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What Dress Code Is Approved?

Updated on March 24, 2016

Dress Code Is Fascinating!

War is raging in my country Kenya on whether women should dress in miniskirts and tops which show some flesh and legs or not. A group of hooligans who claim to be dissatisfied by the way women dress are striping naked unfortunate women. The unlucky ladies are crying foul. Recently they went to the streets protesting molestation by men who cannot appreciate them and what they wear. There were also men who sympathized with them and participated in the protests. Their slogan was 'My Dress My Choice'.

Church leaders and some people in the community claim that the women should wear decently. The mode of decency is not defined as there is no proper dress code regulations in the country. The women might be right when they claim that their dressing is their choice and right. However, it goes without say that we dress for others to see and appreciate us rather than for us to appreciate ourselves. We always expect comments like ,'You look great', 'You are smart' and many such comments. Some people genuinely appreciate what you are putting on whether it is decent or not. There are people who would like to appreciate your legs, waistline, boobs, hinds and many other lady flesh. They will appreciate it if you show them much more of yourself.

There is another group which will loathe your dress code yet they will either never tell you so or they may flatter you. You may think they are genuine admirers when in the real sense they are mocking you. Ladies like being appreciated. they will go to any extend to look admirable and outdo other ladies that they come across. Many that do not have a proper figure or natural beauty might end up showing slightly more flesh to prove that they are beautiful. Somebody once said that the one who has nothing to show shows their nakedness.

There is another group of people who like ladies who have covered themselves thoroughly. You might label them analogue and do not know what goes on in the digital world but they know and understand what they mean. Of late we have had many rape cases all over the world. Vulnerable ladies and children are taken advantage of by men of various calibers. Priests, relatives, drunkards and drug addicts are some of the people who are involved I n the rape saga. You might blame drunkards and drug addicts of having been under the influence of alcohol and drugs; what can you blame on priests and sober relatives?

Every country must have a proper dress code to be worn by its citizens. The Indian sari and Japanese kimono should be an example to other people. It goes without say that unless the dress code is defined then there will be no time all people will agree on the same way that people should dress.

In my country debates are going on in the senate and parliament on how well they should deal with those stripping the women but they hit a dead end when the debate roll back to the way the women should dress. The president came out strong to condemn the act of stripping women and announced that strict measures should be taken on such men. He however, blamed the public for not preventing the heinous acts against innocent women.

The debate is long but we should know that each and everyone must know how to dress and in which location. You cannot put on scantly in Greenland, can you?

Dressing code in most women has been influenced by peer pressure among the youth. Other ladies have always influenced to dress like others. There is also raging competition among the women who fight for recognition. There are times when ladies appear to be overwhelmingly outnumbering the men. When this happens then the many women may be scrambling for the few men who are available. Such dress code has adversely affected the the heterosexual marriages which were in existence since the creation of Adam and Eve. Many ladies have started burning passion on other ladies creating lesbianism. Men not to be left behind have opted for other men leading to gay marriages. Maybe there are genes that create gay marriage; if they are then I tend to be corrected. Dress code has influenced many other vices in the society.

The dress code of ladies in most countries has led to very many rape cases. It happens that most men are often attracted to the physical appearance of women a fact that many women put to practice. They do it in such away that they do modify more their most attractive anatomy. If a lady has what she tends to believe is an attractive bum, then she goes on to dress in clothes that reveal more of this anatomy. They will strive to expose their middle including their navel to the public eye. This is in fact a way of seducing any eye that will dare to look. They will also leave most of their legs and most of their thighs bare. It happens when such is done it wakes up passions of some men who will go to the extent of raping such women or looking for more vulnerable ones. Children are never spared the rape ordeal. In most cases relatives fall into this rape trap. It may be true that some of these rapists may be drug addicts or are perverse in nature but it goes without any reasonable doubt that these ladies who dress scantly influence rape in many societies.

There are some precautionary measures that ladies should take in the way they do dress.

They must know what to dress and at what places. It is very unfortunate for any lady to wear revealing clothes in places of worship. You can imagine the embarrassment the dressing will cause. if she has to bent down in all those poses of Islamic prayer? It will look awkward, shameless and embarrassing. That is why Muslim ladies have to cover themselves decently in buibuis and have their own private chamber to conduct their prayers. It will also not be fair for a lady who is scantly dressed to go into a Christian worship. She may distract the worshipers to worship her dressing instead of God. On the other hand when a lady goes for an evening out should also dress to befit the occasion. That is most probably the more reason a lady should have to carry with her clothes to change to fit the occasion.

They must also know who they are dressing for. If you are dressing for your husband then dress in the clothes that he likes you in. Other people's husbands should not see you in such. So you must know the exact place you have to dress the way you dress.

Ladies must understand that beauty is not in the dressing and the body only. Beauty can be seen on how intelligent you are. Some people are very intelligent that you just admire them. Others do speak nicely and you are impressed with them. Beauty is not in the body and dressing only.

Be decent in everything you do. You can be beautiful even if you are in rags. It is therefore right to dress decently.

Do You Approve?

I Do Not Approve

I do not approve of ladies dressing indecently.

Yet one must approve if it is in a certain place.

So I approve.

I do not approve when people rape others.

But when I do not report the acts and dress scantly.

I do approve.

I do not approve when people strip others for indecency dressing.

Yet when my mind is cracked enough to reveal parts of my body.

I do approve.

What I tend to show is not what I do.

What I do is in the mind.

And so I approve. by keya



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