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Eastenders Bianca Is Out Of Prison And Home For Christmas

Updated on March 7, 2013

The Butcher house are eagerly awaiting Ricky's homecoming. Pat has defaulted on her loan and is expecting Ricky to bring home lots of money in time for Christmas, she believes that Ricky's bonus money will be enough to pay the loan so she doesn't loose the house. Meanwhile Ricky has already arrived back and is shocked to see old friend Mandy on the square. They both go to the cafe for a catch up, where Ricky admits that he lost all his money in Dubai. Later when Ricky is reunited with his family, he tells Pat the truth about his money situation, leaving Pat worried sick. Pat and family are all worried as they know the bailiffs could be banging at the door any day now. Ricky feels terrible for failing his family and getting them into this mess, so heads off to the prison to admit all to Bianca.

Bianca is initially over joyed to see Ricky, but when he tells them about their financial state and how Pat could loose the house making them all homeless at Christmas, Bianca kicks off. She starts shouting at Ricky and makes him feel worse than he already did. Ricky snaps, and shouts back that they would never be in this mess in the first place if she wasn't banged up. Hurting from the truth Bianca tells Ricky she hates him, and shouts at him to Go!! Ricky heads back home and once again bumps in to Mandy, they end up taking a bottle of wine up to the allotments. Seeing how down Ricky is, Mandy goes off to get some pills to liven him up a bit. The two of them share a pill, but when Ricky starts struggling to breath, a panicked Mandy rings for an ambulance. Once at the hospital it becomes clear that Ricky has suffered a panic attack and is discharged with a booklet on drug abuse. Mandy and Ricky go back to the allotments to pick up their things and end up kissing.

Pat tries to cheer up her family by taking them all on a day trip to Clacton. Pat can see Ricky is worried but she thinks its because he lost the money, when its actually because he cheated on Bianca. Ricky feels even worse when Liam refuses to speak to him, as he blames his Dad for them having no money. Once back home, Pat realises its up to her to sort out the mess they are in, and so she swallows her pride and asks Janine for help. Pat is genuinely grateful when Janine offers to loan her the money, until Janine tells her she wants the house as security. The next day, a guilty Ricky confesses to Pat that he shared a kiss with Mandy. Pat storms straight round to Ian's and warns Mandy to keep away.

Ricky and family all head off to the community centre to watch the Christmas concert. Whitney is due to sing but is feeling upset and cant get her words out, just at that moment Bianca who has been released from prison, appears to surprise all her family. Everyone is overjoyed to see Bianca back home, but they are shocked to see her sporting a black eye. Bianca shares a kiss with hubby Ricky and it would appear that all has been forgiven. But how long until Bianca finds out about his kiss with Mandy? After the concert they all head over to The Vic to celebrate Bianca's return, while Ricky remains quiet about the kiss.

Later in the week, Bianca and Kat arrange a big Christmas party for everyone, but Janine is not invited. Later Bianca kicks off at Janine about putting stress on Pat regarding the loan she took out. However instead of Janine feeling bad for Pat, she brings the payment deadline forward. The whole family have to make personal sacrifices in order to meet the deadline.

Morgans Dad Arrives

Things wont be easy for Bianca when she returns from Prison, she will face financial hardship, the worry of loosing her home and then as we all know she will loose her beloved Grandmother Pat. In the new year Whitney will get fed up of watching Bianca struggle and tracks down Morgans Dad in the hope that he will start paying child support. Morgans Dad Ray (played by Chucky Venn) meets up with Whitney as he still has some unresolved issues with Bianca, however he is shocked to hear about Morgan as he never even knew that he existed. It is not long before Ray arrives on the street wanting to see his son, much to Bianca's dismay. Ray is set to turn many a women's head in Eastenders, but is there still something between him and Bianca?


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    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 6 years ago from South England

      Thank you for stopping by Mackyi, it is rumoured that Devon has a thing with Kim Fox, maybe that will make Bianca jealous :)

    • profile image

      mackyi 6 years ago

      Thanks for keeping us update with Eastenders Bianca. I am just as curious as to whether or not there is still something between Devon and Bianca?