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Eagles Of Death Metal Astounded.

Updated on January 15, 2016
Eagles Of Death Metal In Concert.
Eagles Of Death Metal In Concert. | Source
U2 Who Shared Their Stage With Eagles Of Death Metal.
U2 Who Shared Their Stage With Eagles Of Death Metal. | Source
Symbol Of Eagles Of Death Metal.
Symbol Of Eagles Of Death Metal. | Source

Band Happy At Nomination.

Rock band Eagles Of Death Metal who had their gig interupted at the Bataclan theatre in Paris by Islamic State attackers have been put up for a BRIT award.

89 of the 130 victims of the Paris attacks died in the Bataclan theatre as they were mercilessly mown down by Islamic State attackers who seem to have one purpose in mind to kill as many innocent civilians as they could even checking bodies and finishing off people as they lay dying or injured on the floor of the theatre.

The band were uninjured and dived for cover as bullets flew around the room and later laid floral tributes to the fallen at the Bataclan theatre. The band as they stood outside the theatre were visibly moved by the horrors unleashed on that night by the mindless agents of evil.

U2 while playing a gig in Paris offered their stage which saw the Eagles Of Death Metal take the stage once again and perform a song with U2 and then did a few numbers of their own to thunderous applause and admiration from the crowd present on that night.

The irony of the Eagles Of Death Metal being up for the award of Best Internatinal Group is the fact that they are also competing with U2 in this category of the award ceremony.

Jesse Hughes front man of the band described the nomination as "So amazing" and the band also Tweeted "We are speechless. BRITS gigantic thanks @brits and to you all".

Going back to the 130 dead on the night of the attacks the other 41 lost their lives in bars, cafes and restaurants as the IS attackers fanned out and seemingly hit random targets that were full of people enjoying their evening.

The experience of what happened that night at the Bataclan doesn't seem to have put off the band from ever gigging in Paris again because they return on 16 February to play the Olympia Theatre in Paris.

This act in itself is an act of defiance to those who may threaten our way of life in the West and a statement saying to IS you can do your worst but tommorow life goes on as it always has done.


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