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Eastenders Pat Evans Funeral Friday The 13th 2012

Updated on July 30, 2012

Emotions are running high in Albert Square, as Pats funeral approaches. But two people who have a reason to smile are David and Carol, who have recently rekindled their love. However in true Eastenders style, things are not going to run smoothly for the loved up pair, and trouble soon comes in the form of Derek Branning.

Derek hates David for getting his sister Carol pregnant when she was just a teenager, however Carol still doesn't know that Derek is the reason David left Carol all those years ago, when she was pregnant with Bianca. Carol thinks the feud between Derek and David is silly, she is 50 years old and just wants her brother to stay out of her business. David attempts to make peace with Derek, but Derek is having none of it, and warns David that as soon as he has buried his Mother, he will be over to settle old scores.

Later Michael Moon asks David to help him get back at Derek by planting stolen goods in his house, David initially says No, but after Derek upsets Carol and reminds David of his previous warning, David sees his chance to get Derek out of the picture for good, and agrees to Michaels plan. Later Michael plants stolen goods in Derek's house, while Roxy acts as a look out, however Derek arrives home early. Roxy tries to stall Derek for as long as possible, but he still manages to catch Michael in the act, and a scared Michael blames the whole set up on David. Later Michael meets up with David, and tells him that Derek caught him in the act so he blamed everything on him. David is horrified and knows he has to leave the square as soon as possible. David asks Carol to run away with him and Carol agrees, but when Carol announces their plans, Derek is tipped over the edge.

Ian comes unstuck this week when he tells Mandy that Lucy and Peter cant make Pats funeral. According to Ian, he has told his kids all about Mandy but it becomes clear that he hasn't when Lucy turns up unexpectedly, demanding to know why she was not told about Pat funeral. Lucy also wants to know who Mandy is?

Over at the Laundrette, Ricky bans Mandy from Pats funeral, however Mandy tells Ricky she will be attending no matter what he says, she then confesses to Ricky that she gave birth to his daughter back in 1994, and the baby sadly passed away not long after being born. Ricky is left stunned by Mandy's revelation.

Pats family are worried that they wont be able to afford a good send off for Pat, due to the financial troubles she left behind. The Undertaker Leslie Coker arrives at the Butchers house, and as a personal friend of Pats, she offers the family a reduced rate for the funeral service. But the family are shocked when they realise that even with the reduction, the funeral will cost £15,000. Carol decides to help brother Max for help with the funeral costs, but when Derek tries to get involved, David says he wants the Brannings to have nothing to do with his Mothers funeral, and goes to speak to Janine, who ends up pays for the whole thing, insisting Pat must have a proper east end send off. With the funeral all sorted thanks to Janine, Bianca and Ricky are dealt another blow, when they discover that they are going to be made homeless. But Janine agrees to buy Pats house and rent it back to Ricky and Bianca.

Friday The 13th

Its the day of Pats funeral and everyone turns up to say their final goodbyes. Black plumed horses can be seen pulling the carriage that contains Pats coffin with flowers that spell out 'PAT'. The family have done Pat proud with a traditional east end send off. All of the residents and market stall holders, turn up to pay their respects to the woman who had such an effect on many of their lives over the years. Pats coffin is followed by her son David Wicks, and step children Ricky and Janine, and Granddaughter Bianca along with the rest of her clan. This will be the biggest send off that Eastenders has ever seen.

While at the church, Kat is overcome with emotion as it is the same place she burried James Branning when she believed he was her baby, Kat tells Alfie to go in to the church that holds so many bad memories for her, and promises to follow him in shortly. Making her way to James grave, Kat finds Jack already there kneeling down at his Sons graveside. There is a lovely moment between the two of them, as Kat offers him some kind words of comfort.

The church quickly fills up with Pats friends and loved ones, Bianca and Janine are both sat at the front crying in pain as the reality of Pats death dawns on them. Pats coffin is carried in while Reverend Stevens leads the service, and as she gives thanks for Pats colourful life, there is not a dry eye in the church. Ricky struggles to cope when he is called upon to say a few words about his step mum, and so his sister Janine steps in to help him, and ends up giving a very moving tribute to Pat, much to the surprise of everyone else. Pats coffin is then carried out to her favourite song 'Sweet Caroline'.

The family then gather in the churchyard to throw earth into Pats grave, but when Bianca notices a look between Ricky and Mandy, she kicks off. Ian pulls Bianca to one side and asks her not to make a scene, but when Bianca calls Mandy a whore, Ian explains about the baby Mandy most and how Ricky was the father. An already emotional Bianca, doesnt take this latest revelation very well. Later Bianca gives Ricky the chance to be honest, but when he continues to lie, Bianca ends their relationship.

There is even more drama at the graveside when a drunken Lauren Branning starts being sick everywhere. Lauren has just been dumped by Tyler and is not getting on with Mum Tanya, so when old friend Lucy Beale arrives with a bag full of alcohol, the already fragile Lauren starts necking the drink, resulting in her being violently sick. A concerned Max and Tanya taker their drunk daughter home, but Lauren is in no mood for a lecture and as her behaviour spirals out of control, she threatens to jump out of a open window. Max manages to stop her, but how long before Lauren really gets herself in to danger??

Later Derek becomes enraged about Carol leaving the square with David, and vows to stop it happening, Derek tells his brothers that he is going to get rid of David once and for all, forcing Max and Jack to intervene.

Back at the wake, David makes a toast to his Mum, and after struggling to find the right words to say, he spots a toy Ferris wheel that belonged to Pat. David then shares a story that she once told him, about meeting Frank when she was just 16, Pat had said that she looked out to sea and was full of love and hope.

It was rumoured that Pat Evans other son 'Simon Wicks' would be returning for the funeral as well as long time friend 'Peggy Mitchell' however neither of these characters have appeared in any upcoming story lines, neither do they appear in any funeral photo's.


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    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from South England

      Oh thats a shame. We are able to watch a lot of US television programmes through our sky box channels. Maybe they will start showing Eastenders one day in the US as it is such a popular soap opera over here.

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 

      6 years ago from Cape Cod

      The BBCi player allows U.S. residents to listen to BBC radio. I am grateful for that. I like to hear the Archers every once in a while. Plus I enjoy the dramas and the book readings. But the player will not allow us to view the TV shows. Is there any service in the UK like USTVNOW? It is free and allows anyone anywhere in the world to watch US television

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from South England

      Thats a shame you cant get it in the U.S. Do you have access to BBCi player? You can watch episodes on there and also on YouTube. Thanks for stopping by, pleased you enjoyed it :)

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 

      6 years ago from Cape Cod

      I enjoyed reading this. In the U.S. I don't think we can get this show. I am still trying to get episodes of Steptoe and Son and Til Death Do Us Part.


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