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Dunkirk Film (2017) Review

Updated on December 9, 2017

Dunkirk is an amazing war thriller about the miracle of the evacuation of Dunkirk on the beach of the French coast, in May 1940. This is a great film for anyone who loves history, thriller genres or who wants to watch something with a great casting. With an ensemble cast including Sir Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, James D'Arcy and newcomer Harry Styles, among new younger actors like Tom Glynn Carney (first film), Fionn Whitehead (first film), Jack Lowden, Barry Keoghan and Aneurin Barnard, all now uprising actors who have gone on to do other films.

Overall this film was a massive success and is definitely one of my favourites. In my opinion it was very suspense filled, full of emotion and incredible performances by the actors. Brought to us by Christopher Nolan, (The Dark Knight; Inception; Interstellar) unlike other Hollywood war films, he casted new, young actors that would fit the age range actual war soldiers would've been. Everybody's acting was incredible and very believable. With a behind the scenes look on the filming of Dunkirk, Nolan brought in real spitfires and filmed the actors in the planes with pilots in the air, as well as filming actors on the ground with spitfires and plane replicas over their heads. This gives the actors real reactions and as close of an understanding as possible of what it would've been like for the soldiers to hear the planes for real. This gives a flawless performance and makes the film 100% better. There was hardly any CGI used in this film. All the fires, boats, planes, explosions and sea was close to 100% real.

Dunkirk was filmed mostly in IMAX, this real life view on the scenery of the beaches, air and sea enhanced the movie's cinematography and filmography for the viewers.

The movie's characters didn't have any backstory, there was no real story line of any characters, the audience is thrown into the film in the perspective of the characters as if we are experiencing it as they are experiencing it. In my opinion, this gives the movie a whole new real life aspect and a different view of the events. It is a very factual film, and is shown not as a victory, more of a miracle. Throughout school we as Brits learn that is was a big victory for Britain and a miracle which yes it was a miracle but it led to the Battle of Britain and further consequences. This film gives a very accurate detailed representation of the events that took place in May 1940.

Jack Lowden as 'Collins', an RAF pilot
Jack Lowden as 'Collins', an RAF pilot

Dunkirk Trailer

We shall fight on the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields and in the streets. We shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

— Winston Churchill

Overall, this film is great for any movie lover, the great ensemble cast with Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer doing the music for the film, all together they have made the film a very suspense, tension filled movie. I agree with the rating given as 12A, it is quite emotional film throughout with scenes some viewers may find upsetting. One of my favourite films of the year and would recommend it 100% to anyone.


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