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EL Panels - What Are They?

Updated on January 8, 2015

Electroluminescent Technology - What is it?

We see EL Panels everywhere. They are inside the dashboard displays of cars and Indiglo watches, as well as bus stop and building signage. But what exactly is an EL Panel? "EL" is short for Electroluminescent, meaning that the EL Panel contains a phosphorescent material that lights up when excited by electricity. EL Panels are typically laminated, which makes them durable and weather proof. They are also inexpensive and require very little power to operate. These combination of factors make them perfect for a wide range of lighting applications.

A similar product to EL Panels is EL Wire, which functions on the same principal of electricity exciting phosphorescent material in order to produce a vibrant source of light. EL Wire comes in a number of different diameters, lengths, and colors. It may also be purchased as a kit. By purchasing an EL Wire kit, one may quickly begin experimenting with the possibilities that the EL Wire hold. One creative use of EL Wire is using it in clothing and fashion design. It may easily be sewn into any garment and simply powered by a 9volt battery, which could be hidden away in a secret pocket. EL Wire clothing is perfect for walking safely at night and is also an absolute hit at parties and night clubs.

Also similar to EL Panels is EL Paint. EL Paint can be applied on nearly any surface, making it the most versatile lighting source on the planet. It can be painted into nearly any shape or size, and can be painted in 2D or 3D objects for amazingly unique lighting.

EL Wire vs EL Panels

Similar to EL Wire technology, in affordability and sheer attention grabbing qualities, EL Panels are able to be used in any low lit situation. Whether replacing EXIT signs, or illuminating a walkway, EL Panels and tape can be a great alternative to LED or incandescent accent lights.

Both EL Panels and EL Wire can play along to the music. They may be triggered by the bass, mid, and high frequencies, to strobe, pulsate, and sequence to the music. As the music changes throughout the DJ set, the laser patterns will evolve as well. This keeps the atmosphere feeling fresh and alive with energy, never a dull moment!

EL Wire, EL Panels and EL Paint all have a wide range of applications. They may be utilized in advertising signage, event promotion, electronics displays, night clubs and more. The range of application stretches as far as your imagination!


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