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Dubstep Music Genre

Updated on August 15, 2011


In this article I wanted to return to some writing which expresses my interests because lately I have wandered off exploring other topics such as products and explaining how I have extended my personal website with Google Affiliates network. I know this may not have appealed to some of my long term fans and especially some of my fans who are interested in my music hubs, this article may be enlightening to the American reader since I don't think you have this music much outside of the United Kingdom.

Without further a do I am going to introduce you to the latest music to make an impact throughout Nightclub subculture in the United Kingdom, which is categorised as the 'Dubstep' genre. Now as a rule I was never really into 'Electronic' music, I found it 'manufactured', and thought a lot of it lacked creativity, although I did like hip-hop with scratch DJs and Reggae dub because of the echo-ish background noises. One electronic music I did like because it's always had a underground following was Drum n Bass, mainly because it has a raw energy with the drum beats, which inspires you to move and be active, unlike other dance type music with arbitrary sounds.

Dubstep has a 2 step rhythm with emphasis on dark bassy sounds and digital effects are used to manipulate this with harmonies which can be overlayed depending on how many different tracks are used. Singing can also layered over this and other samples are used with a synthensizer, keyboard or personal computer.

Image courtesy of:

Dub Club

Above is a photograph I though encapsulated the Dubstep 'Club' atmosphere, it resembles the clubs in my city perfectly, the colours and the variety of different characters that can be found within this particular scene. It is not the type of music that is confined to a specific style of dress and idealistic appearance, anybody can attend and this is what i like about it, if you want to know more about the club culture in my particular city visit this my website. As I said earlier, I have never really been a massive fan of electronic music until now, a lot of my friends were turning into Techno DJs, and this wasn't for me, I am largely a Rock/Metal fan, but I wanted to move with the technology a bit and I now have a partial interest within the Dubstep/Drum n Bass genre.

Photo courtesy of:

Dub City Life

I thought the above image represented Dubstep City life quite well, the way we are all absorbed within technology and the wiring symbolizes the twisted ways in which we all conform in some extent to the different images beamed at us everyday, whereas the tag-line written within the distortion of the TV indicates that Dubstep is that 'Broken note' which offers a alternative to technology's control over our perceptions.

Sorry for that philosophical riddle, but I was trying to describe my emotions when I listen to this particular music, I have included quite a lot of video capsules, however this is because I wanted to show examples from particular artists and you can't just include one video by them because isn't that like asking someone 'whats your favourite song by your favorite artist? I can't narrow it down to one, so I have included a couple by two particular artists I like. One artist who is big if you go to YouTube is Mt Eden, he does Dubstep but also does Drum n Bass which I have included further down in the article. The most famous name in Dubstep would be 'Skream' and I included one of his big hits 'Stagger', mainly because it has a Reggae influence and he has used a famous sample, probably out of respect for the old Reggae Dub Remix of the past.

Image courtesy of:

Skream - Stagger - Dubstep

Innovative - Dub Fx Duo

One artist I had to give special respect to in this article because of his immense talent at street performing and studio recordings is Benjamin Stanford, better known as Dub FX. Pictured below we can see him alongside 'Flower Fairy', who began selling CDs for him whilst he performed, but later began to rhyme herself in a few songs when Ben needed to rest and the microphone was passed to her.

Dub FX creates music by Beatboxing, Harmonizing and manipulating these two talents with a portable Loop station and Effects pedal. Ben is then able to Sing and Rap over the top because he has already created the Bassline and Backing Track. For a clearer definition of how professional his music sounds listen to the videos below, you will notice his voice is similar to many Reggae/Ska performers.

Benjamin and 'Flower Fairy' are not only performers together but are also planning to tie the knot, having originally met around 4 years ago in Manchester after Ben stayed at her sister's house after a performance. They immediately hit it off and they would be seen together whilst Dub Fx was entertaining and they liked sharing headphones whilst travelling around the streets.

Image courtesy of:

'Flower Fairy' who is relatively new to emceeing, was unsure when passed the microphone so came with her unique 'recipe verses' or 'nursery rhymes' and has been working on an album with Dub FX especially aimed at children with nursery rhymes but adult music genres.

Image courtesy of:

I had to include this flyer because I'm sure you will agree that not only is Dub FX's music created with precise quality but also they concentrate hard on producing a individual urban identity, using powerful block lettering and strong neon colours representing the energy flowing through the sound system.

Image courtesy of:

Another Dub FX video

Drum n Bass Influences

As I explained earlier, I also have an interest in Drum n Bass music because of that raw 'Get up and go' energy, I have included one song I like below because I also like the words in it, it combines how I feel and the energy is the action needed to resolve my personal frustrations and ambitions. For another big name and pioneer in the Drum n Bass history, read my other hub here about a overall talented man who goes by the name of Clifford Joseph Price.

I would like to conclude this article with the picture below because it advertises an event combining the 2 forms of music and I also appreciate the quality Graphic Design compared to those crude neon posters you sometimes see plaster around which only contain text and no post-modernist design.


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