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Eastenders Kat and Alfie plan Baby Tommy's Christening & The Residents celebrate Royal Wedding

Updated on May 18, 2011

Although Kat and Alfie finally have their baby boy back, they still have a lot of adjusting to do and Kat is finding the situation increasingly hard to come to terms with. Alfie is busy getting things ready for the big pub quiz and is trying to get Kat more involved in it all. Meanwhile Jean is worried about Kat when she realises that Kat only refers to Tommy as 'the baby' instead of his actual name. Later at the quiz, Mo's team wins and they decide to give the prize money to Kat and Alfie for a holiday, when Kat accepts the money she thanks them all from her, Alfie and 'the baby'. Later when Kat takes Tommy upstairs, Alfie follows her and confronts her about not using Tommy's name. Alfie asks her to say Tommy, but Kat gets upset and tells him that Tommy was the name of the baby who died and it feels wrong to carry on using it now.

A while later when preparations are under way for The Royal Wedding party, Kat suggests calling the whole thing of and spending the day together with 'him'. Mo and Alfie are stunned to hear Kat refer to her baby as 'him' and realise that Kat needs help accepting her baby. While over at the cafe, Alfie tells Mo that he wants to have Tommy christened in the hope that it will help Kat come to terms with having their baby back. While discussing the arrangements, Jane warns them that Jack is also in the Cafe, Alfie apologises for being insensitive but Jack tells him that hes fine. When back at the pub, Mo and Alfie continue with the arrangements in secret but Kat soon discovers what they are up to when she answers a phone call regarding the Christening. Kat says there is no christening.Alfie tells her that their baby needs a name and his name is Tommy but Kat claims that she will think of a new one for him. In the end it is Jack that makes Kat see sense when he tells her that he wants to change his sons headstone from Tommy to James, Jack says he just wants to put everything right. Kat realises that he is right and so she phones the church and says that she wants to go ahead with the Christening after all, she then tells Alfie that their baby is called Tommy and she doesn't want to change it.

Later across the square a grieving Jack is struggling to cope with his day to day life, he asks Roxy to visit James grave with him for the first time, Roxy says that Ronnie should be there but she reluctantly agrees to go with him so he is not alone. When they arrive back from the graveyard, an emotional Jack tries to kiss Roxy but she pushes him away, however she then gives him a cuddle when she realises just how lonely he is.

Also on the square the residents are all preparing for The Royal Wedding and Dot Branning is in charge of the event, and making sure that the tables are set up etc. Young Tiffany is the star of the day when she dresses up as the squares very own princess, wearing a long white dress and fur coat teamed with a tiara and wand. Young Tiffany realises that she needs a Prince and it is not long before she has talked Fatboy into the role.Later everyone heads over to the pub for a right royal knees up, but as they sit down to watch the Royal wedding, Winston accidentally pulls the TV plug out and Kat who finds it hilarious is trying to get the TV working before Kate and Wills say their 'I Dos'.

Kat and Alfie share a happy moment when Alfie presents her with a savings book for Baby Tommy and promises that their son will want for nothing. Meanwhile Fatboy is heartbroken when he hears that Mercy will be leaving the country tomorrow as her Visa has expired, he offers to go to the airport with her but Mercy says she doesn't want a emotional goodbye. Later when he spots Mercy saying her goodbyes, he is overcome with emotions and runs over to Mercy gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Will she say Yes??


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    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      Yes he was a good character, and i expected him to be staying longer. Maybe he will be back for Fatboy and Mercy's wedding?

    • profile image

      Walford Guv 

      7 years ago

      I would like to see EE bring back Ashley Chubb after Arthur makes him leave Walford following the VISA business. He's a good character in my opinion and I would like to see more of the relationship between him and Arthur.


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