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Duck Dynasty Quotes - Cute & Funny

Updated on August 26, 2015

Duck Dynasty Image Quotes

Si Quotes
Si Quotes

Duck Dynasty Quotes

It cracks me up to see all this duck dynasty funny quotes all over the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It's the hot new thing! Now these guys are not the duck dynasty guys, they are the duck-men my uncle introduced me to the duck men videos years ago I'm pretty sure almost 5. They have been doing this duck hunting thing quite some time and nobody was on board. Si Robertson has been one of my favorite characters for years. I was saying cut them all jack ways before it was on shirts and hats. Of course like most subsistence reality seasons it has gotten scripted. However Jase Phil and Si y'all dialogues and funny quotes are far better than any script.

Funny Quotes about Duck Dynasty:

  1. If I ever hear hold music again for the rest of my life, I'll be a duck dynasty.
  2. I have made it 30 days without shaving. I will continue to press on until the Duck Dynasty beard will happen.
  3. I will be participating in "no shave December" and hoping for a duck dynasty beard.
  4. I have been watching Duck Dynasty until Walking Dead.
  5. My son is obsessed with duck dynasty! I believe we have a redneck at our house.
  6. Should I do my persuasive speech on Duck Dynasty or the Atlanta Braves?
  7. Favorite episode of Duck Dynasty so far is the episode when they try to get the honey from the beehive. I also love the redneck water park episode.
  8. After 30 years of marriage, Michael and I agree that we have only 3 things in common: we got married the same day, we have the same children, and we both like Duck Dynasty.
  9. It'd be nice to find a real beautiful country girl with the personality of Miss Kay of duck dynasty and who loves music just as I do.
  10. Nothing is like lying in bed and watching Duck Dynasty.
  11. Duck Dynasty always makes me so hungry.
  12. If Duck Dynasty is on, how could you possibly be watching anything else?
  13. I don't want none of that business with them brain sneezes.
  14. I don't like meat from the grocery store... It makes me nervous! –Jase
  15. Maybe I've been watching too much duck dynasty but.... I'm happy happy happy :)
  16. Every time I think of shaving my beard off, duck dynasty gives me that inspiration not to, I thank that show.
  17. I was wondering why everyone thought it was cool to be a redneck all of a sudden.
  18. Jase: Si we need a distraction... Si: No way, I was never good at math.
  19. I hope everyone realizes that the entire Duck Dynasty family, the entire clan of Kardashian's as well as the JerseyShore gang will be voting as well. It's a scary consideration regardless of which party or individual you are voting for.
  20. I want to watch Duck Dynasty so bad. I think this is turning into an obsession.
  21. There are 3 things that make relationships hard, Facebook, cell phone and Taylor Swift. Wish I had a relationship like Duck Dynasty's Phil and Kay!
  22. If I had three wishes I would wish to live like duck dynasty three times.
  23. Duck Dynasty makes me almost pee in my pants.
  24. I must say SI Robertson of duck dynasty has to be the funniest man alive.
  25. After watching ten episodes of Duck Dynasty, I realize that it isn't a reality show. It’s all staged, all fake and I love every minute of it.
  26. Science and statistics reveal that intelligent people are less likely to cheat on a marriage than others.

  27. Everyone should have a little more Duck Dynasty in their lives.
  28. I don't believe that the Duck Dynasty dudes are rednecks because they all have their teeth.
  29. All I want for my birthday gift is some Duck Dynasty, some Duck Dynasty and Some Duck Dynasty!
  30. I've been married long enough to know when not to comment on anything.
  31. These guys are looking for some wind chimes does anyone want to volunteer Obama?
  32. I have not been to the eye doctor in ten years. Nothing's changed since the 90's. Turn on the radio, there's the Flu Fighters.
  33. If more reality shows was like duck dynasty and less like keeping up with the Kardashian’s, our America would be an alright place.
  34. That’s awkward moment when people say nice duck dynasty costume and you are just wearing a normal street clothes.
  35. If your wife says that she will kill you if you cheat on her. Don't think that it's a metaphor.

  36. I believe Si Robertson is a modern day Einstein.
  37. Between Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty, I need to move to Siberia.
  38. I grew my beard out and it looks like a cross between Santa Claus and the Duck Dynasty.
  39. Hey Jack, if there was an award for most boring redneck, you'd totally won.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love Si he is so funny

    • profile image

      Katie Mullins 

      5 years ago

      It's so funny to me how the Duck Dynasty cast have become role models to so many men and grandkids.

    • profile image

      Dolly Parton 

      5 years ago

      "These boys don't know nothing, And Hey I don't know nothing and I'm the best one around this place". Si Robertson

    • profile image

      April Talley 

      5 years ago

      That thing right there will take the hair off a dolphins chest. Have you ever seen a dolphins chest. They got some fine hair jack!.

      If I pop you with this baby, you fixin' to be numb... that's why they're called numb chucks!

      I love uncle SI

    • profile image

      Matt Chapman 

      5 years ago

      Will he know the difference between berries and poop? Yes. We'll Take EM' Good of uncle SI gotta love it!


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