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E.E.Hibbard, animal artist

Updated on June 6, 2016
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If you have more things than you need...spend too much time with them...still want more of them... you are probably a collector.

Gorilla, found inside a rock!

Gorilla, small enough to sit in the palm of your hand.
Gorilla, small enough to sit in the palm of your hand. | Source

Stone sculptures by Everett Hibbard

As most hikers do, Everett Hibbard would pick up the odd rock, look at it from a couple of angles and then usually put it back on the ground.

Unlike most of us, he was looking for animals and other images in the rock.

When he spotted something promising, the rock came home with him. In his basement studio, he cut and ground away the part that wasn't animal and the result was an engaging stone sculpture.

Everett Edward Hibbard (1909 - 1998), artist

E. E. Hibbard, while in his 30's, joined National Allied Publications, DC Comics. He is chiefly identified as one of the Golden Age 'Flash' artists. He also worked with the 'Green Lantern'. He was one of the principal artists for the All Star Comics and All-Flash Comics. In 1947 he became a sketch man and studio artist at J. Walter Thompson.

In his later years he devoted his talents to animal art. As a member of the Society of Animal Artists, he proudly signed his work with E.E.Hibbard, SAA.

More animals found by E.E. Hibbard inside small rocks.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Climbing BearStanding bearCondorElephant SalaamGorillaLeopardMelanistic JaguarSalukiSpider Monkey and Small GorillaWild Horse
Climbing Bear
Climbing Bear | Source
Standing bear
Standing bear | Source
Condor | Source
Elephant Salaam
Elephant Salaam | Source
Gorilla | Source
Leopard | Source
Melanistic Jaguar
Melanistic Jaguar | Source
Saluki | Source
Spider Monkey and Small Gorilla
Spider Monkey and Small Gorilla | Source
Wild Horse
Wild Horse | Source

Black and White Animal Prints by E.E. Hibbard

Click thumbnail to view full-size
BearsLeopard Out On A LimbThe Lions SleepMonkey BusinessPolar Bear and cubs
Bears | Source
Leopard Out On A Limb
Leopard Out On A Limb | Source
The Lions Sleep
The Lions Sleep | Source
Monkey Business
Monkey Business | Source
Polar Bear and cubs
Polar Bear and cubs | Source

The Hibbard Christmas card process

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Hand drawn, then printed to create unique card design.Hand colored and personalized before sending.
Hand drawn, then printed to create unique card design.
Hand drawn, then printed to create unique card design. | Source
Hand colored and personalized before sending.
Hand colored and personalized before sending. | Source

Christmas Cards

Everett Hibbard channeled his artistic talents to the annual Christmas card tradition.

He picked a subject, most often an animal, sketched a simple scene in black and white.

He then had his sketch printed on card stock. He used different formats, once a post card, but generally he printed a half page image, then folded the page to form the card.

Then each card he sent had a personal message and a hand drawn and colored personalization, such as some holly leaves and berries.

More of Hibbard's Christmas card designs.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Flash Origin

E.E. Hibbard and his career as a noted comic book artist.

Writers, artists and editors who have appeared in the pages of the Flash.E.E. Hibbard may be the only artist to draw himself meeting the Flash in a published comic book. All-Flash #14 (Spring 1944): “The Man Who Unleashed the Past”

This is DC Comics collection of cover art images by Everett E. Hibbard.

E. E. Hibbard worked for National/DC in the 1940s, and is best known as one of the Golden Age 'Flash' artists. He was one of the main artists for the All Star Comics and All-Flash comic books. In addition, he did features like 'Winky, Blinky and Noddy’.

The series was written by Gardner Fox, and the stories are fairly serious and straightforward, but the art by E.E. Hibbard was critical to the success of the series, adding an almost slapstick feel to it.

All-Flash, originally published as All-Flash Quarterly, was a comic book magazine series published by All-American Publications. The series was the first solo feature given to the comic book character The Flash...

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    • profile image

      Keenan holland 

      17 months ago

      Pretty good all around.... thank you for the article, I think my grandpa would have been happy. This is all just the tip of the iceberg though. When hiking, he always had a special "stick" with a metal tip to test scratch the rock to see if it COULD be sculpted. We would bring them home to the back yard to sit for months even years to look at from different angles and in different light. He started out in the hudson delange jazz band. Sax player. He did comics but when the company "Ripped him off" he quit. He did work for womens fashion magazines, worked for macys, at J Walter Thompson he was " the friendly pan am man " in ads. He was also a skilled painter in many mediums, did alot of native indian work reflecting back on his roots in oklahoma. He did SO very much more.... and somewhere out there, what may be known as his last sculpture.... a silverback gorilla unfinished.... is actually mine. When he died I was broken, and just sat at his chair chipping away...


      Thank you for putting your article together so people could know a little about him.... he was an introverted person so while he was alive he shied away from attention.


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