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Eastenders Vanessa Has A Breakdown Before Leaving the Square A Broken Woman

Updated on January 20, 2014
Vanessa confronts Tanya at the secret bedsit
Vanessa confronts Tanya at the secret bedsit
and returns home to trash Max's house
and returns home to trash Max's house
she is soon kicked out by Carol and Jack
she is soon kicked out by Carol and Jack

"Bubbly's In The Fridge"

We have seen Vanessa slowly going out of her mind in recent weeks, but things come to a head when she discovers Max has been having an affair, with none other that his ex wife Tanya Jessop.

The day after the revelation, Vanessa wakes up and bizzrely acts like nothing has happened, but when Darren tells her that Max is missing, Vanessa believes he is with Tanya and her anger quickly reappears.

Vanessa visits the boxing gym to see if Jack knows where Max is, but when Michael tells her about Max and Tanya's secret bedsit, Vanessa is left even more angry and goes to visit the secret love nest.

Vanessa believes she will find Max there, however when she arrives at the bedsit, it is not Max she finds there, it is her love rival Tanya.

Tanya tells Vanessa that she ended the affair with Max, so he obviously doesn't want to be with Vanessa if he has gone on the missing list. Vanessa is hurt by this, and when she returns back home, she begins smashing up everything insight.

Meanwhile Carol and Jack have heard the commotion, and barge their way into the house as Vanessa is smashing up a photo of Max. Jack tells Vanessa that she needs to leave, but an angry Vanessa turns on him and begins attacking him.

Carol and Jack struggle to carry a screaming Vanessa out of the house, as a shocked Jodie and Darren look on. Eddie Moon who has witnessed the commotion is disgusted by the way Carol has treated Vanessa, after her brother cheated on the poor woman and broke her heart.

Eddie helps Vanessa up of the floor and with the help of Jodie and Michael, they take a sobbing Vanessa over to the B&B.

Things Get Worse For Vanessa

Later, Vanessa runs into Michael and asks where Eddie is, as she is leaving and wants to say goodbye to "his lovely Dad". Michael tells Vanessa that Eddie destroyed his Mother, and he is a liar and a cheat like all the others.

In a surprising move, Michael then offers Vanessa a wad of cash to break Eddie's heart. Vanessa initially refuses Michael's offer after Eddie has been so good to her. But she later changes her mind, and begins trying to get closer to Eddie as apart of Michael's evil plans.

Eastenders bosses are keeping very tight lipped on the Vanessa and Eddie storyline at the moment, but what we do know is that Vanessa will meet with Eddie on her final moments on the show.

Eddie will arrive in his car to the place where Vanessa is waiting for him to complete their mystery business transaction. Vanessa hands Eddie a big bag of cash, but Eddie will shock Vanessa when he starts unloading her suitcases from the boot of his car and chucking them on the street.

Eddie then gives Vanessa her cash back before driving away, leaving Vanessa screaming after him. A taxi then pulls up beside Vanessa soaking her as it drives through a puddle.

Vanessa's Breakdown! Bubbly's In The Fridge! (@Kyle Doherty)


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    • zoey24 profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago from South England

      Thanks for your comment Lady_E. I agree, Zoe Lucker's role of Tanya Turner in Footballers Wives was my favourite, and to be honest Eastenders could have done more with her character as she is a brilliant actress. Last nights episode where Vanessa started ranting "Bubbly's in the fridge" had me in fits of giggles :)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      Sad. Tanya's ex never loved her anyway. This is interesting to read. I automatically record them on BT Vision so haven't gotten round to watching this episode.

      Ps. I really liked the role Vanessa played in Footballer's wives. It suited her.