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Earthly Pleasures

Updated on July 17, 2017
The Lutheran Hour 1995 Rose Parade "Follow Me ... and I will make you fishers of men." Mark 4:19
The Lutheran Hour 1995 Rose Parade "Follow Me ... and I will make you fishers of men." Mark 4:19

Four nights to remember

Remember or forget, whatever is a person's "pleasure," I suppose. For me, one night, I considered, was good enough—a once in a lifetime experience. I guess then that I had four lifetimes, as I had the "pleasure" of experiencing it four times—four consecutive years in a row. And the media is right there as well, getting all the reports and brief interviews of others as well "camped" out along that wide boulevard every New Years' Eve, embracing the chill. For that help, controlled fires in canisters are permitted. (I had watched it via television all my years growing up. Perhaps I'd never dreamed that I would actually be there in person myself to see it.)

"It's marvelous," says many, all bundled up in anticipation of the world famous parade—The Parade in my mind; there's none like it anywhere in the world. "We do it every year!" others exclaim.

Thus, for a couple of hours a pleasant sight to behold at the dawning of the New Year day; "suffering" the chill was worth the overnight wait. As I had expressed to one, one day, "If you hadn't seen it in person, you hadn't seen it at all." Thus, my reason for my continuing the pleasure yet of viewing Pasadena's Tournament of Roses Parade via TV every year since, even still that I'm once again living back East.


The Most Pleasurable Pleasure

Such pleasures can be enjoyed I guess via the TV, the centerpiece of many a home – parades, sporting events, movies...

Even a better pleasure, games played around the dining table after a meal, or on the living room floor, with family and friends. A better pleasure still in enjoying it all would be venturing out of the home occasionally to the actual event. Hence, enjoying the pleasure of fellowship, in whatever manner that suits one's pleasure, singly or in a group. Albeit, the latter being the better pleasure.

Earthly pleasures, however, in this temporal time soon find their end, pleasurable while they last, yet only a happy remembrance for a while when they come to an end. Earthly pleasures, opportunities to share one's faith, expressing one's joy in Jesus to another, that that one too may share the same joy and pleasure, the most pleasurable pleasure and joy.


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