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Dylan O'Brien

Updated on June 26, 2015
Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien

Quick Facts on Dylan

- Dylan is 5'10

-He was a You Tube star before becoming a young Hollywood star

-He has an older sister named Julia

-He is in a relationship with Brit Robertson, his co-star in the movie "The First Time"

-His current net worth is $3 million dollars

Early Years

Dylan O' Brien was born on August 26, 1991 in New York City. He is the son of Lisa Nee Rhodes, a former actress and owner of an acting school in New York City. O'Brien's father, Patrick, is a camera operator.

O'Brien was a Jersey boy until the age of 12 when his parents and he moved to Hermosa, California. O'Brien graduated from high school in 2009 and planned to attend the college of Syracuse for Sports Broadcasting, but instead decided to move to LA to pursue and acting career.

However, long before O'Brien moved to LA he was already dabbling in acting. When Dylan was just 14 years old he had his own You Tube channel which aired his own personal videos. A producer/director saw Dylan's You Tube videos and approached him with an opportunity to work on her web series. During Dylan's time working on the web series he made connections with a Hollywood manager and went through multiple auditions before landing the role of a lifetime that would catapult him into teen stardom, even though he wasn't actually a teen at the time.

Dylan O'Brien and Brit Robertson
Dylan O'Brien and Brit Robertson

O'Brien Arrives

In 2011, O'Brien landed one of the starring roles in the MTV teen series "Teen Wolf" which would become a phenomenon on the MTV cable station. Dylan would play the part of "Stiles", the lead character's best friend and within the years the cable television show ran on MTV he became a leading man of his own.

In 2013, O'Brien began expanding his resume by appearing in movies such as "The Internship" with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and he was cast as the lead character in the film adaptation of the book The Maze Runner.

Dylan is not merely an actor, but also a director and producer. Dylan has starred in many short films, many of them being on his You Tube channel. He is also a drummer for the band "Slow Kids at Play."

Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien

Clips with Dylan O'Brien

Movies and Clips of O'Brien

Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien
Dylan O'Brien


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