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Eastenders The New Moon Family Arrive on the Square

Updated on August 8, 2011
Meet the new moons
Meet the new moons
Shenice is back with Kat and Alfie
Shenice is back with Kat and Alfie

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The first Moon Brothers on the square were Alfie and Spencer, we instantly fell in love with their lovable nature and Alfie has remained one of the most popular characters in Eastenders. Then we had Alfie's cousins Jake and Danny Moon who were always dabbling in something they shouldn't be, Jake was the brains and Danny was the wild card who often jumped into bad situations head first causing untold trouble for the brothers who both ended up dead.

Now we are about to meet some new additions to the ever growing Moon clan, first to arrive on the square is Michael Moon's Father and Alfie's Uncle Eddie Moon. Eddie is played by singer David Essex. Viewers will see Eddie have a difficult relationship with his son Michael caused by things in the past that they would both rather forget. Soon to be joining him are Eddie's two younger sons Anthony and Tyler Moon. Move over 'The Mitchell's' the Moon brothers have arrived!!

The new Moon brothers are played by Tony Discipline and Matt Lapinskas who have both said what an honour it is to be working on the soap they both grew up watching. Tyler will be the first brother to make an appearance when he arrives on the square looking for his Dad Eddie. Tyler is a proper lad about town, he enjoys partying with his mates and is certainly a ladies man. Tyler also has a feisty temper which often gets him into bother.

Older brother Anthony arrives just after Tyler and although the two brothers are quite similar in many respects, Anthony is a lot calmer and uses his brains and humour to get them out of bad situations unlike Tyler who will punch first and ask questions later. What effect will the new Moon family have on the square? and how will Michael react to having his Father and troublesome brothers living on his doorstep? There is much more to this family then meets the eye, and with huge similarities to Jake and Danny Moon, lets hope Tyler and Anthony don't end up meeting the same grizzly end.

There will also be another new addition to Kat and Alfie Moon's little family when they go on holiday to Spain and catch up with Kat's friend Martina. We previously saw Martina turn up unannounced at the Queen Vic with daughter Shenice in tow, Kat and Alfie grew very close to Shenice who was constantly neglected by her Mother Martina who would rather go out getting drunk and stay in bed all day than look after her child. While in Spain, Kat can see that things are no better for Shenice and with Alfie's help they manage to convince Martina that Shenice would be better of living with them back in Walford. Shenice is played by Lily Harvey who is Lacey Turner (Stacey slater) real life sister. Will Kat and Alfie keep Shenice for good though or will Mum Martina be back to claim her Daughter?


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