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The Dunlop Ergo Guitar Pickholder

Updated on March 12, 2011

Most guitarists know how frustrating it is to lose guitar picks, especially in performance or recording situations – and being so small, they’re easy to lose too. The solution to this problem is to use a guitar pick holder. These simple guitar accessories cost extremely little, but can save you a lot of aggravation.

While you can get pick holders in different styles, the most common are simply small guitar pick-shaped cases that usually hold a number of picks (with the exact number depending on the thickness of the picks). These will often have an adhesive backing, so can be attached directly to your guitar. Some may also be attached to keychains, necklaces and the like, for easy access.


One particularly popular choice is the Dunlop Ergo Pickholder. Dunlop have a great reputation for producing high quality guitar accessories of various types, including a range of pick holder. As the name suggests, the ‘Ergo’ has an ergonomic design, with nice smooth rounded edges, and it’s visually appealing too, as its made from glossy black plastic that will look good on any guitar (or amp, or wherever you prefer to put it). This plastic is hard-wearing and impact-resistant, so your pick holder should have a long lifespan, even if it gets bashed about a bit.

The holder has an adhesive backing (just peel off the backing paper and it’s ready to use), so it can be stuck to the guitar in a convenient, yet unobtrusive location. Some people are hesitant to stick holders to their guitars, for fear of damaging the finish, but the Ergo uses a glue that they claim doesn’t cause any damage. By all accounts it doesn’t leave damage or a big sticky mess behind when removed, although anyone with a super-expensive guitar might still be a little wary of sticking anything to it. But this holder does seem to have a good reputation among those who have used it. In any case, it can easily be kept in a pocket, or stuck to your amp or any other handy spot if you’re reluctant to stick it onto your guitar.

The Ergo makes it easy to access your plectrums too, as it has a spring loaded mechanism that pushes them forward, so you can get them out of the holder easily, regardless of how many picks are actually in there (this is a bit easier if your picks have a grip or rough surface, as opposed to the completely smooth type). As to size, it holds about five to eight picks, depending on the sizes. Some people have been able to squeeze more in, but it’s probably not a good idea to try to force things, or you risk breaking the holder. The holder is designed to be used with Dunlop’s own Tortex picks, but other standard sized and shaped picks will fit in it too.

So if you’re tired of losing picks, or trying to store them in awkward places like between the strings or between the pickguard and the body, it’s well worth shelling out the few dollars it costs for the Ergo pick holder. At the cheap price, it could be worth buying one for each of your guitars, or to stick in different places so you always have picks handy.


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