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Drive Angry

Updated on April 11, 2013

He Returns From The Underworld

The chase from Hell to Earth

This movie is just great.

Milton (Nicholas Cage) escapes from Hell to save his only baby granddaughter who is to be sacrificed to Satan by Jonah King, on a full moon in two days.

As he walks the Earth, he meets Piper (Amber Heard), an ex-waitress who finds her fiancee having sex with another woman in their home on the day she quit her job. Girl power, Piper, lashed out her anger, making her now ex-fiancee a punching bag but he retaliated and knocked her down. Milton came to the rescue, gave the guy a blow to the face and took Piper and her Charger off to Lousiana.

While Milton is in search for his granddaughter, The Accountant (William Fitchner) makes his appearance on Earth to hunt Milton down, dragging him back to Hell. Apparently, The Accountant is the best thing in the movie. Like, seriously.

Ok, so The Accountant > Milton > Jonah King and baby.

Unfortunately, The Accountant knew nothing of Milton's appearance on Earth until one of Jonah's follower told The Accountant the reason why Milton has been hunting them down.

As the story goes, Milton's secrets were revealed slowly - That he's really dead and the past tragic that has happened to his daughter. Oh and not forgetting that his left eye grew back after it was blown off by the shot of Jonah's gun.

Towards the end of the movie, The Accountant helps Milton without much interference. After saving the little baby, Milton gave his trust to Piper, hoping that she would look after her well. He died (again) soon after.

The movie ended with Milton drinking his beer from the skull of Jonah, that he blew off with The Godslayer (Satan's Gun. Lol?) and they both drove away into the gates of Hell.



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    • Ragnelle profile image

      Ragnelle 6 years ago

      Oh. I am not that sure of Ghost Rider but it's sure worth the watch. Thanks for the recommendation. ;)

      William Fitchner is just awesome. So awesome! I really want to watch the movie again.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      William Fitchner is one of my favorite character I am glad to read that his part is the best part of the movie.

    • profile image

      DaircYong 6 years ago

      this movie reminds of and other movie that Nicholas Cage made 2 year ago, call ghost ride. In this case he has a granddaughter that make him break out of hell instead of working for devil. he traded in his flaming motor cycle for a black dodge charger. then ending of this movie I think was trying to hard to just end it