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Updated on May 4, 2016


Yes, Katie Jacobs, producer of the tv show "House" with Hugh Laurie, bullied me as kid at summer camp.
Yes, Katie Jacobs, producer of the tv show "House" with Hugh Laurie, bullied me as kid at summer camp. | Source


Katie Jacobs TV Producer of the series "House" was nothing but a mean bully as a child. She would find her victims very easily, like a hawk going for its pray. Okay, so she became famous, met the right people and had a great background, but Katie Jacobs executive producer of the acclaimed series about a pill popping, bullying doctor almost mirrors her own childhood, minus the pill popping.

Katie Jacobs was known as the biggest bully at her summer camp. When you first got to the camp, kids would run up to you and say, "Stay away from Katie Jacobs, she's a bully and she is not a nice kid."

I was in her bunk 2 years in a row. At first I thought that I could befriend her by being super nice, but that failed the moment I started trying. She picked up on her bully radar that I was fresh meat, and began to slowly beat the crap out of me mentally. She never touched me, or hit me, just made fun of everything about me, including my hair, my feet, my fingers and my clothes. It got so bad that I'd run sobbing into the woods of Vermont and tried avoiding her at all costs.

But the thing is, she was popular with the "in crowd" at the camp, she was pretty, she had a cute husky voice and I wanted to pal around with her, rather than the usual suspects at that camp. It was not to be, because Katie Jacobs would have none of that. It was more fun to tease and mentally torture and demean me than try and befriend me. Maybe that is why this woman made it in the entertainment industry.

I'm sure she has her good points, and she always came off to me as a woman with "smarts" who probably would make it big with family contacts and a ballsy attitude, almost like a man, which is what you have to possess in the entertainment business to make it, and take it, not an easy task. Bullying came very easy to Katie Jacobs, and I was not the only one she bullied. That woman had a reputation at the time.

Two summers of hell with Katie Jacobs sleeping in the cot next to me in that cabin of 12 girls and 2 counselors drove me to teary madness. I began hanging around with another group of girls at the ritzy camp.

But whenever I returned to my own cabin and was sitting in the backroom playing games in the evening, Katie Jacobs was there to make my life at the camp seem more like a prisoner of war camp rather than a summer vacation. All I needed was a secret radio to "the Underground" and dress like I was on the tv series "Hogan's Heroes" and Colonel Klink would be screaming "KKKKAAAAAATTTTTTIIIIIIIEEEEE JJJJJJJAAAACOBSSSS!"

It all came to a head after my parents came for visiting day and complained to the director that Katie Jacobs was bullying their child. Katie Jacobs denied it and said "I don't pick on anyone!" She was smug and pretty at the same time, but a good liar, even though she picked on other kids too.

A day after my parents came, I was with a few friends at the other cabin and I wanted to get my camera to take photos of us. We ran to my cabin and as I turned the corner to run up the wooden steps, I slipped and fell, injuring my right leg. My friends went for help, as Katie Jacobs was coming out the door and spotted me in the mud at the bottom of the stairs. She pointed and made a pig sound, then laughed at me as I cried and blood ran down my leg from the injury. At that moment, the camp director's husband and the doctor at the camp ran up to me, as well as half of the kids going there.

I was picked up and carried to the infirmary. At first people really thought that Katie Jacobs had finally thrown me down those steps because when they showed up, she was still laughing at me lying in the dirt in pain. My God, that's just like Dr. House! The camp ran me to the emergency room in Brandon, but there were no broken bones, just a very deep gash and a heavy bruise on my shin.

I was lying in the infirmary just after lunch. The rest period bell had just sounded. I heard a million feet running toward me! It was my sister, her friends, my friends from the other cabin and a lot of other girls coming to see if I was okay. They had gifts and cards, even the other girls in my bunk. "Where's Katie Jacobs?" I thought to myself. I had told the nurse and doctor and others that Katie did not cause my injury but she was laughing at me lying on the ground in pain.

