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Dude I Called Shotgun

Updated on May 4, 2010

I have become a creature of habit. My whole live seems to be on a schedule. Just the other day when I was taking the wife to her weekly hair appointment, I looked around at the wonderful Spring weather and thought I would take a ride. I had to go back to the house and pick up my best friend Wacker my basset hound. Now he usually sits in the back seat. He looked up at me and claimed shotgun. I had to relent. For the first time he seemed to be paying attention to the radio.He didn't even bark at the car next to me or people on the sidewalk. He would only look over at them and nod. When Eddie Money began singing Shaking and he started to nod his head in time with the music I knew for sure. Next was Bob Seger with Night Moves and I swear he sang along. For an experiment I changed the station before the next song. I like Toby Kieth and I Should Have Been a Cowboy is my favorite. Wacker just stared at me. In between I came across a Christian station and I thought he was going to bite me for the first time. He growled and snarled at me with rap and I had to agree. Back to the oldies and he settled down. We drove around for another hour before the wife called my cell. Just as the phone rang Aretha was belting out Until You Come Back to Me and we were both into it. I reached over to turn down the radio and that was when he gently but firmly clamped down on my right hand. I called my wife back after the song was through. Arriving at the salon Elton John was in the middle of Crocodile Rock and he was doing some foot moves I had never seen before. My wife opened the door and he looked up at him and she at me. I swear he turned to me and said “ Dude you know I called shotgun.” “Sorry bud” I said. “The Wife trumps all calls.” Much to his chagrin, he moved to the back seat. My wife looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Wacker just laid in the back seat and pouted never moving an inch till we arrived back home. It is nice to have a young friend like him with an old soul. I slipped in a Van Morrison CD in the stereo and we sat on the porch and chilled.


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