Alrighty then! What acoustic guitar do you want? There are many types of acoustic guitars with many styles to choose from. Most people play the regular style acoustic with steel gauge strings. Others play acoustics with plastic strings. What is the difference?


Steel strings - You can play various styles of music.

Plastic Strings - Are mostly for classical music.

I say mostly because I feel there are no rules in music and the ones people say there are, are really meant to be broken. If you can that is! We break them everyday but that is another story down the road. Now most people play 6 string guitars no matter what type guitar you buy but there are many others out there now that I have seen in 7 or even 8 strings. On occasion even more I have seen being made custom. Then you have 12 string guitars that are pretty expensive in comparison to the basic acoustic guitars. No matter what though you do NOT want to buy a piece of junk to play on or learn on!

So here a a few brands of guitars to look for: Now these brands also go for electric guitars as well in a few. But these are the best ones I recommend. There are many more decent guitars and they rest? I probably wouldn't touch unless I really liked it and new it was a good one in many ways. We will get into what to look for in the guitar you think you found also? One step at a time people.

Ibanez , Gibson, Taylor, Ovation, ESP, Fender, Jackson

Now each brand name has other versions or models of guitars they build which some are really great guitars also! Fender make other guitars like the Fender Squire. ESP makes LTD and Gibson make others like Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I own the Epiphone Les Paul Custom and you see and hear me playing it in the cover video of Metallica - Ronnie. There are many other brands of guitars out there and way t many to list. But these I recommend to get first if you can. If you are looking at another guitar and you are not sure if its good? Ask me! This is what I am here for. To help you get what you want.

Later I will put up a blog post of the top 20 guitars I like best that I would buy. I am one picky person when it comes to buyng a new guitar! My Ibanez I had made custom and by the time I was done it cost me almost $2,000.00 for it. But its plays so well most people I have let even touch it wants it!

Until my next post

See ya!


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