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Dulquer Salmaan - Is he the new face of Malayalam cinema?

Updated on April 28, 2014
The handsome Dulquer Salman
The handsome Dulquer Salman

Who is Dulquer Salmaan?

Dulquer Salmaan is the latest entry into the Malayalam film fraternity. Malayalam cinema till then boasted of average looking actors who the common man would identify with. The new gen however wanted to see a new face. Someone they could relate to. Someone who lives the modern day life, speaks the modern language, goes off partying and enjoying life to the hilt like they do. Dulquer Salmaan's entry into the Malayalam film industry is a relief to those who have had enough of aging stars. He is no newbie to tinsel town. Dulquer's father is a superstar himself - Mammootty. Living up to his own father's achievements is no mean feat but Dulquer till now seems to have passed with flying colors. His first film 'Second Show' was of a different genre where his acting skills were noticed but it was Usthad Hotel (his second film) that catapulted him to the top. Here's hoping that the newcomer stars in many more contemporary movies that reflect today's times and mindset of a Malayalee youth.

Did you know?

  • Dulquer Salmaan got his BBA degree from Purdue university. A smart actor this one!
  • Dulquer Salmaan is an established businessman. Initially he used to run a website that specialized in car trading but then made way into successful business management with a dental chain in Chennai and Motherhood Hospital in Bangalore. A multi-tasker who seems to ace in everything he does!

What do you think of Dulquer Salmaan?

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Usthad Hotel

His role in Ustad Hotel reflected the modern Malayalee youngster who is often restricted to follow his dreams if it sways away from the 'approved' list of professional careers (i.e, being an engineer or a doctor). The protagonist in the film wants to be a chef but is discouraged by his unenthusiastic family members who think being a businessman is a more esteemed profession for the confused chap. If you are a South Indian who faced a similar situation you would definitely identify with Ustad Hotel. Also, the scenes where they show his foreigner girlfriend and how it evokes the reaction it does from his family members are true to life. The superstar of the film however is not Dulquer but Thilakan. His acting is outstanding and he deserves a national award (no less) for his memorable performance. Kareemka is someone you would meet in your everyday life. He is real, his feelings are real. There is nothing over the top in his performance or role. So kudos to the writer for bringing such real life characters to the film!

The ending of the film left a number of people confused. But this is a film with a message. For me, it also talks about brain drain. Why leave your country when you can help in its development?

Best Dulquer Salmaan Songs

If you are a Keralitie then no doubt you must have heard Appangal Embadum from Ustad Hotel. This song is a rage with Malayalees all over the world. The lyrics are crazy but the song is fun-filled.

Another song from Usthad Hotel which I particularly like is "Vaathilil aa Vaathilil". This is specially Thilakan's song -- the song where he reminisces of his lady love. It is one of the most memorable scenes in the movie which resulted in a thunderous applause, hoots and whistles from the audience. The song itself is very melodious and has a very romantic sufi feel to it.

A song from Second Show is also worth noting. Sung by the popular band Avial -- "Ayyo" is a foot tapping number that has an energetic feel to it. Don't miss this one!

Appangal Embadum Song - Usthad Hotel

Vaathilil Aa Vaathilil

Ayyo - Avial

Johnny Mone Johnny

Dulquar with his gorgeous wife Amal

Dulquer Salmaan with wife Amal Sufi
Dulquer Salmaan with wife Amal Sufi

What are your thoughts on Dulquer Salmaan? Did you like Ustad Hotel?

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