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Eastenders Janine Kidnapps Lily then Plots to kill Ryan

Updated on October 13, 2014

On Thursday it is Janine's birthday and the newly wed is looking forward to being spoilt by hubby Ryan but the day doesn't go quite as Janine expected which leads the scheming lass to take drastic action.

Janine wakes up on her birthday to a champagne breakfast prepared for her by Ryan dressed in only a Apron (over his boxers of course). Ryan promises Janine a day to remember but while they are in bed together Ryan gets a text from Stacey Slater and rushes of to meet her in the cafe telling a unsuspecting Janine that he is nipping out for more champagne and will be back in bed with her soon.

When Ryan turns up at the café, Stacey asks him to come with her and daughter Lilly to have his name registered on Lilly's birth certificate as her father. Ryan agrees but knowing Janine will go mad about him being with Stacey and his daughter on her birthday of all days he lies to her and after making his excuses he sets off with the other two females in his life to get the birth certificate changed. Later while on her way to Pat's house, Janine runs into Kat who takes great delight in telling Janine all about Ryan's outing with Stacey and baby Lilly but surprisingly Janine takes the news in her stride which as we all know means she is already plotting her revenge.

Janine persuades Pat to take her to Argee Bhajee for a birthday lunch and while there she tells her step mum about Ryan's deceit and vows she will have her revenge but when Ryan comes into the restaurant looking for Janine he once again lies to her about his whereabouts not realising that she already knows the truth, Ryan tells her he has been out getting her birthday surprise and presents her with a necklace he has managed to buy on his outing but instead of getting angry with Ryan, Janine go's along with his story and tells him that they are going to Kat and Alfie's party at the Slater's house later that night.

Later we see Janine and Ryan arrive at the party but Janine is further annoyed when she See's Ryan and Stacey flirting so while the rest of the residents are having a good time scorned Janine sneaks upstairs and snatches baby Lilly. Janine heads over to Pat and spins her a line about needing to borrow some money so that her and Ryan can get away for a break but when Pat tells her she doesn't have any money on her Janine steals brother Ricky's car. While Janine is putting Baby Lilly into the car along with half her wardrobe she looks over to see Ryan and Stacey having a water fight while laughing their heads off. However Ryan soon stops what he is doing when he spots Janine watching them from across the square and heads over to his wife, Janine tells him they are going away for a nice break and that she has already packed for him but when they get in the car Ryan realises his daughter Lilly is sat in the back. A furious Ryan tells Janine that they need to take baby Lilly back to Stacey but Janine refuses knowing that Ryan wont leave without his daughter, so she tells him that they are off to start a new life in France just the three of them. Ryan can't believe what his wife is saying, to his ears it sounds crazy and he begs Janine to stop the car.

As you may have read in my previous soap hub Janine purposely stops the car on a level crossing and turns the engine off. Janine has always been a bit of a dare devil and so she See's this as another game, she wants to frighten Ryan into telling her the truth about his feelings but the whole situation just spirals out of control. Janine asks Ryan who he really wants to be with Stacey or her? a scared Ryan tells Janine that it is her he loves and wants to be with and shouts at her to move the car but a inconsolable Janine wont listen. Ryan tries to get in the drivers seat but Janine locks the door and suddenly the lights start flashing warning them a train is coming but as the barriers close a scared Janine cant start the engine and with baby Lilly screaming and both Ryan and Stacey terrified how do the pair get themselves out of this one?

Janine Turns Murderess Once More

We all know ruthless Janine is somewhat cursed when it comes to marriage after killing off her first husband Barry back in 2004 when she pushed him of a cliff on their honeymoon, she later planned to marry a elderly man David only for him to die of a heart attack on their wedding day when he discovered his wife to be was not who she claimed she was and of course who can forget fiancee Archie who was murdered although not by her hands but he died all the same. And it seems Janine will once again resort to murder when her new husband Ryan becomes closer to his daughter baby Lilly and Lillys mum Stacey Slater. Janine cant handle loosing Ryan as she really does love him and in her mind if she cant have him then know one can. This Christmas will see Janine over come with jealousy at Ryan's bond with his daughter and as she feels left out she plots to poison her new husband by crushing up medication and putting it in his food. It has not yet been revealed as to whether or not Janine is successful in her murderess scheme but it will definitely make Christmas more interesting. I wonder if Janine is in fact not trying to kill her husband but instead trying to keep him at home where she can keep an eye on him and make Ryan need her in the process, who knows?

