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Eastenders - Arghee Bhajee Roof Colapses On Syed Masood!

Updated on February 14, 2015

Things are not looking good for the Masoods this month. It all starts when Masood starts complaining of headaches and so Afia suggests that he makes an appointment at the opticians where she works.

Taking her advice, Masood makes an appointment and while having his eye test he starts talking to one of Afia's colleagues who tells him that Afia has always been popular with the lads. Masood takes this to mean that Afia has had lots of boyfriends and has been lying to his son by telling Tamwar that he is her first boyfriend.

Back at the restaurant an angry Masood confronts Afia with what he knows but Afia is confused by Masoods outburst. Tamwar instantly defends his fiancée and angrily tells Massod that he has obviously got it wrong.

An upset Afia runs off and although Tamwar runs after her, he fails to catch up with her. On his way back, Tamwar sees Syed and Christian who are off to Brighton, Tamwar tells them about what has just happened and so Syed gives him the keys to their flat and tells him to stay there the night to cool off. Tamwar then pays his father Massod a visit, and tells him that until he apologises to Afia and she accepts his apology then he no longer has a father.

Tamwar eventually finds Afia in the cafe and tells her that he is fed up of there families interfering, Afia agrees that something needs to be done.

Later they meet up with Darren and Jodie and tell the stunned couple that they are getting married that night and ask them if they would be their witnesses, Darren and Jodie both agree and they all leave together in a taxi.

Later a loved up Tamwar and Afia arrive back to Syed's flat as husband and wife. The next day Syed and Christian return home from Brighton and are gobsmacked when Tamwar tells them his big news, but Syed advices him not to say anything to their parents until after the big engagement bash they have already organised for the couple. When Tamwar and Afia arrive at the Arghee Bhajee, Masood is quick to apologize for his previous outburst and the couple accept his apology.

Later Tamwar invites Both Syed and Christian to his party but Syed declines telling him their parents would not want them there and it would only ruin his celebrations, however when Tamwar tells Yusef that he really wants his brother at the party, Yusef tells him that he will speak to Masood. Spotting an opportunity to stir up some trouble, a sneaky Yusef doesn't speak to Masood, but he tells Syed that he has and says Masood wants him there as he is ready to move on.

Meanwhile Greg has been doing some urgent repair work at the Arghee Bhajee and later warns Masood that the structure is dangerous and he needs to close the restaurant until the repair work has been carried out. Masood stupidly chooses to ignore Greg's professional advice and goes ahead with the party anyway.

At the party Tamwar prepares to tell his family about his secret marriage, but then Syed and Christian turn up and all hell breaks loose. Masood and Zainab are embarrassed that there son has turned up with boyfriend Christian and is flaunting his sexuality in front of their family and friends, and so they order Syed to leave.

However Syed refuses to be pushed out and when Tamwar steps in and says that he wants his brother at his celebration a huge row ensues. But just as the row kicks off the restaurant roof collapses and Syed is left buried under the rubble trapped by a huge piece of plasterboard.

Syed tells Christian that he is fine, but then the roof beam comes crashing down on top of him. Zainab's motherly instincts kick in and she attempts to run to her sons side, but then stops herself when she realises that everyone is watching. Friend Jane and her son Tamwar are utterly disgusted that she wouldn't go to help her son.

Tamwar doesn't know what to do for his brother and looks to his parents for guidance, but they both just stand there doing nothing leaving Tamwar both disgusted and disappointed, it is at that point he looses all respect for them.

The restaurant is evacuated except for Yusef, Christian and Tamwar who stay with an unconscious and seriously injured Syed. When the ambulance arrives, Syed is rushed to hospital. Later Yusef pays Zainab a visit and tells her that she needs to go and see her son but Zainab says she can't as it will only anger Masood.

Yusef then informs her that Syed is in a really bad way and she should seriously reconsider. Meanwhile Masood is over at Greg's asking him to take a look at the damage to the restaurant, Greg agrees to repair the ceiling but refuses to do any more work until the extension is safe. Masood then tries to blame Greg for the accident but Greg quickly reminds him that he warned him to shut the restaurant until it was deemed safe.

Masood returns home and has to tell wife Zainab that he had to cancel the insurance payments a few weeks ago as they couldn't afford them, he then admits that they are thousands of pounds in debt and on top of all that he took a loan out with Phil Mitchell.

Zainab can't believe what she is hearing and when she later goes through some invoices she finds one from Greg, which says that he did minor repair work on the restaurant but stated that there are further structural issues. Zainab lets out her anger on Masood when she discovers that he knew the restaurant was unsafe.

Will the Masood's bounce back from this latest disaster and what will become of Syed??


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