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Apogee Duet - The Perfect Interface For Mac Users

Updated on February 1, 2011

Apogee Duet Firewire Interface

Based in California, Apogee is a leading company in the field of high end digital audio products as in digital to analogue and analogue to digital converters, 2 way converters, firewire interface cards, and digital clocks. Products which are mainly for home studio musicians as well as professional recording engineers.

I bought the Apogee Interface right after I got Apple Logic 9 because the other interface I had was the MBox which I was using with my Pro Tools. Of course I could have also use the MBox with Logic but I heard so many good things about the Apogee Duet that I went ahead and got one anyway.

As soon as I plugged it in it worked on my iMac. Really quite that simple. Audio was crystal clear even when turned way up.

You won't mistake the Duet Apogee from any of the other audio interfaces you've seen before either. Just one big control knob which is a multi-functional controller.

It also bypasses all the typical 1/4 inch and mic input slots. All your mics and instruments plug into it's break out cable which consists of 4 cables, 2 instruments and 2 mic cables. The breakout cable is a good idea making accessibility a little easier.

Firewire and headphones are the other only 2 connectors on the Duet. It's software is called Maestro and you can control all other functions here.

Apogee Duet's audio channels are true pro quality 24-bit/96kHz and there's no need top buy a mic pre thanks to Apogee's industry-leading quality A/D and D/A conversion technology making the Duets built-in mic preamp all you'll need to get a nice microphone sound.

Apogee Duet is a great idea for:

Musicians on a Mac running at least 10.4.10. Garageband and Logic users. Your home studio will receive an instant audio upgrade.

My final thought - seems all the other similar priced interfaces may have more add-ons and channels but all at the expense of higher quality audio results... and that's where it really counts. This stripped down 2 channel model allows for high quality A/D/A converters so the result is 2 channels that blow away the the competition.

More Information Available!

Click link below for full review:

Apogee Duet Review


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for this info on the Apogee Duet!

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