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Driven To Dance Movie Review

Updated on January 22, 2019
Lynne-Modranski profile image

Lynne Modranski is a wife and mother who enjoys a variety of film genres, but always prefers movies with less than an R rating!

Nothing Good to Say about This Movie

Generally when a movie is this bad I stop it right away, but I was busy while it played, so I didn't take the time to hit the button. For the first twenty minutes or so I thought perhaps at least the script writers deserved some kudos, but by the time a half hour had passed, I couldn't even give them a decent rating.

I checked the movie out on IMDB after I watched, and I truly think the 5.5 star rating I found there was a bit generous. So, let me go into a bit more detail as to the problems I found in "Driven to Dance."

The Script

Tagi Vogt wrote and directed this movie. According to information on IMDB, he seems to be pretty new to the business. If this movie is any indication, I'm not sure he'll last long.

At first I thought it was just the bad acting that was the problem, but the longer the movie was on, the more I found myself creating dialogue and scripting for Mr. Vogt (and I am no script writer). He missed so many opportunities for great dialogue and left a lot of empty space without purpose.

The script also included music overlays and background songs that just didn't fit the movie. I'm a music person, I've written and recorded. I play several instruments. I'm not a professional, but I enjoy using music to pull things together and create moods. I've seen amateur YouTubers do a better job of scripting music.

The Cast

Juliet Doherty - I'm assuming Miss Doherty was given this role because she can dance. This she does very well! However, her acting was stiff and for the most part wasn't believable. She did have a few scenes where she redeemed herself, but for the most part, I was left unimpressed.

Kaitlyn Black - I've seen Kaitlyn Black in other productions, including "Hart of Dixie." I've never had a problem with her acting in the past, so perhaps even the poor acting was due to the bad script and lack of direction. At any rate, as much as I was disappointed with Miss Doherty, Kaitlyn left me even more amazed that she was getting paid to create this movie.

Teen Girls - There were two teen girls who had a bit more prominence than the rest. Perhaps they, too, were chosen because they could dance because they were very stiff. I felt as if they were reading the lines.

There were several others with prominent roles, the father, brother, dance instructor and co-worker were most central. Each of these impressed me a bit more than the teen girls and even less than Kaitlyn Black. I truly expected more of a Marvista production.

The Plot

The underlying plot of the movie may have been its only redeeming quality. It might be the only thing that gave it even one star at IMDB. However, there were many flaws due to the lack of great dialogue.

The mother seemed horrid, yet I'd like to believe there was something motivating her. I kept waiting for her to share her secret with her daughter to bring the plot together a bit, but (spoiler alert), she never did.

Little brother was also not very nice through most of the film, but due to the lack of plot development, we never really understand why, and we aren't made to understand why he gets away with it. Why is this mother so terrible to her daughter, yet lets the son get away with awful things? There is no explanation.

The dance instructor could have played a huge part in building the plot, creating discussion with the mother and Paige so the audience could understand a bit about what was going on in their heads, but as I've said repeatedly, the dialogue was sparse.

Juliet Doherty as Paige
Juliet Doherty as Paige | Source

The Audio

This movie included some of the poorest audio production I have ever experienced. As I mentioned above, the songs were completely irrelevant and often irritating. Plus, too often music was substituted for dialogue. This director missed a lot of opportunities to bring the audience in with better interaction between the actors.

Additionally, the audio levels were horrible. Twice shoes walking across pavement sounded like someone was pounding on a board. At one point the crickets were so loud and shrill my ears hurt.

Yet, there were just as many times the dialogue was buried beneath the irrelevant music, I had to strain to hear anything. The audio levels were not consistent nor pleasant.

With Only Five Stars Available, I Have Only One to Give

1 star for Driven to Dance


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