After the large group of girls left, I heard a light knock at the door and then Katie Jacobs stood there obviously very uncomfortable. She looked me up and down, made a face and sat on the empty cot next to me. "You know what?" She asked. "I didn't really want to come here to see you, because I don't like you!" Katie seemed upset and put on the spot. "I hope you feel better!" That was the nicest thing she'd ever said to me. She then got up in a huff not forgetting to make that 'oink' pig noise she always did to me. She made her best attempt to mimic my accident and fingers by awkwardly limping away as she slammed the door.

I recovered from my injury in about 2 days and was back at my cabin. We all went to dinner together. I limped into the dining hall and everyone started clapping, happy that I was okay after my ordeal. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Katie Jacobs make a sign with her hand, and she was not clapping. She and her cronies stood apart from the rest.

We sat down at the round table and the meal was being served. Someone spilled the salt and everyone started to make designs in the salt. When I joined in on the fun, Katie Jacobs looked up and pointed at my crooked fingers and said, "Ohhhh, look at her fingers, it looks like she broke them, and not her leg!" I was so angry that I threw a pepper shaker at her, got up and limped out of the dining hall. I was crying uncontrollably as our counselor came to me and sat down. "She makes you very unhappy," said the woman as I cried.

"Why," why does she pick on me?" I asked.

"I don't know. I guess that is the way she is. Maybe she is unhappy and resents your enthusiasm and happiness," the counselor said softly.

At that moment the owner of the camp came running out. She came up to us and said, "How would you like to move into your friend's cabin right now," said the owner.

"That would be so great," I said sniffing.

Lots of kids and counselors from other cabins started to follow us to my bunk. They packed up all my stuff in about 20 minutes as Katie and my bunk mates looked on in shock. "Why are you moving?" Asked Katie Jacobs, knowing the reason, but trying to play it off. "Where are you going?" She asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Shut up Katie, you know why," said one girl.

They moved me out and I spent the rest of the summer with my friends. The following summer, I was put in with the younger cabin of girls I met. It was a great summer, even if Katie Jacobs was still there glaring at me from across the dining hall or at the lake.

I'd also heard that she began picking on another girl so badly, that the kid left camp the moment her parents arrived mid way through.

After that summer, I did not return to the camp, but instead came out to California and went to UCLA. But I always wondered what had happened to Katie Jacobs. Once my mother called me soon after I became established in California. "Guess who I saw when I went to visit your sister at camp yesterday," said my mother.

"Who," I asked.

"I was walking to the office to say hi to someone, and I saw this very striking girl sitting on the porch with heavy makeup and a nice dress. I was going to comment on how pretty she looked, but then she turned and I saw it was KATIE JACOBS!"

"Oh my God, Mom, what did you say?"

"I said, 'are you Katie Jacobs?'" Explained my mother. "She said she was. So I cursed her out!"

"No way!"

"Yes way! She bullied you for years and made fun of you. She was there visiting on visiting day and I gave her hell."

"What did she say?" I asked.

"Nothing. She made a face, turned beet red then turned away from me and I walked away!"

That was the last time I heard anything about Katie Jacobs until now! I was Googling poeple from my past and just Googled "Katie Jacobs" and up came her illustrious career and photo. I saw her eyes, it was the same girl! My question is: How did she do that? She was the bully! I never forgot her and actually have mental scars from the bullying. I wonder if she still bullies people! Maybe I should call her and ask.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I know several things about Katie Jacobs....very intimate things. Leslie, I want you to know that Katie is paying for what she did to you and everyone else 100+ times over. Karma is a bitch and what comes around goes around and Katie Jacobs is no exception to these rules of life. I loved reading your article.... more power and strength to you. God Bless you Leslie.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Take your time!

    • Leslie_Siegel profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Seagal 

      6 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      OK A... But I won't be posting it for awhile. I have to really think about this. Actually I DO need you to tell me this stuff. I have already taken out some offending things I wrote about family, but softened it to make it better, as you stated. I appreciate your feedback. It doesn't have to be mean and cruel to get me to listen! Thanks, whomever you are. You have freed me of the fact that the world hates me! LOL. I will take all your suggestions! Be well, thanks and prosper! LK

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      LOL that you delete the positive by accident. I get that you need to be careful, and you were much, much more so than normal. You do not need to change the story line, just make sure you are not blatantly offending. You really do not need me to tell you that, you already know this because of the direction you took with this story. Do you not agree that you already know this? I am on your side and like I said, I see positive things happening with your new direction. But, selfishly looking for the rest of the not rush it, but enjoy writing it and know I am looking forward to reading it.

