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Top 5 3D platformers that you should play

Updated on February 13, 2016

So do you like yourself some 3D platforming games? I sure do.If you have been looking to liven up you 3D platformer shelf, then look no further! I am you knight in shinning letters here to give you five 3d platforming games that you should try out.

5.) Kao the Kangaroo Round 2

Do you like seeing a cute little kangaroo with floppy ears, beat the crap out of other animals, and hunters? Then this might be the game for you! Kao the Kangaroo round 2 is about a Kangaroo named well you know, and if not then...Pay attention! So Kao is out to rescue his animal buddies from pirates who's leader is hunter named...Hunter (devs got a bit lazy on the name their don't you think?) Hunter has kiddnapped everyone and their mom, and it's up to one kangaroo to show him what he's made of. Kao the knagaroo round 2 is a slow paced platformer,and when going in you might will have a different type of expectation, by looking at the box art.

Yeah.. Not one time do you get to shoot a shark bullet, not one! The soundtrack is also very forgettable. There are only two tracks that you'll be able to remember. And on top of that the game is quiet short, but if you itching for a platformer about a boxing kangaroo then this is the one for you.

4.) Ty the Tasmanian tiger 2

This is the game made by that lovely company that is very active in showing their vision. Activision one day made a game about a Tasmanian tiger named Ty, later they improved upon it completely, and later they regressed on the series completely...But hey! Today we're talking about Ty 2! Ty two is about this sexy man right here!

In the game you do combat just like the previous installment. Use your two boomerangs to attack enemies, you can also do a bite attack on them from above... Which is completely useless unless your homing attacking the flying little helicopters to get up to higher ground. The last thing it has in comman with its predecessor is the ability to gain different rangs, the difference this time is that you can now buy them from the store in town.

Another diffence this game has is how you go to levels, or rather mission in this. You get to drive around the outback to who ever is in need of help. Also in the last game you could use these things for a short amount of time called bunyips. In that game they were energy creatures you used for a limited amount of time, but in this!

These things are amazing to use in this game. Unlike before they're mechs! And they stay around for the mission you need them on, and not for 30 seconds like the first game. This game also introduces diversity in bunyips. You have your standard red one, your submarine one, and more. If you all of this sounds interesting to you, then check out this awesome game. The reason why it's not higher on the list is due to the fact that hub world is a bit of a bore to walk around in, and also the outback is just a barren waste land until you rech you destination, which depending on the mission can take a few. However that doesn't stop this game when it's in its prime.

3.) Pac-Man world 2


Now it was either this or 3, and well... 2 won thanks to my nostalgia goggles. Pac-Man world 2 is one of those game that just don't get old. In this game an evil ghost named spooky (a little more creative than hunter!) is up to no good! He has given the four main ghost mechs to crush Pac-Man and kill all the Pac people! You know for the kids! The music is spot on with the theme of each level. Even the sound effects are pleasant to listen to, because they just feel so good! Pac-Man can do much more then chump ghost in this game, he can rev roll(spin dash) jump, ground pound, fly through the air by eating a trail of pac dots, swim in deep oceans, and skate across dangerous ice lands.

2.) Sonic unleashed

Oh, man this game got some hate when it first came out. Everyone could agree on one fact though, and that is that the day time stages were so much fun. Now you might be saying "Day time stages, what, so there are Night time stages as well!?" and I would answer yes! In Sonic unleahed the blue blur is trying to stop eggman in space, now how Sonic can breathe up there I'll never know, but while up there he is captured by egg man. Egg head then drains the seven chaos emerald out of their power, and uses them to cause some, well CHAOS! And in doing so Sonic gets to experience the joys of puberty!

And in the day he turns back to normal. In the day you get to roll around at the speed of sound, and at night you slow down at the speed o average Joe. The night time stages focus more on combat than speedy platforming, and is really fun. If you've played God of War then you'll feel right at home here! The only reason why this isn't high on the list is because, one SCREW THE CHUN NUN WEREHOG STAGE, and two, one game topped it

1.) Jak 2


Have you ever wanted a 3D platomer that made you feel manly while playing it? One with guns, and explosions. and cursing!? Or you haven't and just want a good game? Well either way Jak two is the the game for you. Unlike the first this has guns! In the fist J&D you use eco for any change to the combat. In this you use guns to take on robots, and metal heads. How is jak fighting robots you may ask if you played the original? Well he was flung into the future, and became a genie pig for the Krimzon guards.

Once he's free is is pissed, and wants revenge. One of the experiments that was done to him was a dark eco experiment, which gave him the ability to use dark eco powers. He can gain dark eco by defeating metal heads, and when he does he can hit harder. You can unlock different dark eco move sets for Jak through out the course of the game. The game also takes a more darker tone then the first one. You must try to defeat the metal heads, and unravel the mystery behide Jak himself.

Your dark eco move sets aren't the only thing you can gain. Oy can also get new weapons to add to your arsenal. The're no Ratchet and Clank, but they get the job done. Also hover broads enough said!


So what did you did you think? did you agree with me? If not, what are your top five 3D platforming games? Please leave a comment down below. Hope you have a fantastic day, and see you next time!


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