What we do know is that Stacey Slater is leaving the show soon and with pictures leaked off her and Ryan sharing a kiss just before she exits, will Stacey be leaving alone or will she and Ryan be leaving together with their daughter?

What will happen to Ryan?

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Janine Kills First Hubby


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    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 7 years ago from South England

      78% of you believed that Ryan would leave with Stacey.

    • profile image

      i love you lily And stacey 7 years ago

      i think janine is the worst character i do from Abigail

    • profile image

      emily 7 years ago

      i like stacy

    • profile image

      Wester 7 years ago

      Janine is my fav character I hope she goes lope though

    • profile image

      Katy  7 years ago

      Lol i love lILLY

    • profile image

      aysha 7 years ago

      who kill ryan on the chismas day janine

    • profile image

      author 7 years ago

      wait and see what happens on year

    • profile image

      friends aysha 7 years ago

      dear ryan malloy

      i like you are you ok

      how are you ok

      my friends ryan and stacey

      love frome aysha

    • profile image

      Anjeza 7 years ago

      pleaseeeeeeee leave stacey in Eastenders why get rid of a great actor? :S

      and DO NOT KILL RYAN!!!!!!!!! he's like the fittest person there lol Stacey + Ryan + Lily = Perfection.... !!

      producers do not kil the soap by getting rid of stacey...Janine should just leaveeeeeeeee !! :D

    • profile image

      missy 7 years ago

      i think ryan and stacey make a great couple, janine needs to go......

    • profile image

      aysha 7 years ago

      ryan be whith a stacey

      i like Lilly my baby

      ryan and stacey takes Lilly go out

      love frome friender aysha minhas

    • profile image

      savana 7 years ago

      ryan and janine are my favourite albert square couple. hope ryan stays with her.

    • profile image

      Craig 7 years ago

      Ryan gets outta the car with lilly, jeneane starts up the car just in time and they all survive...even ricky's car

    • profile image

      Kayla 7 years ago

      Janine shud just die already!

    • profile image

      millie 7 years ago

      i think they will get out just in time as they are all menstioned in the texted above but i think janine might die but i want ryan stacy and lily to go off some where or stay in the square together

    • profile image

      Jemma 7 years ago

      i don't want stacey to go!

    • profile image

      Rachel 7 years ago

      I think that ryan takes lilly out of the back of the car but then he goes cack for janine but janine doesn't want to die but the train gets closer and i think that the train comes and it hits the car with jannie in and that ryan quickly moves away leaving ryan and lilly alive and evil janine dead!!!!

    • profile image

      harmony 7 years ago

      I think that ryan takes lilly out of the back of the car and goes to the side of the barriers and lives janine in the car to die because she has tried to break up the bond between him and his daughter and also him and staceys bond but it did'nt work and its not going to, because I think that ryan and stacey are quite solid together to raise there own baby together and know one can stop them so I think that ryan goes off with stacey to start a new life together and be a family at last

    • profile image

      Alex 7 years ago

      Ryan gets out he gets lily out, Janine go across the seats and jumps out and ryan is still trying to help Janine at the drivers side and the train hits the car, the car blows up Ryan dies

    • profile image

      Sazii.Bear 7 years ago

      Yeah I was just about to say that Janiene, Ryan and lilly wont die as it says that Janiene gets jealous about the bond between lilly and Ryan so obviously they won't die.

      I don't want stacey to leave all the good actors/actresses leave, But they seem to keep some of the crappies ones like dot,Pat, Patrick ect. :)

    • profile image

      Rhiannon 7 years ago

      As said above janiene trys to poison Ryan so oviously they will all survive ? And it says this '' What we do know is that Stacey Slater is leaving the show soon and with pictures leaked off her and Ryan sharing a kiss just before she exits, will Stacey be leaving alone or will she and Ryan be leaving together with their daughter? '' so we no that they all survive.

    • profile image

      Chloe 7 years ago

      I think that the car will suddenlly start up again and they will crash out the barriers just in time.

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      I dont want Stacey to leave, I hope Ryan jumps out thecar grabs Lily and stands to the side and Janiene dies by the train

    • profile image

      Jada 7 years ago

      i think that janine is not a mother yet so if she was preganantthe baby would die quickly