      Best to you,


    • Leslie_Siegel profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Seagal 

      6 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Again, A, thanks. I am speechless (for once) about your other comment that I deleted by accident, the one where you say I should learn to listen, the second one you sent, I was going to edit it, but by accident deleted it. Anyhow, glad I do not know you, because you have a bird's eye view into things and are from that area! Book II will surface. I have to be careful. I can't mention all the stuff I had about my family and certain things you mentioned that I mentioned. I took out all that, and kept the dysfunction, and the way you said "...that I told the story subtle but truthful on the events and things," for that I thank you. I will go over Book I again, and really see. I may have to change Jocelyn's religion to Southern Batpist or something. Have to smoke screen it, but the parts where I'm hanging with the boys will be mostly the same. It's true, so why not? Look for the first one to be re posted in a few weeks when I write more stuff. More things came to me. By the way, this story of Katie Jacobs is very true, every word. I wonder what Katie Jacobs thinks, some say she has seen this and laughed her butt off, and made fun of me again, and just laughed it off. LOL, I don't know why I do that, make others really angry. Sorry for it. I am learning to be better. I have my grandmother's temper as I said in Book I. Thanks again and be well.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      First, I want to give credit where credit is due. You have talent, stick to this one for a start. Cannot wait to read part two, just try to leave out real names. I for one did not see any real names but I did not know them. I only was familiar with the street because I know it now, rumstick, you called it a different name at one point, but then reverted back to rumstick. That is not the point, focus on what you were doing, you have talent. If you focus this way, I could actually see you get published. Have a personal diary for your angst. You do not know me, I did not even grow up in ri. Cannot wait for part II. Please keep up the good work Leslie Siegel! I see great things coming your way!

    • Leslie_Siegel profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Seagal 

      6 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      Attention person from my hometown above, OK, you read it. I just didn't want to embarrass anyone else new. I got an email that said by accident I mentioned two real names ... OKAY, maybe I will re post. I didn't get rid of it, I just removed it. I agree with what you said. I had to keep changing it up to get it to how you said it sounded, more like a novel than an angry rant against family. I understand, and I will again go over it and see if I will re post it. Thanks for making a nice comment rather than the crap you've been posting. I am a human being just like you, but there is a time when you have to hang up the venting and vendetta content posting and get down to serious talented writing, not ranting! One day, we should talk more of this. Be well, I know who you are. Be well and blessings. LKS

    • profile image

      Barrington High School 

      6 years ago

      Hi Leslie, please do not give up your latest effort of the 'Carrington, Bitches, Bullies ..." you were really starting to be real. I was reading and had to do normal errands on a Saturday but could not wait to come back to reading it. You seemed to be really writing vs. a vent of angry hatred. I encourage you to continue it. So what if you told some truths about teenage years. That is what people will relate to. Carrington vs. Barrington? You subconsciously cannot let the town go. Call it Springfield, whatever, but write about yourself and not a nasty post about your family. I encourage you to continue and focus on yourself. I look forward to reading part two! Do not give up yet.

    • Leslie_Siegel profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Seagal 

      6 years ago from Hollywood, CA

      She had some kind of Cancer but beat it. I got a fantastic letter from a colleague of hers who worked with her for years. She said she was so surprised the cancer did not kill Katie, and that Katie Jacobs was a bully on the set and off. She was mean even today! Thanks so much because your post is what I was looking for with my closure. I prayed someone would read it and not judge me! Everything you said is true except the fact that she remained a bully throughout her life!

    • Motherbynature profile image


      6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Wow. I'm so sorry you had to put up with that garbage. It must be a real pain to see your tormentor enjoy fame and fortune instead of pain and suffering. But maybe she grew to hate the person she was and made a change for the better. And I am pretty sure that you turned out stronger and more compassionate toward your neighbor because of how she treated you. Good hub. Thanks for sharing.


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